'Hawaii Five-0' & 'Blue Bloods' Deliver Largest Live + 3 Day Audiences of the Season

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November 27th, 2013

Hawaii Five-0 November 22

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"Hawaii Five-0" Also Notches Largest 3-Day Friday Lift in Viewers, Matches Highs in

Adult 18-49 and Adults 25-4


HAWAII FIVE-0 and BLUE BLOODS delivered their largest Friday live plus 3-day audiences while HAWAII FIVE-0 also posted its largest Friday viewer lift and matches highs in adults 18-49 and adults 25-54, according to Nielsen ratings for Nov. 22.


HAWAII FIVE-0 posted its largest Friday live plus 3-day viewer delivery (12.92m) and matched season highs in both adults 25-54 (3.3) and adults 18-49 (2.3).  HAWAII FIVE-0 also posted it largest Friday live plus three day lift in viewers (+3.00m) and matched Friday highs in both adults 25-54 (+1.1) and adults 18-49 (+0.8).


BLUE BLOODS posted its largest live plus three day audience (15.08m) of the season , best adults 25-54 delivery (3.2) since the September 27, 2013 season premiere and matched the season's second best adults 18-49 (2.1)  live plus three day ratings.


  • TahaTheKid

    YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY Hawaii 5-O ready for a fifth season …

  • Networkman

    I’m really impressed with Blue Bloods who is able to post a live plus three day audience of 15.08 million viewers. This is the type of program that would have a decent run in syndication. Regardless of if the younger demo is watching, it will have a decent size audience.

  • TV Viewer

    In it’s time slot, Hawaii Five-O is only beaten in 18 – 49 demo by Shark Tank on ABC. It holds it’s own against the programs on other networks including Grimm.
    Hawaii Five-O just hired Chi McBride as a series regular. Something they would not have done if they were going to be cancelled.
    Blue Bloods and Hawaii Five-O will be renewed in March 2014.

  • heather

    @Pam different name same rhetoric! I get you hate H50, that is so apparent it is laughable. I keep repeating myself so it seems but again I will say, all networks put their spin on ratings, do I always believe this no I don’t but I have faith in H50 and it’s fans. Just remember when you hate on CBS and and the show Hawaii Five-0 IT WILL BE DEFENDED. I personally continue to give the people at CBS my respect for supporting their show. Maybe one day you will get your wish but it will be at CBS’s time and choosing not mine and definitely not yours.

    Congrats CBS and Hawaii Five-0 :)

  • Remo

    The posters who love to slice up H50 and BB as being pathetically low rated are predictable and funny as hell. Of course, you lost the argument that H50 would get slaughtered once “real competition” came on, so now y’all are throwing around the syndication deal as keeping it on air. At least Fridays are stable again, I seem to remember some awful new show on Friday last year got yanked pretty quick. BTW how is the fancy new show that replaced H50 doing on Monday? Not too good. Face it, some people like the show and there is nothing you can say to change their minds. Find another show to lambast.

  • TimsDale4ever

    Is that Carol Burnett?

  • visage13

    Where can I see the ratings for H50 in syndication, link please. If the numbers in syndication are bad it is TNT’s fault. They started Thursdays 9-11, then the next week moved it to 10-12. Now, I believe it is on Wednesdays either 10-12 or 11-1. Who knows? I have seen it at all 3 times. There is little to no advertising for it and I always forget it is on. They need to do a marathon and advertise its permanent time because they seem to change it on a weekly basis. Again, TNT’s problem.



    EXACTLY !!!

    TNT hasn’t even given 5-0 a chance to catch on !

    Playing it on numerous nights and at 10 & 11 PM & midnight —- TNT is a joke !


    @ Pam

    To say that a show in it’s 4th year with over 9 MILLION viewers is a failure shows your comments are based out of nothing but personal hatred for a show……….quite sad

    As with other HATERS, why do you find joy in trashing a show you don’t like and don’t watch ?

    MILLIONS LOVE IT and it will be around for years……. too bad for you !

  • visage13

    @Pam I am not making excuses, I am asking to see a link to the syndication numbers. Please post it.

    Also, the reason it was moved from Thursday nights is because the NBA started up again and they show two NBA games every Thursday night.

    The best spot is one 9pm-11pm Thursday airing and then 10pm-12am on Thursdays really that is the best spot? And now random 10pm, 11pm and 1a airings on Wednesday nights? I think TNT can do better then that.

  • Rob R

    H5-O has beautiful scenery and good looking actors, but the scripts are amongst the worst in all of television. I just couldn’t stand it anymore.

  • Billy

    CBS had better NOT cancel H5O. It is one of my favorite shows. It has to taken into consideration it is on Friday night. Also Carol Burnett was wonderful. I wish they could have her back at least one more time before her character “dies”. I know you all will say I am in the vast minority, but I am bummed that they scheduled RAISING HOPE against it. I TIVO RAISING HOPE because I think it is a wonderful show with one of the best ensemble casts on TV. I adore every actor on the show and it will make me sick if it gets canceled as well. That’s only MY OPINION!

  • Linda E.

    @Rob R: I guess you haven’t watched any episodes of this season? Too bad for you. So far, there has been a vast improvement over last season. HF-0 is doing well for Fridays. The next new episode, 4.10, will be a flashback episode, commemorating the Pearl Harbour attack.

  • AllOfHerTw!st

    Renewal announcements coming soon? :-) ;-)

  • Tony D

    Really love HFO. Glad to see it’s doing well in the ratings. It’s hard for a show to really be “must see TV” on a Friday nights, but for whatever reason, CBS decided to switch it to that night. For a show that’s a re-imagining of maybe the greatest police show of all time, you have to commend the writers, producers and actors for making it as interesting as it’s been.

    I actually think the current season is the most interesting one in terms of story flow. The character development and little side-stories (Wo Fat) don’t seem to be as interesting, but we’re heading toward “Sweeps” month, so that will probably change.

    Again, for the legacy this show had to follow, it’s pretty awesome that it’s in its fourth season and will more than likely have at least a fifth.

  • Paul O

    I was worried when they moved my favorite show to Friday night as Friday shows end up dying early most cases. but I am glad to see five O’s numbers getting better heading into season 5 keep it up guys!

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