'The Killing' Rises From the Dead Again for 6 Episode Season 4 on Netflix

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November 15th, 2013

The Killing Season 3

It is impossible to kill The Killing. At the end of its third season, AMC canceled it for the second time. Now Netflix has revived the drama for a six episode fourth season. It's being billed as the show's final season, but given that it's already survived being canceled twice, who knows?

  • s0303

    yay! weird timing considering i just finished watching season 3 on netflix for the first time this afternoon…love this show!!!

  • Prost

    I am so happy..I was so crushed after it’s cancellation since season 3 was fantastic..After seeing the miserable ratings now and probability of cancellation of my favorite shows like Mentalist,Elementary,Law and Order SVU, now this is the best news in recent times which cheers me up…

  • Tony JJ

    I’m sure this does very well for Netflix. I figured this would happen, which is why I’m shocked AMC canceled, you’d think they would at least want to air these episodes because they could probably get them pretty cheap.

    But it’s good that it’s for 6 episodes. It could be much more fast paced and probably do really well, plus I think it does extremely well internationally which is a huge plus for Netflix. I doubt this is the final season though if it does well for Netflix.

  • Johnny G

    The thing about ratings and Netflix is, only THEY will EVER know. They refuse to give out information on viewership. And it makes sense, because they can do things like this and no one but them will ever know if it was a success or not. Therefore, EVERYTHING can be spun as a success. Netflix needs subscribers so even if absolutely no one watched the 6 episode revival (which won’t be the case) they still get the buzz about bringing it back and it may cause fanboys of poorly rated shows to think to harass Netflix to pick it up when it’s canceled. And if you are thinking about Netflix, Netflix is winning. This is the same reason they brought back AD and are going into original content.

  • Ekras

    Not a fan, but gotta love the new-age media networks sweeping in to give closure to their customers.

    I’m sure they are working out a great deal with the network to syndicate the earlier seasons cheap and want to have a complete show to give to their customers :)

  • Mari

    Im so glad! S3 was outstanding!

  • P3TE

    I’m so glad! I don’t think this has ever happened before..

  • Alex

    This is the best news EVER!

  • Benjamin

    Matlock may have the cancellation crown in the USA.
    1 – Andy Griffith quit in 1991, the show was cancelled and left off the fall schedule. Obviously he was convinced to return and Matlock became a midseason show.
    2 – NBC cancelled Matlock in 1992. ABC picked it up for midseason.
    3? – ABC didn’t schedule Matlock for Fall 1994, but did put it on in midseason. I didn’t hear that year if it was cancelled, or was always meant for midseason.
    1995 – Matlock cancelled for good.

  • PurpleDrazi


    Well I’m sure it’s not as proud as you feel insulting other people. But hey, if it makes you happy…

  • Steve

    I don’t have a Netflix account but I will get one! I bet Netflix is waiting to see how many new subscribers they get……..if it’s a lot I bet they make another season :) YEAH!

  • Ctrl

    I love it!!! The best show ever!!!

  • Marsinvestigations1@gmail.com

    Called it. The season arc ended but def not a series finale. Pretty big cliffhanger that will now be resolved.

  • Patrick Ausgewahlt

    Family Guy was cancelled after it’s second season. Good DVD sales got it revived a year later as a summer show. Season three did not have good ratings and it was cancelled again. Three years later due to good DVD sales and really good [adult swim] it got revived again.

  • jake3988

    Netflix coproduced the last season on AMC so sorta makes sense, especially if it has done well on netflix itself.

    But I wager it’s more of a test… if the first run episodes do well, they’ll make more.

  • Stephan

    I’m so happy to hear about this. I hope Veena Sud takes it seriously this time, and creates a good ending.

  • DM

    It truly is a fantastic show. The acting is as good as you’ll get on television. And while each season does manage to work in some questionable plot holes, the dialogue is terrific. Mireille Enos deserves an Emmy, and deserves to be in more things.

  • AprilFox

    Great news! I was hoping this might happen. The Killing is so good. Thank God for Netflix.

  • Evan

    I AM BEYOND AMAZINGLY EXCITED! I am in shock right now that the show is coming back. I really am in awe I seriously love The Killing and am so excited that the show will be coming back even if it is for only 6 episodes. Netflix is seriously awesome and the show will probably only get better now that it is on Netflix. I am so thrilled I hope the show can continue past 1 season. The show must be pretty popular on Netflix or else I really doubt they would have wanted to pick the show up. I am just so shocked right now I hope all the actors come back.

  • JRG

    Lets do a little math. We will assume that it is costing Netflix 300K per episode. That is probably high considering it is made in Canada, but we will use it. That means total cost is 1.8M, round to 2M for added advertising.

    Then we will say that the average subscription for netfix is 10 dollars a month. I think low again but say most just stream. That means they need 180K new months of paid subscriptions to pay for series.

    Last fan base for The Killing was 1.5M viewers. Assume just 1% decide to get Netflix because they want to see new episodes. 15,000 new subscribers. Again think that is a little low. But doing the math means that those users need to subscribe for 12 month for Netflix to break even.

    My guess is that given just conservative guesses, that it will not be hard for Netflix to break even on this.

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