TNT's 'Mob City' Debut Attracts 2.3 Million Viewers

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December 5th, 2013


"Event series" Mob City premiered on TNT Wednesday night to an audience of 2.3 million viewers, below the network’s average for its mainstream scripted series. Only 801, 000 of those viewers were in the adults 18-49 demographic. We'll have more on last night's premiere in the cable ratings later today.

  • N

    Not sure if TNT got cold feet for this show, but placing it during the holidays is practically a guarantee for low ratings, and the 2-hour airing blocks sound more like burn-offs than a “special event series”. It’s a shame, I thought the show is pretty good. High production values too.

  • Andies

    I forgot it was even on…

  • PRW

    How? It had a massive ad campaign…

  • PRW

    “While something quite different for TNT as a limited event series, and with good potential digital life, Mob City’s results last night are at the top end between the cable station’s two most recent debuts Monday Mornings and King And Maxwell – both of whom have since been cancelled. The David E. Kelly medical drama pulled in a weak 1.34 million total viewers at 10 PM on February 4 this year with just 386,000 among Adults 18-49 and 472,000 among the 25-54 demo. The Rebecca Romijn and Jon Tenney P.I. drama drew 3.5 million total viewers with 825,000 among Adults 18-49 and a bit more than 1 million among Adults 25-54 on June 10.” – Deadline

    I think if the digital/DVR numbers bode well (Wednesdays are packed, holidays, going us against AHS) I think TNT will order a second season with the amount of big names attached to this.

  • j

    I’ll say it first: more like FLOP City!

  • Walt


    Wow. Genius joke.

  • BrieK

    I couldn’t get past the first 30 minutes. So boring! Very disappointed. Shows can be slow without being boring.

  • BaziCat

    I still haven’t forgiven TNT for cancelling Southland. I secretly hope for the failure of every new show they air.

  • MeAndMrsJones

    Hope it fails. Still bitter about Southland being cancelled.

  • JR

    I loved this show! But I don’t feel like they did a good job promoting it outside of TNT itself. Their twitter script promo was boring at best and actually very annoying overall. The only place I saw good promo was on TNT itself. A lot of my coworkers hadn’t even heard it was on.

  • JJ

    This show was a total bore especially given the 2 hour block it was scheduled in. Good thing its considered an “Event Series” because those ratings wouldnt last for more than 3 weeks on TNT. I expect a pretty big drop next week.

  • KarenM

    It has potential but they tried *too* hard! The atmosphere was stifling and the characters were confusing. I didn’t know it was airing until a couple of hours before the show so I don’t think it got a huge ad campaign at all!

  • Mina

    I didn’t watch because it was aired as a 2 hour block. More shows being aired with back to back episodes. I hate that trend and will not watch if shows are aired like that.

  • j

    Which is why I said “I’ll say it first.”

    Pretty much the only “jokes” people ever use on this forum is inserting the word “flop” in place of one of the words in the title.

  • jcoop

    I haven’t watched it yet but I was hoping it was good, but sounds like I maybe disappointed.

  • Pete D

    This should have worked, but that first hour, yike how slow and boring, the 2nd hour brought it up a bit, but by that time my wife was done. So now I am on my own. I am a big fan of this genre, I was disappointed overall, hope it picks up but not a good first impression.

  • Jason

    I thought this was a magnificent show, really authentic noir which is, of course, all about style and mood. People are erroneously comparing this to the likes of Boardwalk Empire when it’s not even in the same solar system in terms of intentions and style…really, there’s nothing modern to compare this to. Perhaps there just isn’t a broad audience for noir these days, or perhaps no one figured TNT would actually be able to deliver on this kind of content, which is after all a huge departure for them.

    I really hope that, despite the odds, TNT renews this. We need a show of this caliber on the air, and it’d be a shame if this just ended up being a cool miniseries. Fingers crossed that the DVR/VOD crowd show up, and soon. I want more.

  • Keith

    I expected it to be much better surrounding the hype. I was starting to doze off during hour two. They should have only been on for an hour at a time.

  • Babycharles510

    If any of you know the history of any of these mobsters, it’s actually a very good series and the actors are good. Every show takes time to take off. This show is dope af! They need to let ppl get to know the characters and what they’re about n their role in the show. Give it time . Love it so far.

  • S. Read

    My husband and I thought this was a very good show. It did take awhile to connect with all the actors bur after first show we were hooked . Hopefully this will be renewed. Look forward to watching in the future & love the 2 hr. Episodes.

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