'The Bold And The Beautiful' is Delivering Its Largest Audience to Start a Season Since 2007

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November 15th, 2013

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Last Week, the Daytime Drama Scored its Largest Weekly Audience in Nearly Five Years


            THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL is delivering its largest audience to begin a season since 2007, according to Nielsen most current ratings.


Season-to-date, THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL is averaging 3.75 million viewers, its largest audience since the start of the 2007 season and highest women 18-49 (1.1/07) since the beginning of the 2009 season.  In women 25-54 (1.5/09), THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL is matching last season' start which was the best since the beginning of the 2009 television season.


            Last week, THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL delivered 3.80 million viewers, it largest weekly audience since the week ending Jan. 30, 2009, according to Nielsen live plus same day ratings for the week ending Nov.8.


Season-to-date, THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL is up +12% in viewers, +10% in women 18-49 and matching last year's women 25-54 rating.

  • robert

    This soap is on fire right now. With Thorsten Kaye debuts, I expect the ratings to be high. Let’s see if B&B can top Y&R in the coming weeks.

  • Mike

    I for one am just happy the show is up and growing. Not ready to shoot for the moon yet. One step at a time.

  • Momduxx

    Ppl arent watching. They are getting most of their ratings by having these twitter chats more & more every month and the hashtag is being accepted as a rating every time it is tweeted so lets get real here. B&B is in the crapper. It is the worst daytime soap on TV. The show isnt even about what it was created to be and all the REAL STARS have walked and cheap labor is in place. Lets tell the truth now.

  • Mike

    Very funny Momduxx.

    If you will Google the Twitter ratings that Nielsen does you will find that the Twitter ratings are something separate. They are not counted as part of the regular ratings.

    Quote from press release:

    ” Nielsen Twitter TV Ratings are a separate set of measures that complement traditional National TV Ratings. They do not change the traditional National TV Ratings.”

  • Kelby

    Maybe I need to start watching B&B. I have never really watched that show ever. I know some about it, but not a lot. Y&R and DOOL are my soaps and I have not been able to watch them faithfully in years. They both stink like h.ll!

  • steve

    This soap has sort of reinvented the genre with its heavy outdoor filming, use of montage, and frequent single story line episodes. They have built on the GL and.Atwt failures.
    The financial cuts actually help this soap by forcing them to trim cast and dismiss useless vets. Rating are sure to grow due to this unique storytelling formula.

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