Wednesday Final Ratings: 'The X Factor', 'Modern Family', 'Arrow', 'Survivor' & 'The Middle' Adjusted Up; 'Super Fun Night' Adjusted Down

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November 21st, 2013


The X Factor Modern Family, Arrow, Survivor and The Middle were each adjusted up a tenth while Super Fun Night was adjusted down a tenth among adults 18-49  versus the preliminary Wednesday broadcast ratings.

Final broadcast primetime ratings for Wednesday, November 20,  2013

Time Net Show 18-49 Rating 18-49 Share Viewers Live+SD (million)
8:00PM CBS Survivor Blood vs Water 2.5 7 10.18
ABC The Middle 2.3 7 8.53
FOX The X Factor (8-10PM) 1.7 5 5.51
NBC Revolution 1.4 4 5.37
CW Arrow 1.0 3 2.66
8:30PM ABC Back in the Game 1.6 5 6.14
9:00PM ABC Modern Family 3.4 9 10.19
CBS Criminal Minds 2.8 8 12.40
NBC Law and Order: SVU 1.6 4 5.97
CW The Tomorrow People 0.6 2 1.70
9:30PM ABC Super Fun Night 1.8 5 5.52
10:00PM CBS CSI 2.1 6 11.19
ABC Nashville 1.6 5 5.75
NBC Dateline NBC 1.1 3 4.75

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  • Joe Daniels

    Oh phew. Arrow back in the 1’s. :)

  • Ben

    Go Arrow, best show ever!

  • victor Hugo

    Yeah.. AArrow hit 1.o this week

  • Mon

    Is ABC really going to put another non-family comedy at 9:30 after Super Fun Night finishes? What a joke.

  • Matt M.

    Nice adjustments for Modern Family and The Middle! Also, really nice viewership adjustment for Nashville! Went from 5.6 million to 5.8! Hopefully it can hit 6 million soon!

    The Middle is doing extremely well this year, much better and much more steady than last year. It has not dipped below 8.1 million once this season so far, and I believe that at the time last year it was doing around 7.5 million. Once again, nice for The Middle.

  • Dale

    Arrow will hopefully be cancelled!

  • Simon

    Arrow up, again! A lock for season 3 and 4 at this point! Revolution steady as per usual, we will see what season 2.5 brings!

  • Dimitris

    @Dale it’s one of the top rated cw shows, it’s not going anywhere for a long time

  • Janus

    Revolution–all but one week has been at 1.4 in last 6 weeks! It’s a rock. Also numbers-wise, it has biggest audience size in 5 weeks.

    My prediction–IF it comes back in January premiering at 1.4…Revolution WILL be renewed. If it holds there, it will stay there–it’s a rock. And for NBC that is pretty good. Enough to be a productive member of 2014/2015 for NBC.

    Now i’ll have to wait 2 months to see if the spring premiere holds…I think it’s a decent bet it will.


    X Factor at 1.7 iso good enough for the bubble. It might see another year.

  • snoot

    Glad to see the middle and modern family adjust up!

  • Brandy

    Arrows adjustment makes TTP retention be barley half.Arrow is the most compatible wih TP so for TP to only keep half isn’t that good.

  • AllOfHerTw!st

    Great for Arrow, still okay for Revolution.

    Go Criminal Mimes!

  • Dimitris

    I love that CSI has been on the air for 14 years and it still kicks ass lol

  • gerry

    kinda figured that upward adjustment for arrow was coming. at least ttp is stable.

    @ mon

    i can’t believe it either. it makes NO sense. it will flounder like every other non-family comedy abc tries to put there. sigh.

    @ dale

    because shows are cancelled strictly by your opinion of them! (if only, i’d wipe out everything on cbs, save a few sitcoms and TGW.)

  • Dave

    Wow TTP went up in viewers. I definitely see this show on Fridays next fall of renewed. With so many high concept script orders and 3 DC scripts by The CW, there’s no room for it on a weekday.

    Plus, it’s young adult and women demos are pretty bad so Fridays at 8pm is it’s best shot at any type of future on The CW.

  • JR35

    Terrible retention for Super Fun Night.

  • Jay

    Wow, that is awful for Revolution. Steady at 1.4 is a contradiction in terms. There is no upside from here. 1.4 is the ceiling. I don’t see how it can rise to the other NBC drama levels. And CHicago PD debuts in January so that is another one to fall behind. Dick Wolf shows are money for the network. Maybe if they switch it to the soon to be vacated Dracula spot on Friday, it may survive. Or perhaps to Sundays after the end of the football season. Never thought it would succeed at 8:00. Seems much more like a 10:00 show. Yeah, I know it will never follow The Voice again.

  • AllOfHerTw!st

    Arrow will hopefully be cancelled!

    You can wish for that in one hand, and then poop in the other, but you’re just gonna end up with a handful of poop.

  • Randy

    Last night’s episode of “The Middle” was well-written and very funny.

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