Tuesday Final Ratings: 'Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.', 'The Voice', 'The Biggest Loser' & 'David Blaine: Real or Magic' Adjusted Up

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November 20th, 2013


David Blaine: Real or Magic, The Voice, The Biggest Loser and Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. were each adjusted up a tenth  among adults 18-49 versus the preliminary Tuesday broadcast ratings.

Want to know why adjustments occur to the preliminary ratings? Read this.

Broadcast primetime final ratings for November 19,  2013:

Time Net Show 18-49 Rating 18-49 Share Viewers Live+SD (million)
8:00PM CBS NCIS 3.0 9 19.66
ABC Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 2.4 7 6.89
NBC The Biggest Loser 1.9 5 6.49
FOX Dads 1.3 4 3.21
CW The iHeartRadio Album Release Party: Lady Gaga 0.3 1 0.86
8:30PM FOX Brooklyn Nine-Nine 1.5 4 3.36
9:00 PM NBC The voice (9-10PM) 3.2 8 11.65
CBS NCIS: LA 2.5 7 14.99
FOX New Girl 1.7 5 3.26
ABC The Goldbergs 1.6 4 5.03
CW Supernatural 0.9 2 2.01
9:30PM ABC David Blaine: Real or Magic (9:30-11PM) 2.6 7 7.81
FOX The Mindy Project 1.2 3 2.40
10:00 PM CBS Person of Interest 2.0 6 12.28
NBC Chicago Fire 1.9 5 7.49


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  • 728huey

    Good for SHIELD for finally not dropping in the ratings. Granted, they used a Thor tie-in, and I’m wondering how they will tie in Captain America when the Winter Soldier movie comes out. I don’t expect to see Tony Stark, Bruce Banner, or Thor anytime soon on SHIELD, but it would be nice to see a cameo from Black Widow (aka Natasha Romanova as played by Scarlett Johannson).

    BTW, someone mentioned how a Charlie Brown special beat OUATIW in the ratings in the Thursday 8:00 pm EST time slot. I know ABC has the penultimate Christmas special on tap plus I Want A Dog For Christmas, Charlie Brown, but what other specials could they assemble? Could they come up with these:

    You’ll Never Be An Agent of SHIELD, Charlie Brown
    Stuck In The Middle, Charlie Brown
    Charlie Brown’s Super Fun Night
    You’re the Last Man Standing, Charlie Brown
    A Charlie Brown Scandal
    You’re a Person of Interest, Charlie Brown
    It’s Elementary, Charlie Brown
    Meet the New Girl, Charlie Brown
    Escape From Sleepy Hollow, Charlie Brown
    You’re On The Blacklist, Charlie Brown
    Charlie Brown Saves The World

  • Sexiest Man Alive Adam Levine

    The Voice is still SLAYING everything. I think this season finale can go as high as 5.2 if Caroline/Jacqui, Matthew and Tessanne all make the final. Who am I kidding anyways, everyone in the top 8 are great!

  • Agents of SHIELD those ratings

    I still think MAOS will go below the 2.0 before seasons end. It’s not that great a show aside from all the female eye candy. I prefer Arrow.

  • Mar

    That amazing POI! :)

  • xprophet

    Last night’s SPN was one of their best shows ever! Great writing and great acting – kudos!

  • lll

    I happened to mention that, and I think those ideas could work. That’ll be great to tie in today’s hits with the classic Charlie Brown. These are my favorites in this order.

    You’re a Person of Interest, Charlie Brown
    Charlie Brown Saves The World
    Charlie Brown’s Super Fun Night
    It’s Elementary, Charlie Brown
    Meet the New Girl, Charlie Brown
    A Charlie Brown Scandal


    Charlie Brown is no Idol
    What happened to your Voice Charlie Brown
    The Charlie Brown Factor


    Come Sing Along Charlie Brown
    The next Charlie Brown
    Duets with Charlie Brown
    Charlie Brown is a Rising Star


    a .2 is not slaying them lol it is basically a tie and ncis has millions more viewers

  • Jon

    Its a shame the new girl has to follow two of the poorest excuses of sitcoms in years. No wonder everyone Dvds new girl. Who would waste their time with the rest?

