Predict the Ratings for the 'Almost Human' Premiere (Poll)

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November 17th, 2013

Almost Human

Tonight, the new sci-fi drama Almost Human premieres on FOX before moving to its regular Monday at 8PM time period tomorrow. The heavily hyped drama was originally supposed to premiere on November 4, but in late October FOX decided to delay it until tonight when it should benefit from having a football doubleheader as a lead-in. The potential flaw in this plan is that the second half of the episode will now face what looks like it will be a strong Sunday Night Football match-up.  If FOX's late game runs more than a half hour overtime, part of the Almost Human premiere could end up facing off against ratings  juggernaut The Walking Dead. FOX's other freshman drama, Sleepy Hollow, has been a breakout hit this season, It premiered to a huge 3.5 adults 18-49 rating on Monday, September 17 against far weaker competition. So how do you think Almost Human will do? Make your predictions!


  • SQ

    I kinda expect it to be low, it seems like fox botched the promo’s again and almost no one knows about it.

  • Evan

    I don’t really know how well it will do cause it’s airing 30 minutes after football ends after the OT and then the game went over like 10 minutes. So if the show doesn’t start until like 8:10 that might not be good because people won’t wanna wait and then people might tune out exactly at 9 to watch The Walking Dead. But we’ll see. I think they should have just stuck with it on Mondays and not done this whole Sunday/Monday thing. If it aired directly after football then I think it would have worked out.

    My guess is it gets a 2.7-3.0

  • Derrick

    i said 2.2 because it is going to be up against the Broncos and Chiefs

    this is the NFL version of Alabama vs LSU back in 2011. it is the game of the year.

  • Tony JJ

    Well good news for FOX it started right at 8:00. I think it’ll premiere pretty big. It won’t have to compete with the walking dead and fox has been promoting it like crazy. And I expected Sleepy Hollow to bomb but it shocked and surprised. So my prediction.


    I’ve actually heard some good reviews about this show. Some critics said that it was their favorite or one of their favorite pilots of the season. So I’m excited to finally watch it.

    Now whether FOX would order more episodes. Maybe a few mores but FOX does have a lot of dramas coming up that could replace it. Most notably 24

  • DenverDean

    @Tony JJ – 24 is airing starting May 2014. Filming has only just begun.

  • Ted

    <2.2 due to zero buzz and a turn away from viewers like me who are strictly fans of only the Animation Domination shows.

  • Seth

    4.2 due to the football lead-in.

  • Joseph James-Brown

    I know the International market for American shows does not affect the ratings. So I find it quite amusing that most American naysayers are real idiots.
    How can you give critique a show by a preview?
    Someone said once: “Those who can’t do. Crititize.”
    You idiots are obviously upset when a new series premier against your favourite show. So you get scared thinking that your favourite will lose viewers and lose ratings.
    You do realize the fault is yours. The DVR and other TV media came about because of all your complaints in the past about your favourite show competing against another of your favourite.
    You did not think about the consequences. Did you.
    None of you saw the moral from the Terminator movies. LOL!

  • Chris_SAdvisor

    Fox will only get a 2.4 for the premier, and then it is downhill.

  • Randy

    2.2 It’s such a bad random time to put it on. It’s not mid-season, and it’s not the beginning of the season. On top of that, I got the memo that it was supposed to air 2 weeks ago, and it didn’t, so if other people are like that, they are going to just forget about this show completely. Than, having it on Sunday, and than moving it to a Monday doesn’t work. You keep it on the day it’s supposed to be on only.

  • HalCapone

    Couldn’t get beyond the first half hour. Don’t have a clue how the premier will do but Almost Human is Certain Cancellation.

  • ToXiX

    I haven’t watch it yet. If dvrd it and plan to watch it before the new episode tonight. I’ve seen some people in other sites say it felt almost theatrical so I’ll watch them back to back. With the pilot at 7pm and watch the new one live. Then Mike & Molly and Mom. I have been disappointed with Mike & Molly this season so far. Mom is one of my favorite new comedies of the season, with Brooklyn Nine Nine & The Goldbergs as my other new favorites. But as for Almost Human’s ratings I think a 2.7 for tonight and 2.2 for the second episode.

  • skyfi

    No chance it will go below 4.0
    Stop hating!

  • Jiji Moran

    Just saw “AH”. They did a good job at establishing a background early on, and though it was serious stuff, it turned a little funny at times. I will keep watching until it gets boring, or ridiculous. One thing I don’t like is the young female coworker. She has an eternal smirk on her face that doesn’t go away, and when she was talking about the tragic deaths and fires she was smiling all the while. She may be the future love interest for “John”, but sheesh! She also stumbles on her words. Gotta love Karl, and the almost human dude is cute!

  • iHeartJoss

    I can’t say. It kind of looks like a rehash of old stuff, but old can be familiar and familiar can be comforting to some people if done right. I’m not much of an Urban fan, so that clouds my judgement on this one as well.

    I’d rather see that Signal short that Michael Ealy did become a miniseries or a film. He has a knack for this kind of stuff.

  • sherri

    Watched and loved it, love Karl Urban and Micheal Ealy. Hope it is a winner

  • Tabitha

    It has potential, I can’t wait to see what direction it takes.

  • You’re High

    I liiked it since it had a lot of Blade Runner type stuff in it. I just don’t like either of the two leads. Neither are great actors. I can’t stand Urban in the Star Trek movies.

  • psychic

    I was pleasantly surprised by the pilot. Promos made it look horrible but in reality it’s WAY better than Agents of SHIELD.

  • AllOfHerTw!st


    If it doesn’t get at least a 3.0, I think FOX will be a bit perturbed.

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