'Low Winter Sun' Canceled by AMC After One Season

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December 6th, 2013


Low Winter Sun will not be returning for a second season.

  • C Dawg

    I would bet a good amount that Halt and Catch Fire will burn down in the first season. It does not look promising.

  • Joseph

    Had this been a broadcast show, the Cancellation Bear would have whacked it!

  • WK

    Good move, AMC. The show was just too dark and dirty. The writing got better at the end but not enough to recover the show from the dustbin. I was disgusted more than once with a few of the scenes added for dramatic effect, I am not surprised that too many others were turned off either by that or other issues to drive ratings down and compel AMC to do this.

    AMC program managment needs to get back to what works. I don’t know who was involved when Breaking Bad and Walking Dead were selected for air time, but those folks need to get back to their high performance and come back with some new winners. The Bridge was one that was allowed to slip over to FX. Dallas on TNT could be considered another. There are others where creative work that would fit beautifully with the AMC mantra are slipping to other networks, and whatever criteria AMC was following needs to be restored. Hell on Wheels is good work but it isn’t enough. Something else will need to come along to replace the Low Winter Sun time slot. It should be interesting to see what they come up.

    AMC has been fighting tooth and nail to raise their broadcast revenue with the cable and satellite providers, and they fought a pitched battle recently with Dish and to a lesser degree uVerse. Cancelled series that were once heavily promoted will not help the AMC organization when these broadcast deals come back up for negotiation. They better get it together, this is a highly competitive industry.

  • sakil

    Not surprising. They must put The Walking Dead: New Orleans somewhere.

  • AE

    I think people are going a little hard on the show.
    I’m from the UK,and when the original series aired it had a strong premise with a finite sense of an ending and resolution.The pressure to produce series after series in the US led to this being a bit of a pudding where the A story was intriguing,but the remaining strands served to open up Detroit and a slew of other characters so that a Wire-esque sprawl could be written about well into seasons 2,3 and beyond.But through the eyes of Frank Agnew(de facto lead),the collection of storylines were not strong enough,and it became frail.
    Put that next to the BB final season,and the dark/dour nature of both shows would be too much for most viewers.yeah the inherited numbers were stellar,but thematically you couldn’t get a worse lead-in!

  • groove365

    Not surprised, it started ok and went downhill. The acting was great, that was what kept me watching for the whole season.

  • Aeneas

    Best show on television, showing police how many of them actually operate.
    This country continues to have a raging drug problem because of corrupt police like those portrayed in Low Winter Sun. Or Serpico, Or the Godfather. Or Miami Vice. These movies/series tell the truth about how police corruption perpetuates the drug problem. Not all police are criminals but enough are, and those corrupt police make sure to get themselves assigned to the Narcotics Division of their respective police departments. Then they share the payoffs around the station house.
    They take bribes only from the top drug dealers in their region — all mid-level and lower drug dealers and addicts are considered fair game for the prison population.

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