'Ripper Street' Canceled by BBC After Two Seasons

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December 4th, 2013


Ripper Street (which aired on BBC America in the US) will not be returning for a third season, according to Digital Spy.

  • Anonymous

    Madness !

  • Bored Now

    The BBC is making some piss poor programming decisions in recent years. Almost seems like they are going out of their way to make sure new hit shows fail in their second outing. This should have been left on Sunday nights where it began. Why they were surprised the viewing figures went down after the move I’ll never understand.

  • blipp

    wait, the BBC cancels shows? i thought that all British shows ended because the creators/writers/actors/etc got bored or didnt want to ruin the show by having it be on the air for too long.

  • Barb

    First Whitechapel (which is ITV) which was also recently cancelled due to poor ratings (and them placing the episodes on their player early) and now Ripper. Not happy.

  • Barb

    What’s also bad it was up against some reality show I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! That’s even worse.

  • PRW

    GUYS please remember that this is based on BBC’s ratings not even BBC America’s (which pushed back the season 2 premiere from December 1st to TBA 2014).

  • Stunned

    These idiots will probably replace it with the REAL HOUSEWIVES OF RIPPER STREET. Absolute MORONS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Silent Hunter

    Next thing for the slot, I believe, will be THE MUSKEETERS.

  • Andy Clark

    Ridiculous decision. One of the few things worth watching on the BBC. Excellent story lines, brilliant sets, great acting. I suppose we will get some more Celebrity wife swap Essex in the Jungle rubbish to replace it. I thought the BBC was supposed to be all about quality programming not just ratings!

  • Colin

    Thank god. Useless show.

  • MediaMan23

    Another surprise – this is an unusual, thoughtful series, much better than I anticipated. Frankly surprised it was unable to score among the BBC audience. Perfect for BBCAmerica as well. Alas, with Whitechapel and Ripper Street gone we lost access an intriguing era/environment (and Dracula is failing as well, sigh).

  • Tom

    Ripper Street was essentially Copper 2.0 with Brits instead of Irish. Neither program was ever able to engage an audience which makes me wonder how both made it through two seasons.

  • EllieMae

    OH NO – that is bad news – I really like that show!!!!!!!

  • THF

    Unbelievably poor decision-making. BBC America has removed several shows I loved (e.g., Copper, Ripper Street, the Hour) and replaced them with junk. WHAT is going on?

  • KMS

    I admit that the first season of Ripper didn’t grab me, but I was going to give it another go considering all the good things I’ve heard about it. I’ll still watch it, but really what is going on at the BBC? And with ITV shelving Whitechapel, with British TV in general? I keep seeing comments about how they want to make room for fresh and creative dramatic programming, but what does that even mean? If the quality and creativity are still there does it matter that it has been on for a few years? I’ve watched British TV since I was a toddler thanks to PBS, but now they’re leaving me with nothing to watch.

  • Diane N

    grrr…love this show!

  • Kelly Swain

    This is outrageous! The acting from all the cast should be commended! Ripper Street gives a reflection of life in victorian time that could also be used in history lessons within education. The BBC need to re-think this one! I very much look forward to Monday night’s episode and feel very let down by the BBC!

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