Predict the Ratings for the Midseason Finale of 'Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.' (Poll)

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December 10th, 2013


Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. premiered to a huge 4.7 adults 18-49 rating on September 24, then declined rapidly, hitting a 2.2 on November 13. But for the past two episodes, the show's ratings have been climbing. It garnered a 2.4 on November 20 and a 2.6 on November 27. Will that upward trajectory continue for the show's midseason finale tonight? Make your prediction, then argue your reasoning in the comments.

  • Agent_Coulson

    I don’t know but I WILL watch it! I love this show!

    But I will watch Sons of Anarchy too! Epic season finale is coming!!!!

  • AllOfHerTw!st

    Probably a 2.5.

  • John A


  • Nathan


  • Jeff (Canada)

    Not really a midseason finale, considering it’s coming back in 4 weeks. It’s more like a “holiday season break”.

    Anyways, I’ll say a 2.6 for tonight’s episode, and then a 2.5 when it returns on January 7th.

  • Debbie

    2.3 – 2.4. It’s on against a new NCIS, so too bad for Shield.

  • The Best

    The Biggest Loser 2.0
    The Voice 3.4
    Chicgo Fire 2.2

    SHIELD 2.5
    The Goldbergs 1.6
    Trophy Wife 1.2
    What Would You Do 1.0

    NCIS 3.0
    NCIS:LA 2.5
    Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2.5

  • NBC Fan

    Agents of Shield-2.4
    The Goldbergs-1.6
    Trophy Wife-1.2

    NCIS: LA-2.6
    Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show-3.8

    American Country Awards-1.6

    The Biggest Loser-2.0
    The Voice-3.6
    Chicago Fire-2.2

  • CBSviewer

    Tonight ratings:

    NCIS: 3.0
    NCIS: Los Angeles: 2.5
    The Victoria Secret Fashion Show: 3.6

    SHIELD: 2.3
    The Goldbergs: 1.7
    Trophy Wife: 1.2

    The Biggest Loser: 1.8
    The Voice: 3.1
    Chicago Fire: 2.3

    American Country Awards: 1.6

  • Matt M.

    A 2.5 and 8.7 million viewers. Last week’s surge could very well help it.

    Final Predictions…

    SHIELD: 2.5 / 8.7 million viewers
    The Goldbergs: 1.7 / 5.0 million viewers
    Trophy Wife: 1.4 / 4.0 million viewers

  • Shepherd


  • Cyrax86


  • Benjamin

    I expect a jump, because it is the last episode of the batch, it is billed as a midseason cliffhanger, and this is a combination of Disney, Marvel, and Joss Whedon – all of whom like twisty cliffhangers.

    The show’s never been bad, and I think it’s been improving as it goes along. If this one gets a good reaction, I think a lot of people will be watching DVR and on demand versions of the previous episodes over Christmas to catch up and give it a shot again in January. So if the public likes tonight’s episode, January could be back over 3.0. A miss, and we stay in the 2’s …

  • Pepper

    2.4, this show will be two seasons and done.

  • CKO

    CBS helped it out by airing an encore of NCIS last time, so this week should see a drop. 2.4/2.5 is my guess. It really should have continued dropping from that 2.2 but the misleading Thor ‘crossover’ and NCIS’ encore saved it. I think it will continue to survive on hype, but I doubt it will see a 3+ rating again unless they book a big cameo.

  • Samunto

    Up against an original NCIS and the Music awards on FOX it will feel the heat.
    2.3 or so.

    And that Zap2it table at the top right is so wrong and has been for a while now. What a shame!

  • Matt M.

    The absolute most it could fall is about a 2.3-2.4, but it will probably just tick down to a 2.5. Can’t expect it to plunge back into the 6 million viewership range, will probably dip into the 8 million range, especially since last week basically hit 10.0 million viewers.

  • Carl

    I really want to love Agents but can only mildly like it. They should have made it kind of like Heroes, but instead are making it like a sci-fi NCIS. I will give it credit for improving since the first few episodes (the second episode with the Mayan temple was horrible), but it needs a serious retooling after this season if it hopes to have a long run on TV. Not sure that will happen since one of the characters in most need of a rework is the most Whedonesque one, the hip girl with amazing abilities (computer hacking in this case) who has her flaws.

  • Jon

    I’m guessing 2.5. My local Tv guide has it listed as a repeat. I always know to check online but I wonder how many people will miss it tonight because of that.

  • JR

    Never seen the show even though I like Joss Whedon and Clerk Gregg. Maybe I’ll check it out tonight.

    The Goldbergs fans may want to cross their fingers a bit. Tough to rate last week’s tumble. It was after a repeat of Shield, but it was also up against repeats of New Girl and NCIS2. But with a new Shield and no New Girl to contend with again tonight, the show had better bounce back.

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