How Will 'Almost Human' Fare in its Regular Monday Timeslot? (Poll)

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November 18th, 2013


Almost Human premiered last night behind a big football doubleheader to a solid 3.1 adults 18-49 rating. Tonight, the second episode debuts at 8PM, in the show's regular timeslot. Will ratings stay high, or do you see a big drop tonight for Almost Human? Make your predictions below, and tell us why in the comments!

  • jenna (formerly Jenna)

    I think Almost Human will match or be within 1/10 of its premiere rating, i.e. a 3.0-3.1. range. While it will lose some viewers because it no longer has a football lead-in, I think it will replace those deserters with viewers who mistakenly thought/think the show premiere tonight. Plus, FOX is still aggressively advertising the show.

    It’s a shame, it looks like a show I could enjoy but alas, I can’t stand Minka Kelly. So I won’t be tuning in but I wish it all the best.

  • HalCapone

    1.8 after final adjustments.

  • AllOfHerTw!st

    1.8 after final adjustments.

    Go Bones! [back to Mondays] ;-) :-)

  • Scandalfan

    It is against the Voice i say 2.4 and 8M

  • Christian

    Anything between 2.2-2.8 wouldn’t surprise me.

  • David

    My predictions:

    The Voice (Clip Show): 1.9
    The Voice: 3.9

    Dancing With The Stars: 2.0
    Castle: 2.2

    How I Met Your Mother: 3.2
    2 Broke Girls: 2.8
    Mike & Molly: 2.6
    Mom: 2.0
    Hostages: 1.0

    Hart Of Dixie: 0.4
    Beauty & The Beast: 0.3

    Almost Human: 2.7
    Sleepy Hollow: 2.7

  • DougF

    2.0-2.4 with 6-6.5 million viewers.

    There was a 0.6./2 million drop-off in the 2nd half hour. I expect the same kind of drop-off from the 2nd half hour (which was 2.8/8.17million) to tonight.

    Last night it benefited from that big football lead-in. Tonight its lead-in is whatever the FOX affiliates are showing at 7:30.

  • ChuckMeForever

    waiting to watch ep.1 with ep.2 on Tuesday night back to back w/o watching 17 awful minutes worth of commercials then I’ll watch NCIS the same way…
    thank you DVR.

  • Sarah


    1.8 after final adjustments.

    Go Bones! [back to Mondays] ;-) :-)

    LOL :-) As much as I wish that would happen, it definitely won’t.

  • Coffee Steve

    I went with 3.1, me thinks they have a true hit on their hands

  • Ryan

    I’d stick with a 2.8 since that’s what it had during the second half hour last night

  • Chris_SAdvisor

    2.6 but if tonight’s episode does not figure out that a steady-cam is a good investment, or that post-process screen flashes do nothing to enhance a combat scene, then this will be remember as the good ‘ol ratings. On a technical basis the show was nearly as bad as Revolution, but was far superior on a character basis. Of course, all the pilfering of ideas that went into this show (Total Recall, Bladerunner, Robocop, and even Fringe) make it derivative. The two most jarring factors is the mixing of uber-tech with current tech, and the fact that all this uber-tech supposedly developed in the next 25 years is a lazy cover for the previous (to explain why 25 yr-old cars are still being used right beside hovercars).

    Fringe 2: I scream at electric cops

  • NBC Fan


    How I Met Your Mother-3.4
    2 Broke Girls-2.8
    Mike And Molly-2.3

    Almost Human-2.6
    Sleepy Hollow-2.7

    The Voice Special-2.2
    The Voice-3.9

  • Samuel

    One thing for sure, it’s not going up. Sadly, I think this show will probably go the road most Fox shows have gone in the last years. Probablygonna be around 2.2/2.1 by the end of the season.

    2.9 for tonight I’d say.

  • Lisa

    It’s on a different night and won’t have the football lead-in. It won’t go up (but that’s a really easy prediction) and I doubt it can hold steady, so the question is whether it will drop a little or a lot. A 2.4.

  • Patrick G

    Given that “Sleepy Hollow” premiered above a 3 in the demo on a Monday, and minus all the competition from football, et al last night, I think “Almost Human” will actually rise higher than 3.1 tonight.

  • iHeartJoss

    I picked 2.5-2.7. That wouldn’t be a bad place for it to settle. Probably not what they expected or hoped for, but enough to not get canceled I think.

  • iHeartJoss


    “Fringe 2: I scream at electric cops”

    That’s part of the problem for me. I know Karl Urban has his fans, but his acting range is limited. All he does is ornery, grouchy, and b*tchy. From Mccoy, to Dredd, and now this character… To his credit, he’s not bad at it. I guess my issue is that I just get tired. I’m not saying they need to change the Kennex character at all, just giving my opinion. It’s almost like he’s playing a one size fits all character in these things. It’s generic as all hell.

  • Another Show FOX will screw up

    How much you wanna bet Almost Human will be another FOX screw up? If Almost Human is not American Idol or any other lame show, it will be cancelled by FOX.

    What is the matter with TV these days? I watch TV to escape reality. Not watch someone else’s “reality” or watch yet another contest show.

    J.J Abrams needs to get off network TV (FOX in particular) and go to Netflix. His shows would be accurate in the “ratings” and not subject to FOX’s lame executives.

  • Another Show FOX will screw up

    I like this show, not as much as Fringe, but I like it. Yet FOX will Cancel it.

    Come on JJ Abrams, GET ON NETFLIX.

    If Fringe had been on Netflix, Fringe would still be going strong and I would be sitting here watching Season 6/7 right now.

    Lame FOX. No wonder why no one watches FOX.

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