Predict the Ratings for the 'Almost Human' Premiere (Poll)

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November 17th, 2013

Almost Human

Tonight, the new sci-fi drama Almost Human premieres on FOX before moving to its regular Monday at 8PM time period tomorrow. The heavily hyped drama was originally supposed to premiere on November 4, but in late October FOX decided to delay it until tonight when it should benefit from having a football doubleheader as a lead-in. The potential flaw in this plan is that the second half of the episode will now face what looks like it will be a strong Sunday Night Football match-up.  If FOX's late game runs more than a half hour overtime, part of the Almost Human premiere could end up facing off against ratings  juggernaut The Walking Dead. FOX's other freshman drama, Sleepy Hollow, has been a breakout hit this season, It premiered to a huge 3.5 adults 18-49 rating on Monday, September 17 against far weaker competition. So how do you think Almost Human will do? Make your predictions!


  • SJ

    1.7, put Bones back on Monday!

  • Parker

    2.5 … and about a 2.2 on Monday

  • Anthony

    3.4 on sunday 2.7 on monday

  • Theseboardssuck

    This is why I try not to read the comment sections, not one second aired but so many negative comments

  • Kenny

    Will be DOA. Don’t want that to happen but unfortunately it will be like that. Who wants to even watch this?

  • NBC Fan

    Once Upon a Time-2.1

    The Amazing Race-1.9
    The Good Wife-1.6
    The Mentalist-1.5

    Almost Human-3.7
    The Simpsons-2.1
    Family Guy-2.2

    Sunday Night Football-9.0

  • Joe Smith

    i still don’t understand why networks make their shows compete with other shows

  • Rev

    Almost Human – 3.8
    The Simpsons – 2.4
    Family Guy – 2.5

    Once Upon a Time – 2.2
    Revenge – 1.6
    Betrayal – 0.9

  • jake

    I’m sure it will premiere huge around 3.6

  • CrimTV

    @Joe Smith

    i still don’t understand why networks make their shows compete with other shows

    Bit of weird comment, all shows have to compete with other shows.

  • Fellow Penguin Who Watches T.V.

    @Joe Smith

    i still don’t understand why networks make their shows compete with other shows

    Are you new to T.V.?

  • Mark3

    This looks horrible and cheesy. Wont get a season 2!

  • esruckcype

    The people saying this is getting no promotion are simply people that don’t watch Fox channels and/or football. Not a single commercial break goes by without an Almost Human plug. It’s like saying AMC doesn’t promote the Walking Dead when you don’t even have cable.

  • Eric McInnis

    I think what Joe Smith tried to say was he doesn’t understand why networks make their shows compete with big hits, as Almost Human will face NBC Football, and if there’s an overrun, The Walking Dead. Which I must say, they can’t just air reruns, as advertisers want to put money on new things, and sometimes some shows must be a sacrificial lamb.

  • Eugene

    I will probably sample it, but my expectations are low. A buddy cop show set 40 years in the future…a fairly thin premise, to be sure. Only the pilot was made available to critics (traditionally, at least two episodes are offered). This could easily have been slapstick comedy or a cartoon…we’ll see if the actual show comes close to ether one.

  • Keith

    It’ll air 13 episodes and be successful enough to get a 13 episode season two like Sleepy Hollow. Fox has more dramas in waiting that will premiere after Almost Human ends in March.

  • Scot

    2.6 Being on against football and The Walking Dead tonight will not help at all. They should have just stuck with a Monday premiere and maybe then could’ve gotten it a nice sampling of over a 3.

  • Katiebug

    I’m sure the premiere will do well, but it will fall after that.

  • Carl


  • tv_viewer

    My predictions:

    Saints 23 49ers 20 9.0
    Almost Human 2.9
    The Simpsons 1.7
    Family Guy 1.9

    60 Minutes 1.3
    Amazing Race 2.1
    Good Wife 1.7
    The Mentalist 1.4

    America’s Funniest Home Videos 1.3
    Once Upon A Time 2.2
    Revenge 1.3
    Betrayal 0.8

    Sunday Night Football 7.3

    Fox shouldn’t have aired the first hour of Almost Human against Sunday Night Football. Sleepy Hollow’s 3.5 premiere rating will beat Almost Human’s rating tonight.

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