'General Hospital' Soars to Near 6-Year High in Total Viewers and Over 2-Year High in Women 18-49 and Women 25-54,

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December 6th, 2013


via press release:

“The Chew” Delivers Milestone 3 Million Total Viewers,

Powered by Wednesday’s Thanksgiving-Eve Series High  


“General Hospital” Soars to Near 6-Year High in Total Viewers

and Over 2-Year High in Women 18-49 and Women 25-54,

Pacing for its Best Season in Seven Years in Total Viewers


“The Chew”:


The go-to show for holiday recipes, “The Chew soared to another weekly high in Total Viewers (3.09 million) – crossing the 3-million mark for the first time ever – with the past five weeks ranking among the show’s Top 6 weeks of all time.


In addition, “The Chew” delivered its #2 week on record in Women 25-54 (737,000/1.2 rating) and its #4 week to date in Women 18-49 (569,000/0.9 rating), posting the largest year-to-year increases of any broadcast program in daytime in the target women demos.


  • Wednesday’s Thanksgiving-eve telecast, ‘The Chew’s Ultimate Thanksgiving,’ stood as the series’ #1 telecast of all time in Total Viewers (3.34 million).


  • Year to year, “The Chew” soared by 27% in Total Viewers (3.09 million vs. 2.44 million), by 32% in Women 18-49 (569,000 vs. 431,000) and by 26% in Women 25-54 (737,000 vs. 583,000).


“General Hospital”:


With mystery surrounding whether Robin is alive, the continuing manhunt for Faison and the drama around Sabrina and Patrick’s wedding, “General Hospital” generated a near 6-year high in Total Viewers (3.30 million) – since week of 1/21/08 – tracking for its best season in 7 yearssince the 2006/07 season.


Moreover, “General Hospital” recorded an over 2-and-a-half-year high in Women 25-54 (1.04 million/1.7 rating) and an over 2-year high in Women 18-49 (774,000/1.2 rating) – since weeks of 3/21/11 and 8/15/11, respectively – ranking a strong #2 for the week in the core women measures.


  • “General Hospital” posted the largest year-to-year increases of any broadcast daytime drama in Total Viewers (+20% – 3.30 million vs. 2.75 million), Women 18-49 (+21% – 774,000 vs. 641,000) and Women 25-54 (+25% – 1.04 million vs. 833,000).


Source: NTI, U.S. ratings, weeks of 11/25/13, Live + Same Day. Program rankings based on U.S. ratings and include ties. Gapped/Breakout/Specials programming excluded. 

  • Mike

    One final thing it is a shame that fans can’t be happy that GH is doing so well. This show was saved from being cancelled just like AMC and OLTL were. But it can’t even be celebrated without petty fans turning every piece of good news for GH into a debate over the replacement shows and the soaps. Or another place to gripe about AMC and OLTL being cancelled.

    This is good news for soaps and good news for GH. Celebrate that and let the pettiness die.

  • moshane58

    Mike I would love to see the people who said they couldn’t keep up. I’m on 13 soap facebook and everyone was mad over the cut back. They said millions were watching. Debbie morgan is not submitting her name for the Emmy’s over how they were done over PP. Have you read her article. Like she said PP told them ..Oh yes we are taping more AMC over and over. Hell they lied to them to. Jill Larson even said they finally threw in the hat and admitted they didn’t have the funding. It wasn’t the viewing as they said. They even said watch anytime. Then cut down and no we can’t do it that way. Now Jeff K, of PP is suing PP. They all are going at each other now.PP lie to the cast. The shows were number one on Hulu and ITunes almost everyday they were on. hell we looked at there charts everyday. Now PP is telling a different story. so many damn lies. And I will tell you the same thing I told soap fans from the beginning. I’ll back them under PP but I don’t want them to have them. Got my head ripped off on a soap forum but like I said they’ll screw them up. Never was a fan of PP and I watched and backed them for the sake of soaps. Didn’t like a lot of the things they done to them but hoped in time they would get better. As far as wanting soaps on all day long, I only watched AMC before they took it off. Now I watch GH. I can’t sit and watch soaps all day long and I can’t watch talk shows all day long. One hour is enough and I’m done.The point is to keep the soap genre alive. Its not they aren’t making money on them they are just getting lazy on networks on pleasing their audiences. You take off Dr.Phil,Kelly and Micheal n Ellen the rest or not drawing in the magic age demo the advertisers think are the only people who buy anything.Alot are so low I have no clue why they are even on. Guess air time or give back to info comercials. Daytime is really going down and people better start paying attention. We daytime fans are worth their time..