  • jules

    Magicians use tricks to do ” magic.” It is all set up and that is why I was never impressed or cared about it. Can David Blaine snap his fingers and disappear without the aid of special effects? No. Nuff said.

  • Jon

    @tom….the voice goes through this each season. People get bored with the show. They love the chair turning and hate all the lengthy battle rounds. They need to skip them and go right from the chairs to live shows.

  • 728huey


    Charlie Brown’s Got Talent
    So You Think You Can Dance, Charlie Brown
    Charlie Brown, Master Chef
    Whose Line Is It Anyway, Charlie Brown
    The Charlie Brown Diaries
    Charlie Brown and the Beast

  • Billiam

    I read some articles about them killing Carter off in Person of Interest. The producers hired the actors with the full knowledge that ALL of them will ultimately meet their death at some point and the actor that played Carter knew in advance when she was hired that she would die within 3 seasons.

    Too many shows threatened character deaths but never followed through, so when they started this show, they decided to change the game and instead of killing chars off at end of seasons, they decided to do it at any time within the season to stir things up. This time, they chose middle of the season.

    No character is safe, even the main two….. this could get very interesting. Hopefully, this will mix things up a little and bring people back to the show.

    They did say that they hope to bring Carter back for flashback episodes…

  • Restless

    Well you could say that about any tv show :P They don’t fire guns, kill people etc. “for real” without special effects. It’s all a trick and for entertainment. It still takes skill and acting talent to pull off magic tricks and make them look good.

  • Billiam


    Charlie Brown Saves The Arrow
    Charlie Brown The Teenaged Witch
    Charlie Brown The Original
    It’s A Revolution, Charlie Brown
    The Voice of Charlie Brown
    The Snoopy Diaries (sequel)
    The Tomorrow Beagle (Snoopy)
    Once Upon A Cartoon starring Charlie Brown
    All My Peanuts
    One Dog Bowl To Fill (One Life To Live sequel)
    The Criminal Mind of Lucy
    Charlie Brown Goes To Rehab
    Documentary: How Obamacare Cost Linus His Life and how Charlie Brown was hired to fix the broken web site with nothing but a baseball bat and a beagle. The Beagle and the yellow bird hacked the web site in minutes and gave free healthcare to all Americans but Linus died 3 minutes before he ciould be approved for care… President Obama was angry about the success and ordered that Snoopy be sent to federal prison for treason and that the yellow bird be shot immediatelty.

    In the President;s own words “It was never supposed to work and now due to the incompetents of a damned dog and a bird, I actually have to use this thing… Pedople, it was my personal broken toy! It was never supported to actually work. It was supposed to fail so I could blame the republicans… Ahhhhhhhg!
    I don’t know how this started but wanted to do some…

  • theCroup

    I actually don’t think that the Thor tie-in did much for AoS’ ratings. It may actually be more or less stable now (at least until its next hiatus, because nowadays all bets are off after a hiatus). I don’t care for the show and quit watching after 3 episodes and most folks I know also quit around then, so I feel like people who’ve stuck it out this far are probably here for the long-ish haul unless the show gets measurably worse or starts teasing guest appearances that don’t materialize. But we’ll see.

  • ldan

    Why does NCIS do so well? SMH. Not that good of a show.

  • theCroup

    >>Why does NCIS do so well? SMH. Not that good of a show.

    You’ve described most of CBS’ lineup and yet they are the only network station that isn’t in major ratings trouble.

  • ldan

    You’ve described most of CBS’ lineup and yet they are the only network station that isn’t in major ratings trouble.

    True but still don’t understand the popularity of the show. There’s a number of CBS shows I enjoy. That’s one I could never get into. It’s been on so long to and it sustains that much popularity I almost can’t believe it.

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