Cable Top 25: 'The Walking Dead' Tops Cable Viewership for the Week Ending November 17, 2013

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November 19th, 2013


The Walking Dead topped cable viewership this week with 12.003 million viewers. 

Rank Shows Net Day Time Viewers Live+SD (000)
1 WALKING DEAD AMC Sun 09:00P-10:01P 12003
2 NFL REGULAR SEASON      L ESPN Mon 08:26P-11:42P 10962
4 SPONGEBOB NICK Mon 07:00P-07:30P 5186
5 NASCAR SPRINT CUP       L ESPN Sun 03:00P-06:36P 5119
7 SONS OF ANARCHY FX Tue 10:00P-11:32P 4381
8 HALL ORIGINAL MOVIE HALL Sat 08:00P-10:00P 4313
9 AMERICAN HORROR STORY FX Wed 10:00P-11:02P 4161
10 TALKING DEAD AMC Sun 10:01P-11:00P 4073
11 COLLEGE BKBL REG SSN    L ESPN Tue 07:30P-10:02P 4002
12 WWE ENTERTAINMENT USA Mon 08:00P-09:00P 3867
13 HALL ORIGINAL MOVIE HALL Sun 08:00P-10:00P 3865
14 WWE ENTERTAINMENT USA Mon 09:00P-10:00P 3834
16 WWE ENTERTAINMENT USA Mon 10:00P-11:08P 3603
17 SPORTSCENTER:           L ESPN Mon 11:42P-01:00A 3474
18 SPONGEBOB NICK Fri 07:00P-07:30P 3443
19 PAWN STARS HIST Thu 10:31P-11:02P 3440
20 PAWN STARS HIST Thu 10:00P-10:31P 3438
21 SPONGEBOB NICK Mon 06:30P-07:00P 3407
22 SPONGEBOB NICK Sat 10:00A-10:30A 3398
23 THE OREILLY FACTOR FOXN Wed 08:00P-09:00P 3378
24 LOVE AND HIP HOP 4 VH1 Mon 08:00P-09:00P 3361
25 AMERICAN PICKERS HIST Wed 09:00P-10:00P 3354

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  • j

    I always forget that Spongebob is still airing new episodes. How long has it been the top kids’ show now?

  • Amy

    Sam & Cat (8:00) – Nickelodeon
    2.386 million viewers, #8; 0.434 million adults 18-49 (0.34 rating), #13

    The Haunted Hathaways (8:30) – Nickelodeon
    1.983 million viewers, #10; 0.343 million adults 18-49 (0.27 rating), #19

  • Kaylie

    Nickelodeon is pitiful. They’re ratings rely on Spongebob. It’s sad.

  • Kaylie



    TWD is cable’s most watched show again? Who wooda thought?

  • Twist Of Fate

    @Kaylie How bout Sanjay and Craig, FOP, or TMNT. Say what you want about Nick’s live-action but the Nicktoons do quite well. Last week a Sanjay and Craig repeat bested every Disney show in the K2-11. So Nick does not entirely rely on SBSP.

  • NickelodeonL

    It’s very sad from ‘Sam & Cat’ and other shows :(, but go Spongebob!

  • Chris_SAdvisor

    With the dumbest episode in a long time, TWD is going to shed viewers and mark another show runner for termination. Trying to make us empathize with the Gov. was a total waste of time. It is like trying to make us empathize with Monroe/Miles on Revolution. Monsters do not go on walkabout for a month and become good. There was also the scene where he blithely steps around a Walker and it falls over but does not get back up to chase him, or summon all the others that were observed in the area. This has been hammered home in this series, that to be attacked by one, it to be swarmed, but they just ignored it for that scene. This season is overdosing on convenience.

    Next week is all Gov. again, and that should not go over well with anyone. It looks like they are either prepping us for the spin-off group, or are merely wasting time with the ‘tailies’ (b-squad). Either way, two entire episodes is too much wasted time considering how lethargic the pace has been again this season (mostly just killing of Red Shirts).

    I expect it to be down to 10m in two weeks, and possibly more if they suddenly try to reveal that the Gov. is not really good after all, and it secretly evil . ;)

  • Lyl

    Lol you make the episode sound worse than it is. This season is is better than last IMO.

    The gov won’t last end of season but the other characters they introduced might…. Or they are.

    Sometimes I wish they’d kill Daryl off TWD. Viewers would go down but the crazy female fans would go away too lol

  • Lyl

    Nobody buys that he is good and nobody will. Lol they have to explain where he was. (Tho they could’ve revealed Daryl about carol first).

    Chances are the prison saga ends mid season., it’s only another episode until it all hits the fan.

  • Icabob

    Easy with show cancelling TWD already over one Goberner episode. He is still psycho and another confrontation is coming. BUT, 2 rough episodes in row. Carol booted and a show about a jerk is well, painful. Still best show ever. The magic is still there and will rebound.

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