Happy Thanksgiving! (Ratings Delays)

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November 28th, 2013

As those of us in the USA celebrate Thanksgiving, there will be delays in what appears on the site versus a normal Thursday and Friday.

The preliminary Fast Affiliate primetime broadcast network ratings will be published on their normal schedule, but most of what we'd normally publish on a Thursday and Friday will be delayed until early next week due to the holiday.

That means those looking for daily Final Broadcast Ratings, Cable News Ratings/Daily Cable Ratings and the weekly Late Night and Soap Opera Ratings will probably have to wait until early next week.

  • Marc

    I hope tonights triple episode of the Crazy Ones that is after a BB repeat make a few more eyeballs tune in next week!

    I’d like a side of Robin Williams with my turkey!

  • CBSviewer

    Happy Thanksgiving !

  • Samunto

    Happy thanksgiving Robert Seidman, Bill Gorman, Amanda, Sara and the rest of the TVBNT crew. I’m in Europe and already had way too many drinks but i gotta say that you guys do a great job.

    Now please get back to eating! You’ll need the calories to fight for items slashed off 1% tomorrow. It’s Black friday!

  • DTravel

    Excuses, excuses, excuses. :P


    @ Samunto

    Having way too many drinks is always good, so ENJOY!

  • Jon

    @marc….you do realize NBC aired an NFL game last night. I would be surprised if reruns of the crazy ones did better than about a 0.9

  • Ekras

    I say we replace Thanksgiving with “Worship Ekras Day” and make it so all the networks have to provide ratings data…… who’s with me?

  • Michael1

    I think the bigger question is, why were the preliminary ratings available so promptly on Thanksgiving Day itself? Thank you for all of the hard work that you put in throughout the year.

  • CreacK

    So its just like yesterday and today are Saterday and Sunday? Ok, sounds fine

  • iSayso

    Stay seated and keep watching anyway. Don’t be stupid sheeple, stay away from the malls!

  • Sarah


    So the Live+7 numbers won’t be out until Tuesday or Wednesday, correct? Just checking. I hope you and everyone here at TVbytN had a great Thanksgiving. :)

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