'Low Winter Sun' Canceled by AMC After One Season

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December 6th, 2013


Low Winter Sun will not be returning for a second season.

  • sgt sharki

    I only ever saw the pilot. I had one friend who said it got a lot better, but I never bothered to get back into the show. AMC will recover, I’ve heard really good things about “Halt and Catch Fire”.

  • B

    Thank you, Tom!

  • Walt


    There’s nothing ironic about that.

  • Guardian Owl

    The greatest sin of the show was to waste the talents of so many fine actors.

  • Ted R.

    Low Winter Sun was one of the worst shows I’ve ever seen on tv network or cable.The plot was predictable and the settings were much too dark. Filmed in Detroit, it did little to improve that city’s image. AMC tossed a rotten bone and viewers didn’t bite.

  • TWD is it

    TV man the Talking Dead cannot move to another night. It’s there to re-hash , unstressed and relax and just let the viewers catch their breath in a well lit friendly safe looking environment. You could move Sunday night football to MNF so you could just pick the better game..

  • TWD is it

    AMC’s new SPY ring show about the American Revolution looks great. Cant wait. Though the Honey Boo world I live in, well maybe they didnt know the USA actually fought for it’s freedom to allow 48% of it’s people ( notice non use of citizen here ) to not pay and taxes a year. Oh well.

  • N

    Well, no surprise there.The show is not terrible but to think about it, it’s the worst AMC has done so far. Mad Men/Breaking Bad are classics. Walking Dead and Rubicon is great too,The Killing had its days and Hell On Wheels is improving a lot, so this show is kinda left out.

    They also have 2 new shows coming next year, plus 3 pilots, so this seems inevitable.

  • Andies

    Not in the least shocking.. at think this was their lowest series ever.. I watched one episode and that was it.. I just was not feeling it…

  • Bart

    Never heard of it – who cares??

    Both AMC & IFC suck the big one – these used to great cable channels – now they are nothing but commercial-driven crus channels – wish I could block them from my HD lineup and not have to pay for them!!

    I’d rather watch Turner Classic Movies (TCM) over ANY of the crap these channels spew out!!

  • ubet

    Agree with you, TWD. Talking Dead was built as an inexpensive compliment to Walking Dead and it was a stroke of genius. Pulling in better numbers than any series that can be put in its spot. You might put a new show there as a one-timer, just for exposure, which AMC might have done with Low Winter Sun, but that’s it.

  • Dan

    @Walt – Well I google “AMC cancels Low Winter Sun” almost every day so I guess not, but they sure took their sweet time axing it. The series plunged to lower then a million viewers after Breaking Bad’s finale and AMC has other original new series in development for next year as well as a Walking Dead companion series and Better Call Saul and Mad Men’s Final season and upcoming Hell on Wheels and Walking Dead seasons. Even The Killing got another seaosn on Netflix.

    The series just wasnt good. It wasnt a horrible show but it tried so hard to be a standout AMC series like Breaking Bad, Mad Men or Walking Dead, however it was very bland. With LWS cancelled I think every cable bubble drama has now been either cancelled or renewed.

  • Brandon

    Thank goodness. I never watched an episode, but I fast-forwarded through commercials for this countless times while watching other great stuff on AMC.

  • PRW

    “They also have 2 new shows coming next year, plus 3 pilots, so this seems inevitable.”

    4 new shows, 4 pilots, and 4 shows still in possible development


    King Of Arms (Unscripted)
    Better Call Saul
    Halt & Catch Fire


    Line of Sight

    In Development:

    The Terror
    Untitled The Walking Dead Spin-off
    White City

  • Hyung

    It was an okay show, but the finale was garbage. The only reason to watch this show, is Mark Strong, who did put on an amazing performance in this show.

  • Ekras

    Did they even need to announce this?

  • Mumbo

    This show didn’t even try to outrun the cancellation bear. Basically walked right into his mouth.

  • AO

    I stuck it out in the hopes it would get better but instead it just kept getting worse, I wasn’t going to watch a S2 regardless, but I’m glad that another show will get a chance now in it’s place.

  • Ekras

    I heard they are going to call the BluRay “Low Winter Ratings”…..

  • C Dawg

    I wanted to like this show, but the overload of pre-air ads drove me insane. “people keep talking about morality like its black and white”. I couldn’t reach for the mute button quick enough after seeing it 500 times before one show aired. Trying to watch it led me to tears of boredom. The cinematography was so dark, I needed night vision goggles just to watch it.

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