'Saturday Night Live' With Host and Musical Guest Lady Gaga Matches Its Highest Rating Since October 5

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November 17th, 2013

Lady Gaga SNL

This week's  episode of Saturday Night Live with host and musical guest Lady Gaga averaged a 2.6 adults 18-49 rating in the 25 markets with local people meters, even with the last original episode, which featured host Kerry Washington and musical guest Eminem.

via NBC press notes:

    • “Saturday Night Live," with host and musical guest Lady Gaga, averaged a 4.9/12 in household results in Nielsen’s 56 metered markets and a 2.6/12 in adults 18-49 in the 25 markets with Local People Meters, to match the show’s highest rating in metered-market households since March 9 (with host and musical guest Justin Timberlake) and equal SNL’s top 18-49 rating in the Local People Meters since Oct. 5 (with host and musical guest Miley Cyrus).  Over those spans, “SNL” previously earned a 4.9 in households and a 2.6 in 18-49 on Nov. 2 (with host Kerry Washington and musical guest Eminem).
    • “Saturday Night Live” ranked as the #1 telecast of the night on ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox in metered-market households and 18-49 rating in the Local People Meters, outscoring all primetime programs on those networks in both categories.





  • Jackie

    I thought she would pull in higher ratings. Even with Kerry Washington from last week. I think Kerry Washington had more buzz going in and coming out, than Lady Gaga receieved.

    I thought Gaga was okay. the opening was great. the r Kelly duet was akward and strange; didn’t work.

    the last performance of Gypsy… well she didn’t lip sync very well (on the parts she was lipping) and the fake guitar was embarrassing

  • Mark

    This episode was great! Excellent ratings for an excellent episode!

  • CrimTV


    Lady Gaga did not lip sync, many popular artists use BACKING TRACKS. She was not lip syncing and was singing live, like she has done in every single live performance she has done.

  • Samunto


    I agree with CrimTV. She was not lip syncing. She sang live. And it was great.

  • Cosmos

    There’s no excuse for violence against women.

  • Markus

    what are you even talking about?

    The episode was PHENOMENAL! What a star she is!

  • No Lie

    LOL! It never fails – whenever there is a mention of Gaga anywhere on the internet someone will march in and accuse her of lip synching. They don’t realize that this does nothing except reveal their own ignorance of her. She’s a good singer and a good musician. She sings her vocals live. Always. Yes, she does use backing tracks to enhance the live sound just like virtually every other live performer these days (including some bands and rappers). But when her lips are moving she is live singing, not miming.

    You know, you can dislike her music and her persona and criticize her performances without always trying to claim she has no talent.

  • Gary Middleton

    “But when her lips are moving she is live singing, not miming.”

    That’s true for people singing along in the audience too. But if their participation is not discernible in the audio, it’s kind of irrelevant.

    Obviously Gaga can sing. Obviously she was singing 90% of the time last night. But singing to track is de facto lip synching.

    Singers who don’t want to be accused of lip synching should either sing all their own parts, or let back up singers handle whatever needs to be handled. Singing to track isn’t worth the shadow it casts.

  • No Lie

    @Gary Middleton – I agree. I think there is such a focus today, especially for popstars, on making a live performance sound like the recording that the pre-recorded backing tracks sometimes end up overwhelming the live aspects of the performance. Gaga sings her own backing tracks on her recordings so they play them during live performances instead of using real back-up singers. Yes, it ends up making the performance sound like the recording but takes away from the true ‘live’ feel of it.

  • CrimTV

    @Gary Middleton

    Backing tracks are not de-facto lip syncing.

  • Gary Middleton

    Crim, we won’t agree on that. If the singer can stop singing with no audible change in the performance, then it’s de facto lip synching.

    Coincidentally, it was one of Gaga’s concerts where a lot of people discovered that. When she passed out or fell or something like that and the vocals continued without a hitch.

  • CrimTV

    @Gary Middleton

    The reason Lady Gaga used a backing track during her tour is because she was doing an extensive dance routine, therefore it’s difficult to do that and sing perfectly at the same time!

  • No Lie

    @Gary Middleton – It’s not true that people just ‘discovered’ backing tracks. Performers have been using backing tracks for decades and concert goers are generally aware of that. Gaga is just one of many performers who record their own backing vocals to be used in their live performances. They then sing the lead vocal live.

    The problem is that people who don’t understand backing tracks see the singer stop singing the lead vocal but still hear the backing track and think they’ve caught someone lip-synching which is not true. Lip-synching is when a singer is moving their lips but not vocalizing (or they are but their mic is deliberately turned off). When the singer is singing the lead vocal live that is not in any way lip-synching.

  • Randy

    While I don’t agree that a backing track is the same thing as lip syncing, I will say that the need for having a “dance routine” that overshadows the use of actual vocals is absurd. 90% of pop performances annoy me because of this. This is my opinion, not a fact, but please tell me that I’m “wrong.” In my opinion, her performance last night was lackluster at best.

  • Nick

    I thought the performances were fantastic. I thought the whole show was fantastic. Only one dud skit in the whole bunch, a rarity for SNL. And the final two skits were the best of the entire season, imo. As was the monologue. Gaga absolutely killed that monologue. So much charisma

  • Jackie

    ok she wasn’t exactly lip syncing, but her backing track on the chorus and the end of gypsy was way to loud but she was pretending to sing over those parts, its very obvious. normally GAGA blends her live vocal and the back track very well. just not this time

  • Nick

    Jackie, you’re wrong. She was singing live the entire time. The backing track may have been turned up louder than it needed to be during the Gypsy chorus, but she was absolutely singing over it – I had my TV switched to the main mic feed last night, and she was indeed singing the entire time.

  • Sade

    Now lets see if this appearance will boost her dismal album sales prediction numbers.

  • Justin

    When people talk more about if a person is Lip-Syncing than the episode, That’s not a good sign.

  • Gnutella

    Christ Gary, you’re an idiot. If you’re singing with your own voice then you are not lip-syncing. The use of backing tracks does not change that. You might want to grab a dictionary and look up what the terms “de facto” and “lip syncing” really mean because you’re using those words in the wrong context. It’s annoying when people who DON’T know what they’re talking insist they’re right when they clearly aren’t.

    @ No Lie:

    Thank you for actually being knowledgeable about a really simple concept that is apparently still too complex for slower people to grasp.

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