'The Killing' Rises From the Dead Again for 6 Episode Season 4 on Netflix

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November 15th, 2013

The Killing Season 3

It is impossible to kill The Killing. At the end of its third season, AMC canceled it for the second time. Now Netflix has revived the drama for a six episode fourth season. It's being billed as the show's final season, but given that it's already survived being canceled twice, who knows?

  • Yolo

    Cool. I knew this would happen.

  • Lisa


  • Mosaintsfan

    Awesome! I got Netflix for my son and now we will both use it! I know- once I find time I plan to catch Orange…. as well as House of Cards…. in the meantime golden age of tv with Boardwalk, Anarchy, Days of Our Lives (nope not kidding there!) among others…..

  • YourMirrorIsUgly

    Might actually pay to see it! S3 was great and had a fantastic ending.

  • PurpleDrazi

    Kind of funny that a show called The Killing can’t seem to be killed. :-)

  • merrranga

    the drama of this show being murdered is better than any murder mystery they had on the show.

    i can’t wait for the season 5 when it comes back as a 4 issue comic book and season 6 as a series of bus ads!

  • Jenna

    AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! So happy! What a great present for my Friday!!! :)

  • Steve

    Hooray..maybe they can find a way to film a scene or 2 in the daylight..and just think how much better we could hear them if they provided a mic and din’t whisper all the time. I like the show, really, but it is the hardest show to pay attention to and follow..no light and no sound will do that..ya know.

  • HeadlessHorseman

    Well I’ll be damned. This show just won’t die! Not that I want it to, it’s just impressive.

  • HeadlessHorseman

    @Steve A
    I think Family Guy was only cancelled once.

  • Dawn

    Great news!

  • Oliver

    Family Guy was cancelled twice. It was briefly cancelled between its second and third seasons.

  • Feedback

    You must feel really proud of yourself making the same joke that’s in the first sentence of the article.

  • Mike


  • Simon Jester


  • JS4P

    The Killling…remains the most ironically title TV series EVER!

  • AriesMatt

    This is great news. I’m one of the few who stuck with the series after many viewers jumped ship after Season 1. IMO, Season 3 was the strongest. I’m also betting this show does really well on Netflix, which would explain why they want to continue it.

  • Andies

    LOL… great news… Say what you want but The Killing has a strong fanbase.. not a big one but a strong one..

  • william

    Hell yeah!!! i really didn’t expect this. i lost all hope for this series as soon as it was canceled the second time after the 3rd season. i really thought netflix picking this show up was a long shot. people must be watching it a lot on netflix. maybe they’ll decide to continue the show, but model it after sherlock. instead of have a 13 episode season every year, they could release limited shorter seasons every 2yrs, but if none of that happens i hope they release the complete series on blu ray.

  • william

    oh yeah i forgot, and since the killing is being renewed for 6 episodes it will surpass the original danish series it was based off of in total episodes.

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