FOX 30-Day Multi-Platform Report: Sleepy Hollow Audience More than Doubles During the Week of October 14

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November 22nd, 2013

Sleepy Hollow Premiere 2

via press release:

30-Day Multi-Platform Stats: (w/o 10/14/13): SLEEPY HOLLOW AUDIENCE MORE THAN DOUBLES


  • NEW GIRL episode “The Box” posted a 125% post-same day total audience lift after 30 days – its biggest multiplatform gain so far this season.
    • In fact, +46% of NEW GIRL’s 30-day growth came from from VOD days 4-7 and streaming (2.3 mil vs 2.7 from DVR and VOD days 1-3)


  • SLEEPY HOLLOW’s Total Audience grew to 20 million viewers in week 5more than doubling its Live + Same Day total audience.


  • BROOKLYN NINE-NINE (+78%) and THE MINDY PROJECT (+88%) both posted big gains over 30 days.
    • Once again, MINDY drew a bigger lift from VOD and streaming (1.5 million viewers) than from DVR playback (1.3 million).

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  • Raffie

    Golly, if only Fox could find a way to get folks to watch New Girl live…

  • Robin

    What the hell is the point of this

  • Linda

    What the hell is the point of this<<

    To show that a lot of people are watching some shows even if they don't watch them live. Also, good way to try to sell advertising within the show.

  • Linda

    Forgot to add that I do not understand where they are getting those highly inflated Live + SD numbers based on what is reported here. Does anyone know?

  • cimmer

    And meanwhile the Live plus audience continues to drop. I’m still waiting for it to stabilize.

  • Raffie

    This is all total audience anyway. A demo breakdown would be more interesting.

  • Wright

    Go Icabod

  • Randy

    I agree with stuff like this because I don’t watch every show live. It’s hard to when you have all these cable channels, and network channel. They still run their commercials and make money. I would imagine for that week I watched VOD (Video on Demand). Basically, they just run the same exact program / same commercials on the tv anytime you want to watch it. For most of these programs for On Demand with a cable operator, you cannot forward through the commercials. Essentially, it’s the same thing as watching it live on Monday nights. Otherwise, why have all these ways of watching a tv program if you don’t count them ALL. It’s just dumb not to count every way.

  • alexia


    What are you waiting for? The show has essentially been at 2.5 for the past 3 weeks (2.5 3 weeks ago, 2.6 last week, 2.5 this week).

  • Cath

    Along with Person of Interesting this is the show that I most want to see live. It is just so interesting and fun. Wonder how many of these extra views are repeat watchers.

    Is this the way for everyone to be counted, not just the Nielsen families?

  • TomKH

    I wonder how far the C+30 ratings are from this?

  • RP

    You’d think the networkss would get smart about this. Charge advertisers a little more to set up a HULU type format on their own websites. Upload the episodes after 24 hrs with just a few commercials you can’t fast forward through, and leave the entire season up there. Do you know how many people come on Tumblr EVERY DAY saying they just binge watched the first 2 seasons of New Girl on Netflix and need to catch up on season 3?!? Pave a new path in this world of streaming FOX, it will pay off.

  • Barb

    And we are suppose to care about this because??? Does it have anything to do whatsoever with renewal prospects? Nope.

  • Dee

    Of course it has to do with renewal prospects. International success ALSO has to do with renewal prospects.

    And the point of this is that it is capturing the rapidly changing way in which people consume television programs. Total viewership, not overnights, is where it’s at now.

  • Raffie


    Sleepy Hollow has already been renewed, this is just Fox touting their newest hit.

    New Girl and Bones will be back (unless Boreanaz quits the show). They both still do quite well in L+3 in the demo by Fox standards. (Well, they sacrificed Bones to try and break Almost Human, but they know what Bones can do.)

    Dads seems dead, to the only shows this seems likely to have any impact on are Brooklyn 99 and Mindy. Seems like Brooklyn 99 is getting the Fox push, and it clearly gets the better ratings across the board. (I hear Mindy gets young women, but I don’t know where to find those numbers.) If it comes down to an ‘either or’ situation between Mindy and B99, these numbers would certainly favor B99s renewal chances.

    And since New Girl and Mindy weren’t exactly killing it in the ratings at the end of last year, but still earned substantial adrates, there must be something Fox knows about spinning these numbers.

  • Alan

    Yes FOX, we get it. SH is your biggest hit in a long time.

  • j

    This is just embarrassing.

    Fox is basically announcing, “So what if the rest of our shows are flops. Look at Sleepy Hollow’s episode #s! And the #s if you add a few days! And the #s if you add a week! And now a month!”

  • DKD

    The networks ARE starting to monetize VOD plays beyond 3 days by selling ads in it. The real question is whether the revenue is enough to make a difference.

  • Lyla

    I think looking at this is a brilliant idea. Viewership for TV is changing and will only continue to change. My generation and the later ones just don’t watch stuff on TV much at all. We watch it on online sites (network sites, hulu, etc.).

    But places like VOD, Hulu, network sites and similar options can include commercials are still selling those products.

    It’s stupid to cling to the way things were done in the 1950s or even 1990s. We’re getting beyond that now. They should be smart and creative and work to expand to areas where the viewers are going.

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