Predict the Ratings for the 'Arrow' Midseason Finale

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December 11th, 2013


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So far, Arrow has had a stellar second season. Last week the show garnered a strong 1.2 adults 18-49 rating, up from a 1.0 for the previous episode. Will tonight's mid-season finale rise even higher? Make your prediction!

  • Connman

    @Refrain – that was the plan, but they changed things up, deciding they didn’t need the backdoor pilot. Hopefully, that means the Flash series is that strong!

  • Nasir


    I believe they scrapped the backdoor pilot with The Flash & just ordering it to pilot on its own.

  • Refrain


    Oh okay, that’s a shame though and you’re right. From what I read it was originally planned that he would appear towards the end of the season and this would be the backdoor pilot, but as that’s changed, I’m sure they’ll find something else to do in that ep lol

  • Refrain


    Here’s hoping, I’m looking forward to it.

  • Derek

    I said >1.3 just because it would be great. But I don’t imagine it’ll be happening.

  • Guardian Owl

    I think it will rise to 1.3 and match the premiere.

  • The Cool Max



    I’m really gonna stick my neck out here & say >1.3, think XF & SO won’t syphon too many viewers away.

  • CreacK

    I said 1.3 because I can see it growing, but not sure if itll grow much.

  • Samunto


    The better poll here would if X Factor will get its behind whopped by The Sing-Off! It will…. 1.9 to 1.3!

  • a p garcia

    I hope it is a 12 or higher. If Arrow and AOS were on at the same time, I would watch Arrow over AOS as it is a superior program!

  • Tony JJ

    I’ll say 1.3.

    Arrow 1.3
    The Tomorrow People .7

    The X Factor 1.6

    The Middle 2.1
    Back in the Game 1.4
    Modern Family 3.3
    Super Fun Night 1.6
    Nashville 1.6

    Survivor 2.6
    Criminal Minds 2.5
    CSI 2.1

    The Sing Off 2.0
    Kelly Clarkson Christmas 1.5

  • Scot

    I think Arrow will score a 1.1 to start with, possibly being adjusted up to a 1.2 in the finals. The show has remained remarkably strong so far this season. Tomorrow People will probably stay at the .6 in the next hour. Shame that the show can’t do a little better in the ratings…it has actually been getting better every week, with some very complex and interesting stories beginning to develop.

  • gerry

    hoping for 1.3, last week was great. i didn’t catch it live so i’ll be watching it today.

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