Predict the Ratings for the 'Almost Human' Premiere (Poll)

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November 17th, 2013

Almost Human

Tonight, the new sci-fi drama Almost Human premieres on FOX before moving to its regular Monday at 8PM time period tomorrow. The heavily hyped drama was originally supposed to premiere on November 4, but in late October FOX decided to delay it until tonight when it should benefit from having a football doubleheader as a lead-in. The potential flaw in this plan is that the second half of the episode will now face what looks like it will be a strong Sunday Night Football match-up.  If FOX's late game runs more than a half hour overtime, part of the Almost Human premiere could end up facing off against ratings  juggernaut The Walking Dead. FOX's other freshman drama, Sleepy Hollow, has been a breakout hit this season, It premiered to a huge 3.5 adults 18-49 rating on Monday, September 17 against far weaker competition. So how do you think Almost Human will do? Make your predictions!


  • David

    Here’s my predictions:

    Almost Human – 2.7
    The Simpsons – 2.0
    Family Guy – 2.3

    Once Upon a Time – 2.2
    Revenge – 1.4
    Betrayal – 0.9

    The Amazing Race – 2.4
    The Good Wife – 1.7
    The Mentalist – 1.3

  • kancov

    I hope OUAT won’t fall because of this.

  • Matt M.

    Sunday Predictions!

    Almost Human: 3.3 / 11.5 million viewers

    AFV: 1.4 / 7.1 million viewers
    Once Upon A Time: 2.3 / 7.2 million viewers
    Revenge: 1.6 / 6.1 million viewers
    Betrayal: 1.0 / 3.5 million viewers

    The Good Wife: 1.6 / 10.0 million viewers
    The Mentalist: 1.4 / 8.5 million viewers

    The Walking Dead: 6.3 / 12.5 million viewers
    The Talking Dead: 2.3 / 4.5 million viewers

  • Matt M.

    Almost Human will premiere high in total viewers, but around a 3.3 in the demo, due to football. Revenge should rebound from last week with about a 1.6-1.7, seems to be a pretty big episode tonight. ONCE will rise a tenth or two tenths as well. Over at CBS, The Good Wife will remain steady and The Mentalist may rise. The Walking Dead will finally rise a tenth to around a 6.3.

  • CBSviewer

    Almost Human (Tonight): 3.4
    Almost Human (Tomorrow): 2.5
    The Simpsons: 2.5
    Family Guy: 2.4

    Once Upon a Time: 2.2
    Revenge: 1.5
    Betrayal: 0.9

    The Good Wife: 1.5
    The Mentalist: 1.4

  • Dan S

    I think AH will surprise people the way SH did. I predict it’ll easily top 3.3 tonight & if it doesn’t suck it should hold up fine tomorrow.

  • Parker Wyeth

    @Carmen. No. It’s E2 on Monday night.

  • James

    Reading these predictions here, I can pretty much smell tomorrow’s “Your predictions were far too optimistic.” It won’t crack 3.0.

  • killerBee

    I am hoping for a 3.8 in the ratings because it looks like such a great show from the sneak peak and preview. I have a feeling it will end up around 3.2

  • Erwan From France

    Almost Human : 3.5
    The Simpsons : 2.7
    Family Guy : 2.5

  • Joseph

    “NFL Sunday Night Football” (unbeaten Kansas City at Denver) will kill the premiere of “Almost Human”, and tomorrow night’s (November 18th) second episode will likely be walloped by ESPN’s “NFL Monday Night Football” game (New England at Carolina).

    Perhaps Fox should have held the premiere of “Almost Human” until after the NFL season ends, or at least not to show it on Sundays, Mondays, or Thursdays during football season.

  • sam

    Can we all agree this show looks terrible? It reminds me a little of Dollhouse however.

  • Hi

    good wife 1.5~1.8

  • 728huey

    I know FOX has been hyping this show to death, yet at the same time I’ve seen no compelling reason for people to care about the premise of the show. I know it’s set in the future and involves cops including android cops, but I don’t know any other back story around the lead human character. Presumably the lead character had a romantic relationship with one of the female detectives they have shown in the previews, but I don’t see anything hooking me into the show. So I have a feeling this is going to tank.

  • cimmer

    2.6 and then a nasty drop, I love Karl Urban but man this looks stupid.



  • Kieran

    Some people are saying no buzz or promotion, some are saying plenty of promotion, so could go either way. I’g guess high 2s before dropping precipitously.

  • jake3988

    Sounds like a cool futuristic concept but based on the previews, the acting and story looks awful.

  • Jamie04

    @jake3988 – I agree, from the first promo I’ve seen, the acting doesn’t look good at all, but I guess we’ll see who watches. Actually, only 38 comments on this may be an indicator.

  • Fellow Penguin Who Watches T.V.

    Highs 2. It just doesn’t look appealing to me and looks like it belongs in the movies

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