‘Supernatural’ & ‘Doctor Who’ Top GetGlue Chart For The Week Of November 25-December 1

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December 2nd, 2013


Supernatural was the top broadcast show on GetGlue, and Doctor Who was the top cable show for the week of November 25-December 1. Remember: a show's social media popularity does not correlate to its renewal prospects and/or actual ratings.


  • moshane58

    Hoping Reign would be on there. Love that show…

  • arobb

    Hopefully the GetGlue boycott will make these posts irrelevant in the future.

  • layla

    It may not count ratings wise but these types of social media popularity sure helps when it comes to things like the peoples choice awards. And its been proven that a show that wins an award from p.c.a is less likely to be canned. So social media plays a part even if its in no offical capacity.

  • CWagger


    Reign isnt there because it didnt air last weem. That’s why TVD and Arrow aint there, too

  • James

    With Getglue doing away with physical stickers, I wonder how much longer Get Glue will continue to go on?

  • beth

    ooh I take that back, I was wrong!

  • sinataslimy

    the activities on getglue don’tchange much
    sticker or no sticker
    still a good place to talk tv

  • KC

    4 out of 10 are FOX shows….interesting!

  • RS

    From Planet Shallow – anything that gets our Js from SPN a picture out there is a good thing (even if I don’t know what Getglue is).

  • Joe

    Social Media is BS when it comes to who is watching what. This was all misleading BS.

  • Alan

    GG is going down after taking away the mobile version, the old version (the one that most users still used) and physical stickers!

  • JustSaying

    And its been proven that a show that wins an award from p.c.a is less likely to be canned.

    Proven? Really? What proof would that be?

  • Chris L

    Do not assume I ask this with a specific show in mind:

    Does it count for this metric if people say the show stinks?

  • JJA

    Is there any point to these GetGlue charts?

    I’d think the iTunes & Hulu charts are more important.

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