  • Mike

    How in the world is daytime going down when in the last year all 3 networks have been releasing press releases about their soaps again. They have all had people within the networks who have come out in support of their soaps again.

    The 4 soaps left for us are all up in the ratings and all we can still hear from the cry babies are about the ones that were cancelled. I miss my shows too, but hey that’s life.

    Get over it already and enjoy the shows we have left. I would a whole lot rather celebrate the ones left and fight for them.

    Again on AMC and OLTL, I never have supported PP either but as to what caused them to fail none of us will ever know until someone talks and tells the truth. Even the stars who have spoken out in anger like Debbi Morgan said it was all over being lied to and nothing against what the companies said as being untrue. Even Cady McClain and others backed up what they said about production costs and stuff. And sorry but them running out of money completely supports what they said all along and that was that even though the shows were doing okay they still were not making enough money to cover all the costs. People in business do it to make money — not to just break even. The financial backers pulled out. You can’t make a TV show with no financial backers.

  • Shawn


  • Bizzarr1000

    maybe ABC should take a page out of CBS’s book maybe use ABC Family and put General Hospital on at night allso

  • let the numbers speak

    Comparison: Season average 2012/13

    Women 18-49 key demo

    General Hospital: 1.2 — The Chew: 0.7

    ABC could have GH-like numbers the whole afternoon,
    if they had made smart investments in AMC and OLTL,
    just as it was done with GH!

  • Chris

    @let the numbers speak (or whatever you call yourself this hour)

    BUSTED!! Gee, what a coincidence! Hmm, that’s the same exact propaganda/garbage typed verbatim on this thread by “SoapFansTogether”. Do you really think that you’re actually fooling anyone here? You must need a long nap because your (pea)brain must be exhausted thinking up new names to attach to your same old tired crap.

    Understand already: ABC currently seems very happy with their combo of The Chew & GH in the afternoon, and is almost certainly making more $$$ now than they were before with three soaps. So what if The Chew has a lower women 18-49 rating than GH? A talk show costs much less to produce than a soap opera. Thus, it can be a little lower rated than a soap and still make $$$ for its network. That may not matter to you, but it matters to ABC and it’s a fact in black and white. If you don’t like that answer, tough. Grow up!!

    And for the 1500th time, ABC is NOT bringing back AMC and OLTL at any point. For crying out loud, get over it already and move on like every normal person in this world has already. They’re almost certainly not buying back the rights and even if they did, where exactly would ABC put them? Understand that already. If you can’t accept that answer, then that’s your pathetic problem.

    As a rabid soap fan, you are NOT so far above anyone else to be thumbing your nose down at anyone who has different programming tastes than you. Different strokes for different folks. If anything, nearly all people in the real world are rolling their eyes at you for being such a snooty, intolerant baby.

  • Pat

    Can’t soap fans just be happy at face value that GH is still on and doing very well? And can’t the growing number of fans of The Chew be allowed to enjoy its success? Does everything have to be turned into a mean-spirited debate (by a certain bitter troublemaker posting here under multiple names, it’s so obvious) comparing the replacement talk shows vs the soaps? I personally like the variety and it seems to be working well financially for ABC and CBS.

  • ebarryhill

    This thread is still so mean. Why can’t people just say what they feel without being ripped apart?

  • Marissa

    Great news for GH! 2013 has been an exciting year!

    I’m also pleasantly surprised with The Chew’s continued improvement. I catch it from time to time and enjoy it, mainly because of Carla.

  • jonboy

    @moshane Give up! You’re never gonna win with Mr ABC TV exec Mike.

  • Mike

    Oh wow color me surprised at such an original witty comment.

    Oh yes if a soap opera fan has an original thought or a sane one, they can’t possibly be a soap opera fan — they must work the networks.

  • jonboy

    See what I’m sayin’? Ya can’t win.

  • jason

    Not getting the whole Robin thing. I think her character is a total borefest.
    I’m disappointed that Tristan Rogers is leaving after February. He’s been great and needs a major storyline with Finola Hughes.
    One last thing, I hope this isn’t the end of Heather!
    She is really entertaining and so well written. Like Bette Davis.
    I hope this isn’t a sign of things to come for GH. It’s been so good.

  • Stephen Judson

    I would much rather GH get a well deserved budget raise then them waste money bringing back two shows and then all of them suddenly starting to look cheap in quality. I love that GH isn’t heavily reusing sets. Even though that has never been the case for them I think as OLTL and AMC, AMC to a greater extent, had characters at the same place at all times. I don’t want to go back to that. ABC must be loving that one soap is enough for them, and that The Chew is finally taking off.

  • jonboy

    This nonsense of Heather coming and going from an institution like its a country club has had its day. Enough, already.

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