'The Blacklist' Renewed for Second Season by NBC

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December 3rd, 2013

The Blacklist Episode 2

NBC has renewed The Blacklist for a second season

via press release:


Series Is Broadcast’s No. 1-Rated Drama in 18-49 and Top New Show in Demo, Total Viewers

UNIVERSAL CITY, Calif. — Dec. 3, 2013 — NBC has ordered a full 22-episode second season of freshman smash “The Blacklist,” broadcast television’s No. 1 drama in the 18-49 demo fresh off of last night’s substantial showing and timeslot win. The series is the fall season’s breakout hit in both same day and record-setting live-plus-7 viewing.

The announcement was made jointly by Robert Greenblatt, Chairman, NBC Entertainment, and Jennifer Salke, President, NBC Entertainment.

“The success of ‘The Blacklist’ demonstrates that inspired storytelling is alive and well in broadcast television, and I’m impressed on a daily basis by this creative team’s imagination and the extent to which they will go to capture this grand vision on film,” Greenblatt said. “With gratitude to both our partners at Sony Pictures Television and our NBC development executives who took a great script and shepherded it into a great series, I hope that Red Reddington never runs out of names to bring down on his list!”

Added Salke: “We are very proud of the creative achievements of ‘The Blacklist,’ starting with creator Jon Bokenkamp and his incredible producing partners John Eisendrath, John Davis, John Fox and Michael Watkins. Our hats are off to them and to everyone in our dream cast — starting with the incomparable James Spader and Megan Boone — and our maverick pilot director, Joe Carnahan, and all of the gifted writers, producers, and directors who bring this cinematic show to life each week.”

“The Blacklist” is the No. 1 drama on the Big 4 networks in the 18-49 demo, averaging a 4.9 rating/13 share in most current viewing. It is the No. 2 scripted series on the Big 4 in the 18-49 demo, and the No. 1 new show in 18-49 and total viewers.

The Nov. 4 episode of “Blacklist” delivered the largest total-viewer increase from live-plus same-day viewing to live-plus-7 in U.S. TV history, growing by 6.589 million (from 10.337 million to 16.926 million). “The Blacklist” now holds the top three increases from L+SD to L+7 among total viewers in U.S. TV history.

In historical context, “The Blacklist” is NBC’s most-watched new drama eight weeks into its run in 19 years (since “Earth 2” in 1994).

The series stars Emmy Award winner James Spader as “Red” Reddington, a world-renown terrorist on the FBI’s Most Wanted List who is helping the U.S. government catch international criminals, but for unknown reasons. The series also stars Megan Boone, Diego Klattenhoff, Harry Lennix, Ryan Eggold and Parminder Nagra.

USA Today called “The Blacklist” the fall’s best new drama while TV Guide said, “Can this show get any cooler?”

Jon Bokenkamp, John Eisendrath, John Davis and John Fox serve as executive producers. The pilot was directed by Joe Carnahan. “The Blacklist” is produced by Davis Entertainment Company in association with Sony Pictures Television.

  • HeadlessHorseman

    You’re a disgusting, miserable sack of

    @Bill, Robert, Sara, Amanda
    Why hasn’t this moron been banned yet? Are you seriously going to let him post these kinds of comments? Do something about it!

  • PurpleDrazi

    I’ll take “things that were completely obvious” for 100 Alex.

  • Bradley


    Matt needs this outlet. He doesn’t get much communication other than this from his Mom’s basement. Leave him be.

  • Eric McInnis

    Hey, you are aware that Matt is a troll trying to get Blacklist fans butthurt, and you’re falling for his carrot by letting him anger you, when in all reality he should be ignored, right? Just wanted to give you some advice.

    Anyway, sounds very exciting as a fan of the show, and I’m glad The Blacklist could be able to stand on its own.

  • Dean

    I’m a big blacklist fan and happy it’s renewed but what’s the point of enewing shows so early? What happens if it declines heavily by spring?

  • HeadlessHorseman

    I would have, until he made a comment about f—–g my sister. He needs to be banned.

  • Oliver

    Even before I clicked this link to read, I knew Matt was going to be here spewing crap again.

    Think of a better insult yet?

  • CrimTV


    Bradley, my opinion is the majority. Critics don’t like this show. i guess i shouldn’t have come to the idiot comment section of the web. go to the AV club and say you like the Blacklist and see if anyone agrees with you.

    The show has 74/100 on Metacritic and obviously 10 million+ plus the 6 million DVR viewers obviously disagree on your statement.

  • Simon

    YES!!!! After last nighst numbers and given how EXTREMELY steady the show has been this should come as no surprise to anyone. And can everyone just ignore Matt, the mods will do something about him soon I’d reckon!

    All I need is for NBC to renew Revolution and Grimm and that’s my NBC shows safe until Hannibal returns

  • CrimTV


    Not all shows have to get like 90/100 to be critically praised! Also critics do not determine how good/bad a show is because it’s about the viewer at the end of the day. Also, I don’t have any siblings, so don’t understand why you’re asking how my sister is.

  • Jake

    Matt, Matt, Matt…little buddy, we want to ignore you. But you get personal with everyone. Of course people are going to get angry at you.

  • k:Alex

    This made my Tuesday, consider the final ratings go down by 0.4.

  • KH

    IMO, Glee is a terrible show. Blacklist is at least entertaining to me.

  • tvwatcher

    YES!!! Another 12 + 22 episodes to look forward to! This show is awesome and addictive!

  • HeadlessHorseman

    I see you’re using another name (Ben) to make it seem like you’re right or make it look like you have friends. How sad.

  • richierich

    @ HeadlessHorseman
    He also basically said your sister was a hooker. The mods here only care about page hits anymore. They used to ban people, but I haven’t seen them do it recently. This used to be a nice website to come to for ratings and intelligent, clean conversations about them. I now only come here occasionally. I’ve found a couple of other ratings sites and am checking them out. As soon as I find the best I’ll let you know. That way you, your sister, and your students won’t have to be insulted.

  • Oliver

    Matt, keep trying. I find it hard to believe you’re this bad at insulting people. But hey, keep up the effort.

  • Dan S

    Who is this little worm that let’s him spew such garbage ? These insults don’t belong her & I’m counting the minutes when this troll whose name rhymes with rat is banned for good.
    The good news is The Blacklist is officially renewed & kudos to just about everyone else on this site who has made positive comments regarding this show.

  • Billiam

    This makes me happy but I just hope this doesn’t jinx the show.

    Revolution was still doing well when they renewed it for a second season…. not as well as Blacklist, though.

  • Kissan

    I think Matt works for that new CBS series Intelligence and is making snarky comments about The Blacklist so people won’t watch it and will watch Intelligence instead. Matt, whatever you’re doing it’s not working.

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