Predict the Ratings for the Season Premiere of 'Raising Hope' (Poll)

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November 15th, 2013

Raising Hope October 2, 2012

Raising Hope premieres tonight at 9PM, with two back-to-back episodes airing following a new episode of Bones. Its previous season finale aired as two back-to-back episodes on Thursday March 28 with the first earning a 1.3 adults 18-49 rating and the second earning a 1.2. The previous season premiere on Tuesday, October 2, 2012 garnered a 1.7 adults 18-49 rating. Raising Hope faces an uphill battle tonight, Its been off the air for a long time and it faces competition from Friday's highest rated show Shark Tank and Grimm, a genre show with an established, loyal fanbase. So how do you think Raising Hope will fare tonight? Make your prediction for the 9PM episode!



  • Chicco

    Fox r stupid , i dont care

  • Jeff (Canada)

    1.1, and this will be the final season, I’m 98% sure.

  • Bradley

    I don’t see the people watching Shark Tank and Grimm as being interested in Raising Hope, so I don’t think that will interfere with their ratings at all. I think the fans that were waiting for this season will still watch!

  • Bradley


    I think they’ll get a filler 13 episode season next year because of how terrible Fox’s comedies are performing every other night. If it pulls a 1.1 on Friday, it will be doing better than the 1.3s all the other comedies are getting every other night.

  • fernando

    i think 2.0
    hope for raising hope
    ui love this show :)

  • CBSviewer

    Considering how low the Tuesday comedies are, I think a 1.2-1.3 is enough to be Renewed.

  • Guardian Owl

    Probably depends how much Bones is hurt by the move to Friday.

  • David

    Raising Hope is the little show that could. I’m guessing 1.2. Nothing spectacular, but still reasonable.

  • FringeFan

    Conservatively I think it will premiere below a 1.0. My guess is a 1.0 for the first half hour and a 0.8 for the second half hour. The show should have been moved to Tuesday’s and Dads moved to Friday’s.

  • J.G.

    Bones- 1.7
    Raising Hope- 1.2

  • Roosterhead


    At this point FOX cares less about RH since it will get to the syndication level this year. I can’t imagine that it commands a huge syndication fee and/or that it will get wide coverage like MF or The Middle has.

    Fox is probably going to nurture Dads a little more because a) it’s a new comedy and 2) Seth McFarlane produces it so they may be more inclined to stick with it and avoid offending him.

  • Roosterhead

    And for the record I’m a HUGE Raising Hope fan.

  • Nate

    I wonder what Fox would consider an acceptable number for this show? I would expect this to get a fairly low number, but it has sold well in syndication, with cable off-network sales to FXX and CMT plus it has sold in over 80% of the country for local syndication, so since the show is owned by Fox it could make sense to keep the show going past this season for additional syndication episodes.

  • FringeFan


    No doubt, but I don’t see why Fox even bothers with Dads. It’s been highly criticized since its premiere and only carries lukewarm (at best) numbers. Sad thing is to that Seth McFarlane Sunday’s have steadily declined year-by-year which is significant.

  • Dan S

    I optimistically voted 1.3-1.4 & would be very surprised if it did any better. I have to admit this is likely RH’s last season being buried on Fri.

  • Drew

    Fox should have just moved X Factor to Friday instead of moving quality shows around.

  • Bradley

    We are missing the point. If it pulls anything over a 1.0 it will be the most successful of FOX’s comedies (besides New Girl.) That could easily win its renewal.

  • Jo

    I love this show but am worried that Fox moved it to Friday. Afraid that will hurt the ratings.

  • AllOfHerTw!st

    Bones 1.8

    RH 1.2

  • joel

    Friday isn’t the problem as much as the competition. Shark Tank/H50/Grimm viewers won’t change their habits for RH. It will tank at less than 1.0

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