Steve Wilkos Celebrates His 1000th Episode

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November 20th, 2013

Steve Wilkos

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Steve Heads Home to Chicago Where He Broke Ground as a Talk Show Host, and Then To Stamford Where He Reflects On the Memorable Moments That Made His Show the Success That It Is

STAMFORD, CT – November 22, 2013 – Steve Wilkos celebrates his 1000th episode Friday, November 22nd, 2013, by taking a look back at some of the unforgettable and newsworthy moments of his talk show.  In this one-hour retrospect, Steve will look back at the shows happy endings, funny instances, craziest moments, intense reactions, biggest liars, ultimate confessions and lastly, the greatest chair throws, which has become Wilkos’ trademark move when frustrated at a situation on stage.

The show will start with Steve back in his hometown of Chicago, IL, where it all began – from his time in the Chicago Police Department, to his stint as Head of Security on “The Jerry Springer Show,” to the inception of his own talk show, “The Steve Wilkos Show,” in 2007.  Steve will then take us on his whirlwind journey to Stamford, CT, where the show relocated to in 2009, and now filming its 7th season.

As a special thank you to “The Steve Wilkos Show’s” dedicated staff, Wilkos will bring everyone on stage to thank them for their role in helping to reach this milestone. Wilkos also gets a shocking surprise of his own when a very special guest makes an appearance to congratulate him.

The sixth season of “The Steve Wilkos Show” became its highest rated season with rating increases of +15% among Households and +11% among Women 25-54 versus the prior season. As a result, “The Steve Wilkos Show” had the most year-to-year growth amongst all syndicated talk shows.  This is not a new trend as “The Steve Wilkos Show” has seen yearly ratings increase. Since its premiere season of 2007-08, the show has delivered +67% Households and +67% Women 25-54 growth.

"The Steve Wilkos Show" is distributed in national syndication by NBCUniversal Domestic Television Distribution and produced by Stamford Media Center Productions, the same production team behind several long-running and successful NBCU talk shows including “Maury,” “The Jerry Springer Show” and “Trisha Goddard.”

For more information on “The Steve Wilkos Show,” visit the show webpage at  To join the conversation, visit the show’s official Facebook page at

  • AllOfHerTw!st

    Who? I’ve never heard of him or his show.

  • Robert

    what did they do to that guy’s face?

  • JC


    Steve Wilkos was originally the head security guy on the Jerry Springer show. He gained such a cult following that he earned his own talk show.

  • Bearkat

    Yes sadly I heard of this show as well
    I am shocked it lasted this long

  • Richard Dockery

    Steve Wilkos is a great TV personality his shows are great if you have never watch he rocks! Good luck Steve to another 1,000 episodes!Keep up the good work!

  • Carol

    The Jerry Springer show is an absolute disgrace and Springer himself is the most shameless jerk in the country. It absolutely sickens me that this man and his staff continue make a living by completely humiliating people, pandering to the absolute bottom of the barrel, and encouraging young college age kids/adults (who believe everything they see on TV) that punching someone in the face and physically beating up that person is the way to solve your problems. When that is shown over and over and over ad nausem, there’s almost certainly a price to pay in this society. Just absolutely despicable, case closed. If that kind of violence on stage is real, then those people (who almost certainly are coached) should all be handcuffed and arrested.

    Springer is totally delusional if he really thinks that his X-rated trashfest is simply a”silly show” and a “circus”. What total BS!! That’s a total insult to things that are actually funny and family-oriented.

  • Andy

    Steve does a good job as host and the show does what it does well. Congrats Steve.

  • Davie

    I know, I known its all about the $$moolah its a business yadda yadda but just just for the sake of principle (and argument):

    A show like Fringe ends on episode 100 while the Steve Wilkos show is passing episode 1000. 1000!!!?!

    Ok so Maybe I’m just missing Fringe right now…but you know I’m right on this one.

  • steven


    When you have a talk show on 5 days a week in just 6 years, it’s possible to have 1,000 episodes.

  • AllOfHerTw!st

    Jerry Springer

    Ah, that’s why I don’t know who he is. Never watched more than a few minutes of that garbage!

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