'Dads' First Season Cut to 19 Episodes

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December 6th, 2013


FOX has trimmed three episodes of Dads, bring the previously 22-episode first season down to 19 episodes.

  • starship


    Yes, but they’re stuck with Glee for another full season, so they’ll try and salvage what’s left of the ratings. It’ll be facing The Originals and Pretty Little Liars in that time slot, though, so I see it sinking permanently to the low 1.0s.

  • Rollie

    This probably means cancellation for Dads. I think they should’ve left Bones on Mondays, and debuted Almost Human on Tuesdays at 8:00 in February, shifted Glee to Fridays with Raising Hope and Enlisted, etc… I have a feeling TMP is gone after this season too if they’re pulling it for almost two months.

  • Dan

    They should have just given it a 19 ep season anyway rather than 22 or just aired the remaining 4 episodes Sundays at 7:30.

  • ludotv

    I wonder if this implies Dads will not get a second season (likely I’d say but who knows) and whether this may be good news for other Fox comedies, probably for Brooklyn 9-9 and hopefully (for fans like me) for The Mindy Project….

  • tested

    Dads is a funny show. I don’t think it appeals to a mass audience though. I’m sorry to see it go. There are some tremendously funny moments.

  • Dan

    @LudoTV – If there was any hope of Dads actually getting a second season, those hopes were dashed with the order cut and the series most recent numbers. If FOX was really looking to give the show a second season they would have aired the remaining episodes on Sundays at 7:30 and kept the order. This way they save money, and can finish out the season.

    The episode order getting cut makes it no different then the show getting additional episodes like Sean Saves the World or Super Fun Night. Which the series should have got in the first place.

  • Jon

    @dougF…..you honestly believe raising hopes numbers would be any better than dads on Tuesday? You might want to take a peak at last years ratings. By the end of the year it was the 106th ranked show on network Tv. The only reason and the only reason alone it got this season renewal was for syndication. The show has been basically dead for nearly 2 seasons. Yes fox shipped it to fridays with little expectation of renewal. As it should be with s show going nowhere.

  • Jon

    No surprise on Dads along with super fun night and we are men they were some of the worst bee sitcoms of the 21 st century

  • Michael1


    “is it because Seth green is pregnant?.”


  • AllOfHerTw!st

    Seth Green is having Kerry Washington’s baby.

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