Will 'Nikita's' Ratings Rise in Week Two? (Poll)

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November 29th, 2013

Nikita Set Up

Nikita's final season started with a whimper last week when the drama managed only an anemic 0.2 adults 18-49 rating. This week it faces stiff genre competition from Grimm as well as the wild card of a Garth Brooks concert special on CBS. Will it manage to redeem itself with a ratings rise, or will it follow in Cult's infamous Friday footsteps and fall to a 0.1? Make your prediction!


  • diegobitch

    0.2-0.3 all episodes with the series finale rising to 0.4-0.5

  • Bored Now

    Love that I don’t need to care! ;)

    Realistically I doubt there’ll be a rise in the ratings so I’m guessing 0.2 again. Either way we get an end to a really enjoyable story, so all good.

  • Reedmac

    She looks like a lolly pop head in that picture

  • Colin


  • John A

    It might rise with holiday special instead of a Carrie Diaries lead in but probably wont. 0.2 again.

  • Dan S

    Obviously falling on Black Friday Nikita will likely hold steady at a whopping 0.2

  • Kissan

    5.8 beating this weeks TWD:)

  • David

    Why have the CW aired Nikita at 9? Last season it did better at 8. The Carrie Diaries is dead, what’s the point?

  • Tomen8r

    Some hardcore viewers had no idea the season opener was on. The only reason I watch CW is for Nikita. I watch nothing else on the network so I don’t see commercials for when it is on.

    Plus, hardcore fans arenm’t happy about the 6 episode series finale. At least make it a full season, not a months or so worth of viewing. Not cool, since Nikita is the ONLY reason why millions watch CW

  • taylor

    @tomen8r “nikita is the only reason why MILLIONS watch cw ”
    LOL nikita can’t even get a million viewers per episodes this season.

  • a p garcia

    Would like it to rise, but I say it will hold steady

  • Brandon

    Nikita will stay in the 0.2 – 0.3 range including the finale. CW was not expecting much from these 6 episodes anyway, hence the late November to late December airing. Just glad one of my favorite shows will get wrapped up nicely!

  • Brandy

    @Tomen8tr, there’s no room for a full season and the cast & show runner have moved on to other jobs.You should be thankful Nikita will at least have a proper end unlike The Glades,Drop Dead Diva(-at first)& other shows in thier third or fourth or more season.Nikita has had terrible ratings since late season two and ratings wise should’ve been cancelled a long time ago so be thankful you got four seasons & closure & that CW prez Pedowitz likes your show.Be grateful they didn’t cancel Nikita as they were filming the season finale so you got a rushed ending like they did 90210. Gossip Girl, Warehouse 13,The Killing,La Femme Nikita, all got very short final seasons(GG had 10 episodes)& the fans were just grateful for closure,for another season and didn’t complain like Nikita fans.Syndication or not, CW didn’t have to renew Nikita,even for closure, but they did so just enjoy the last six episodes.

  • Pepper


  • Noel

    I love Nikita to death but the poll is pointless since the show will still air. A more interesting poll would have been about Dracula’s return after one week free. Regardless if people with magic boxes are watching, I will be watching Nikita and Dracula tonight with a bucket of popcorn.

  • Hi

    I’ll try 0.2 this time…

  • ludotv

    Nikita has enough of a following to at least get 0.2 while nobody cared about Cult… There are only 5 eps left inc. tonight’s so even in these times of fickle viewership habits, our Niki deserves to go out with a bang, even if a small 0.2 bang… Perhaps the finale gets to 0.3…

  • HeadlessHorseman

    Predictions for the whole season:
    EP1: .2
    EP2: .2
    EP3: .1
    EP4: .0
    EP5: .1
    EP6: .3

    I know it got a .2 last week, but if I don’t put something for EP1, my OCD will drive me nuts. ;)

  • jj


    you’re not serious are you? I hope you’re being sarcastic because that comment is beyond idiotic. Where are the “millions” that watch Nikita? Where? It is one of the least watched shows in CW(low standards) history. Yeah Nikita is really improving CW’s lowly ratings average. That’s actual sarcasm in the last sentence because you would be too dumb to realize it.

  • iSayso

    Huh . . . what?

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