Guess the Ratings for the Final Season Premiere of 'Nikita' (Poll)

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November 22nd, 2013

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Tonight sees the premiere of  the final season of Nikita. Last year's season premiere earned an anemic 0.3 adults 18-49 rating, and the finale didn't fare much better with a 0.4 adults 18-49 rating. Will fans show up to see the first episode of Nikita's final season? Or will the premiere set a new low for the series? Make your predictions below, and let us know your thoughts in the comments!

  • rob60990

    Fans should just be happy if this failure of a show cracks a .2 tonight.

  • ethan

    3.9…because, why the heck not???

  • Nikita’s Fan


    Really? Do you need to come and say it??
    I think you are the failure here, nature’s failure..

  • Christian


    Don’t embarrass yourself. Plenty of networks renew low-rated shows all the time. In addition, they don’t make the series for you, they make it for the money. Even if the 4th season won’t have the number of episodes for syndication, they still get money for each episode produced, and an additional 6 episodes for a final season will raise the episode count further.

  • Jon

    Well for starters TCD is a horrible lead in and hunger games 2 starts tonight. So i don’t see the ratings being good. But why should we Nikita fans care its the last season anyway.

    All i can say is that i am very happy this fantastic action spy show will be a complete show with a beginning and a real ending and will go out on a creative high without getting stale like so many long running shows does in the end.

    A show like Nikita is never meant to last forever anyway and 73 episodes is a very Nice run :-)

  • Matt M.

    I’m going to be optimistic, and say a 0.5 and around a 1.2 million viewers. Final 6 episodes, cant go that low. Plus has a strong fanbase.

    Final Predictions…

    THE CW
    The Carrie Diaries: 0.4 / 0.9 million viewers
    Nikita: 0.5 / 1.2 million viewers

    Last Man Standing: 1.4 / 6.3 million viewers
    The Neighbors: 0.9 / 4.2 million viewers
    Shark Tank: 1.9 / 6.8 million viewers
    20/20: 1.5 / 6.4 million viewers

    Undercover Boss: 1.7 / 8.7 million viewers
    Hawaii Five-0: 1.6 / 9.8 million viewers
    Blue Bloods: 1.4 / 11.0 million viewers

    Bones: 1.2 / 5.0 million viewers
    Raising Hope: 0.8 / 2.5 million viewers

    Dateline: 1.2 / 5.0 million viewers
    Grimm: 1.5 / 5.5 million viewers
    Dracula: 1.0 / 3.0 million viewers

  • Matt M.

    And as always, Shark Tank will crush all of its competition from 8-11PM on all of television. :D

  • Kissan

    It’ll beat Walking Dead’s ratings this week with a 6.1!

  • Movie12

    0.4 but hopefully a 0.5 just to show CW that Nikita deserved those final 22 episodes. Not sure since it’s the final season and some of fans are going to see Hunger Games: Catching Fire with their friends/family.

  • thesnowleopard

    @Dave (or is it Bondoel?)

    Funny how narcissists always play the “You’re a narcissist for hating my show” card first. Dude, it’s a ratings site not a fan site. Get a thicker skin.

    The network took a risk on Nikita because its ratings started out so high and the CW hoped those ratings, when they dropped, would rise back up a bit or at least level out. They didn’t. But those ratings didn’t suck quite as badly as those for some other shows. Plus, the network had a hole to fill on Friday, so the show limped along for a while as schedule spackle. The fact that the CW chose *not* to renew Nikita for a full fourth season says volumes about the network’s actual opinion of the show and its ratings. And the CW will probably avoid giving shows those kinds of chances in the future because this one really didn’t pan out.

    As for your trying to generate some self-satisfaction out of the fact that your show (which was supposed to replace my show, complete with chest-beating and snarkery from your show’s fans) is going out with a whimper on Friday nights while my show is over twice its age, off Friday nights since last season, and still going strong enough to beat a few TV records, whatev. My show still wins.

    I mean, if you’re going to insist on being childish about it.

  • kb

    6 episodes. That’s not a show. Might as well have cancelled it to save it from further embarrassment.

  • JJA

    @kb–what are you talking about? Ever heard of the BBC’s Sherlock? They do quite a lot with just 6 hours per season.

  • Samuel

    I hope for record viewing and them extending the season.

    Back in real life now, 0.3 Not expecting more from a friday night last season.

  • Someone

    Friday. At 9. So 0.3

    Not like it matters. Though I’d like for it to go out with a bang.

  • Time

    I hope the finale will be better than the Breaking Bad finale.

  • Wright


  • starship

    I really don’t get all the hate for low-rated shows. Are people just bitter that they were wrong in their renewal/cancellation predictions? Anyway, the CW don’t care about the ratings, the show’s ending, they’ll be happy with anything that does better than a repeat airing in that slot, which means 0.3 and above. I think Nikita could muster that.

  • stevie

    GREAT SHOW !!!

  • DougF

    It got a 0.2/0.69

  • thesnowleopard


    Comparing American and British shows is like comparing apples and oranges. It is very, very common for British shows to do only six episodes in a season, rather less common for U.S. shows to do it and then, mostly on cable.

    Also, it’s a misnomer to compare Nikita’s final six episodes, which are 40 minutes long, to Sherlock’s six episodes in a season, which are 90 minutes long and therefore constitute each a feature-length film. In effect, Sherlock has the equivalent of 12 (over 13, in terms of length) U.S. episodes each season, which is quite respectable for telling a story.

    Either way, I think kb might have been saying that it seems a waste of money for the CW to gear up the show for a final season that lasts only six episodes and comes back to a 0.2. That’s a lot of money to throw into the pot and still not reach the usual syndication number or get even approaching decent ratings.


    I really don’t get this meme that critique constitutes “hate.” I don’t think that word means what you think it means. I wish this meme would go away because it is annoying, gets in the way of good discussion, and makes those mouthing it sound like morons. People are going to critique your show’s ratings on a ratings site. Suck it up or don’t go on ratings sites.

    And of course the network still *cares*. Why do you think Nikita is being burned off over the Christmas season? It’s to minimize the effect of such terrible ratings on the schedule.

    And you think Nikita is going to rise to maintain a 0.3 after premiering to a 0.2? Or do so much better than a repeat in that spot that it will justify the network keeping it? Really? Here’s a thought–you’d better hope the network is okay with that rating for a Christmas burnoff or they may well yank the final episodes of this show and put something else up that gets at least a 0.3. Think about that.

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