Will a Return to Storybrooke Improve the Ratings for 'Once Upon a Time'? (Poll)

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December 8th, 2013


Last week Once Upon a Time tied its series low with a 1.9 adults 18-49 rating. The show has spent the bulk of its season in Neverland. Tonight, the action returns to the show's original setting of Storybrooke. Will the return to familiar surroundings improve the show's performance? Make your predictions then explain your reasoning in the comments section.

  • Douglas from Brazil

    1.9 rating, the show is doomed.This peter pan storyline dragged out the ratings.

  • Matt M.

    ONCE and Revenge will both go up. ONCE and Revenge both return with huge pre-winter finale episodes. A 1.7 for Revenge and a 2.1 for ONCE.

    Final Predictions…

    Once Upon A Time: 2.1 / 7.0 million viewers
    Revenge: 1.7 / 6.2 million viewers

    Good Wife: 1.5 / 9.7 million viewers
    The Mentalist: 1.4 / 9.5 million viewer

  • Matt M.

    This may sound a little outlandish, especially because we haven’t seen tonight’s ratings yet, but here are my winter finale episode predictions…

    Once Upon A Time: 2.3 / 7.5 million viewers
    Revenge: 2.0 / 6.9 million viewers

  • iSayso

    Time to close the book on OUaT.

  • Christian

    I’m a Revenge fan but I foresee a lot of disappointed people when the ratings come out tomorrow.

  • lily

    It will get a 2.0. I am glad they are returning to storybrook, I’ve missed the rest of the characters.

  • j

    Anything on cable tonight to take advantage of post-TWD?

  • NBC Fan

    Once Upon a Time-2.0

    60 Minutes-1.5
    The Amazing Race-2.2
    Thr Mentalist-1.8

    The Simpsons-3.1
    Bobs Burgers-2.0
    Family Guy-2.3 (A ton of fans said that they wont wach anymore, but I think most will be back just to see if Brian is really dead.)
    American Dad-1.8

    Sunday Night Football-7.8

  • Lily

    I honestly love this show. I do not know why the ratings are so low, and I do not want this show to be like other ABC shows that after two seasons, they cancel it. I think they have done a good job, despite it being subjected on children’s fairy tales.

  • BigBrotherFan

    Once Upon a Time-2.0

    60 Minutes-1.5
    The Amazing Race-2.2
    Thr Mentalist-1.6

    I don’t follow the never ending FOX animation Sunday stuff

  • Graphaks

    Too much Neverland nonsense and not enough Regina! The fans want what the fans want.

  • Graphaks

    And I agree . . . the Peter Pan story line killed the ratings. Ho hum.

  • Kristina

    My husband and I are pretty tired of peter pan!! Not our favorite character on this show. And now he’s inside Henry??!

  • BxActor

    I agree with Kristina …… The drawn out Peter Pan storyline killed it

  • BD

    Excellent Episode tonight, but I hope they don’t follow through with what the preview suggests

  • TWD is it

    OUAT fell because it got so boring. Not enough flash backs. An for heavens sake reminds me of the A-Team. With all that danger M-16’s on full auto stopped by tin garbage can lids vs all powerful magic that couldn’t kill a mosquito. Geez, lets get edgy here a bit.

  • Chris

    I’m not sure why going back to Storybrooke would have any effect on OUAT’s ratings. We’d have to assume that: the Nielsen viewers who stopped watching stopped because they preferred Storybrooke to Neverland, and that those viewers are even aware that the show is coming back to Storybrooke now. I’m not sure that either of those assumptions are reasonable.

  • Simon

    ABC had nothing unusual to report, meanwhile, with its line-up of “America’s Funniest Home Videos” (#3: 4.0/ 6), fading “Once Upon a Time” (#4: 4.4/ 7) and “Revenge” (#3: 4.3/ 6), and “Betrayal” (#3: 2.4/ 4), which clearly earned its cancellation stripes. As a reminder, “Revenge” is moving to Sunday 10 p.m. effective on March 9 out of new drama “Resurrection.”

    Via Marc Berman.

    4.1/6 – last week
    4.4.7 – the week

    Hopefully that’s a good sign for Once Upon A Time.

  • Michael

    Agreed with the comment about Peter Pan. I feel like when they get rid of Pan, they will experience somewhat of a ratings revival.

  • Christina

    Being in Neverland was exactly what OUAT needed – last season was horrible, but this one is SO much better. I don’t know whether the fans will come back now that they’re heading back to Storybrook, but the show has already improved by leaps and bounds.

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