'The Blacklist' to Get Three-Week Run Without 'Voice' Lead-in in January

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December 2nd, 2013

The Blacklist October 28

The Blacklist will return from hiatus Monday, January 13 and will air three episodes without a Voice lead-in until another small hiatus during the Winter Olympics (which begin Friday, February 7). The Blacklist will then resume again on February 24.

  • Dan S

    I know I don’t watch The Voice so I’m not too concerned it’ll drop much in the ratings. Assuming it does well they could try The Blacklist next season on a new night as a tent pole show. This show requires you to pay attention & is not for people like World Picker

  • Sparky

    Don’t watch the Voice but definitely tune in for the Blacklist, can’t imagine I’m the only one so I am hoping for high 2.0’s.

  • Tran

    Hope The Blacklist won’t fall in ratings for the next three weeks when The Voice comes back on February 24th (the night after the Olympics). Believe me or not, ratings usually “cheat the system”.

  • Jay

    SO the voice takes like a 2 month hiatus, last week they waited till April to start again.

  • AllOfHerTw!st

    This will be the acid test!

    for for for for

  • DenverDean

    I’m glad NBC is not going completely “Black” from Dec – end of Olympics. That’s a killer way to hurt the momentum of a hit show. Based on the MONSTER DVR numbers, TB has a solid following. The numbers will be good. They need to do the same thing with CF. NBC need to stop being afraid of: 1) not airing these hit shows (basically procedurals) without TV; 2) not airing repeats. They should take a page of out CBS’ book, that stability in line-up leads to longterm success. If people know it’s always on a certain night, the habit forms.

  • Tianyi Li (People’s Republic of China)

    I didn’t know that there are haters for ‘The Blacklist’, but I like the show. Can’t wait to watch the winter Finale

  • Networkman

    It’ll do fine. I can see it garnering mid 2’s. NBC would be really happy seeing it pull it 2.5-2.7 without The Voice. This will be their first true hit that they can move to another night next season to help launch other shows. Even if it just reaches 2.0, it will return for a second season as all of the other NBC dramas are struggling.

  • Tianyi Li (People’s Republic of China)

    I would guess that the three January episode could get a rating as high as 2.9 or 3.0 and as low as 2.4 or 2.5. Also, I agree that no matter what the rating of ‘The Blacklist’ won’t fall below 2.1.

  • David


  • Networkman

    The Blacklist will drop to mid 2’s. Not only won’t it have The Voice as a lead in but it will also face a stronger competitive show in CBS’ Intelligence.

  • Billiam

    I know some of you are reaching for the razor blade intending to end it all because ‘Oh My Lord, the Blacklist just can’t make it without The Voice’… others of you are laughing your asses off because, even though you’ve never seen The Blacklist, you wish it ill anyway.

    But, I… I’ve said all along that this tie-in business is BS unless the two shows are of the same or similar genre… I believe tht some stay for the Blacklist after The Voice but the majority of Blacklist viewers, in my opinion, are those switching from other channels to NBC to watch The Blacklist. We shall see….

  • tim_m

    Seems like grammar is a struggle for world picker.

  • Paul

    If it goes well do the move The Blacklist to Thursdays at 9:00?

  • Ronald

    this is the true test for The Blacklist lets see if it happens like Revolution and start falling


    If The Blacklist falls hard without lead in like Revolution, NBC is back to square one.

  • RJC

    “If it goes well do the move The Blacklist to Thursdays at 9:00?”

    That was exactly what I was thinking. As others have mentioned, NBC is probably doing this not only to avoid the four-month break they imposed on Revolution last year, but to gather some data on whether The Blacklist can survive on its own and potentially be used as a tentpole on another night next season. If it does well, I could see a move to Thursday (or maybe Wednesday) at 9 next season.

  • Ultima

    Is it confirmed yet if The Voice will also be returning on 2/23?

    Monday, 24 February. (I think NBC confirmed the premiere date over the summer.)

  • Ultima

    If The Blacklist falls hard without lead in like Revolution, NBC is back to square one.

    Revolution fell hard with The Voice as a lead-in.

  • Ultima

    last week they waited till April to start again

    Really? :roll:

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