Predict the Ratings for the 'Almost Human' Premiere (Poll)

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November 17th, 2013

Almost Human

Tonight, the new sci-fi drama Almost Human premieres on FOX before moving to its regular Monday at 8PM time period tomorrow. The heavily hyped drama was originally supposed to premiere on November 4, but in late October FOX decided to delay it until tonight when it should benefit from having a football doubleheader as a lead-in. The potential flaw in this plan is that the second half of the episode will now face what looks like it will be a strong Sunday Night Football match-up.  If FOX's late game runs more than a half hour overtime, part of the Almost Human premiere could end up facing off against ratings  juggernaut The Walking Dead. FOX's other freshman drama, Sleepy Hollow, has been a breakout hit this season, It premiered to a huge 3.5 adults 18-49 rating on Monday, September 17 against far weaker competition. So how do you think Almost Human will do? Make your predictions!


  • zach36

    lower than 2.2 stupid plot

  • Alex

    3.1- solid preimere but kinda disappointing considering all the hype and promotion as well as lead-in. It didn’t even match SH

    it will most likely go down to a 2.7 tonight

  • Jon

    Everyone is bring a bit optimistic. I will say 2.1.

  • ludotv

    Now that we know, should there be a poll for tonight’s episode (which I assume is the second ep and not a repeat)

  • NardDog

    I refuse to ever get into another SciFi series on Fox for legitimate reasons: Mainly, Fox kills off good shows too soon!
    History will tell us, the best SciFi series’ that Fox ever broadcast were X-Files & Fringe. They will forever live on in repeat on the SyFy network where they belong.

    The greatest travesty Fox committed was cancelling Firefly after 1 premature season; quite possibly the greatest ill-fated sci-fi series. I hope (expect) Almost Human to fail. The commercials don’t even look enticing.

  • Another Show FOX will screw up

    How much you wanna bet Almost Human will be another FOX screw up? If Almost Human is not American Idol or any other lame show, it will be cancelled by FOX.

    What is the matter with TV these days? I watch TV to escape reality. Not watch someone else’s “reality” or watch yet another contest show.

    J.J Abrams needs to get off netwok TV (FOX in particular) and go to Netfilx. His shows would be accurate in the “ratings” and not subject to FOX’s lame executives.

  • Another Show FOX will screw up

    I like this show, not as much as Fringe, but I like it. Yet FOX will Cancel it.

    Come on JJ Abrams, GET ON NETFLIX.

    If Fringe had been on Netflix, Fringe would still be going strong and I would be sitting here watching Season 6/7 right now.

    Lame FOX. No wonder why no one watches FOX.

  • Greg

    None of FOX’s rookie dramas this season will get a back 9 order. They made that very clear when Sleepy Hollow was just renewed for another season. And FOX still has Gang Related and Wayward Pines to premiere on Almost Human’s timeslot before fall 2014.

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