Wednesday Final Ratings: 'Revolution', 'Arrow', 'The Middle' & 'Survivor'' Adjusted Up; 'Super Fun Night' Adjusted Down

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November 14th, 2013

Revolution November 13

Revolution, Arrow, Survivor and The Middle were each adjusted up a tenth while Super Fun Night was adjusted down a tenth among adults 18-49  versus the preliminary Wednesday broadcast ratings.

Final broadcast primetime ratings for Wednesday, November 13,  2013

Time Net Show 18-49 Rating/Sh Viewers (millions)
8:00 CBS Survivor 2.5/7 9.87
ABC The Middle 2.4/7 8.93
FOX The X Factor 1.7/5 5.78
NBC Revolution 1.5/4 5.17
CW Arrow 1.2/3 3.09
8:30 ABC Back In The Game 1.8/5 6.47
9:00 ABC Modern Family (9-9:31PM) 3.8/11 10.75
CBS Criminal Minds 2.7/8 11.63
NBC Law & Order: SVU (9-10:01PM) 1.6/4 6.16
CW The Tomorrow People 0.6/2 1.65
9:30 ABC Super Fun Night 2.0/6 5.84
10:00 CBS CSI 1.9/6 10.47
ABC Nashville 1.5/5 5.52
NBC Dateline (10:01-11PM) 1.1/3 5.04

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  • Dahne

    Awesome for Arrow. Glad to see people returning for the much superior second season. As for Tomorrow People, I usually do not root for shows to go down but I would love if the love triangle nonsense turned some Neilsen viewers off if only to encourage the CW to knock it off. Love triangles are so freaking tired.

  • I Love TV!


    To even compare that is insulting to Arrow’s quality… Arrow is one of the best shows airing on TV

  • rob60990

    YES The Middle! :D

    Super Fun Night did not deserve additional episodes. ABC better not waste Modern Family’s lead-in on this loser until March.

    Good rebound for Criminal Minds.

    Fantastic for Arrow. The CW has 4 solid shows. They are showing a lot of improvement. Just gotta fix Mondays and Fridays.

  • Rob R

    “Survivor” winning its time slot in its 27th edition. AMAZING and well deserved. A true television classic that shouldn’t be taken for granted.

  • Lucas

    Glad see Nashville adjust up in viewers, higher than last two episode :) I´t should get 1.6


    Pretty cool that all the 8:00 shows adjusted up! No XFAC involved.

  • playtypus perry

    Most shows on Wednesday Night Improved a lot!!

    ABC had The Middle hit good numbers, its best in a while, and Back in the game with modern family is steady!!!

    On the CW Arrow has really rebounded to hitting that 1.2 and breaking 3 million.

    NBC had Revolution hit a 1.5 after steady and repeated 1.4s. SVU also rebounded to a 1.6. A 1.1 from Dateline is better and cheaper than a scripted show hitting those numbers so not at a complete loss there.

    Fox X factor is a loser so no win there

    CBS had survivor criminal minds and csi hitting steady and better numbers this week than last.

    For the most part everyone had a win!!!

  • Z

    Was hoping for X-Factor to be adjusted down.

  • Networkman

    NBC: Congrats to Revolution. This show may see a 3rd season. If it could maintain these numbers on Friday @10pm that would be great for the network. I think it would pair nicely with Grimm.

    ABC: The Middle is on Fire! I think Syndication may be helping new viewers discover the show and just renewing people’s interest altogether. In my opinion both BITG and Super Fun Night aired their best episodes this season. BITG may do better on Friday after Last Man Standing. Rebel really was funny last night along with Molly Shannon. I also love the chemistry between Rebel’s character and guest star Will Sasso. He should be a regular. While it did provide some laughs, it is still the weak link. It loses to much in viewers and demo out of Modern Family.

    CW: YAY! Really happy for Arrow. The Tomorrow People don’t look strong airing after Arrow. It will air the entire season but be a toss up for renewal.

    CBS: Stable. CSI should definitely return for one more season. Would love to see Sherry part of the crew.

  • Bradley

    If the other NBC dramas bomb, Revolution will be back. I personally think they should hold in the spring and make it a summer show. If the fans are loyal, which it seems as if they are, it could probably pull a 1.2-1.4 in the summer.

  • Movie12

    Yay!! for Revolution and Wow!! for Arrow.

  • Chuchundra

    A 1.8 for Back In The Game. Nice job cancelling it, ABC. Enjoy the 1.2 on Trophy Wife, d-bags.

  • Kissan

    I think next week Revolution has their midseason finale, so I hope Rev can at least go up to 5 and a half million viewers and a 1.6 and I hope during December NBC puts Revolution on Netflix and all the episodes on demand so people can catch up.

  • Bradley


    ABC makes more money off of Trophy Wife getting a 1.2 than it does off of Back In The Game’s 1.8. The advertisers didn’t want to air commercials during Back In The Game because they like flashier shows. And ABC owns Trophy Wife so it doesn’t share the profits with anyone. Back In The Game isn’t owned by ABC so they share profits.

  • Michael

    I have a feeling TVD will reach a season high tonight. Nina Dobrev trifecta. She’ll be playing 3 characters simultaneously, which is creating a lot of buzz.

  • The Cool Max

    Great job for The Middle! Great show, just wish it were nominated like it’s neighboring show.

  • Bored Now

    Excellent for Arrow. Tomorrow People holding steady but at 50% of Arrow it doesn’t look great. Nothing definite about renewal at this point.

    Revolution not just holding steady but going up? Really? Didn’t expect that but love that it’s still in with a renewal chance. Might be an idea to move it back to a later slot at this point? If it can get a 1.5 at 8pm then I’m reasonably certain that it can do better at 9pm.

  • taylor

    Syndication is kicking in for the middle ! :)
    , modern family not so much..

  • RevolutionFan

    :) Revolution!!!!!

  • david

    Yay for Arrow up to a 1.2 for the first trime in season 2. The Tomorrow People does not look realy good at a .6 though. Its a pretty good show but it needs to back up. Yes the CW is having a really good week.

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