Tuesday Final Ratings: 'Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.' & 'NCIS' Adjusted Up; 'The Goldbergs' Adjusted Down

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December 11th, 2013

Shield December 10 2

NCIS and Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. were each adjusted up a tenth among adults 18-49 while The Goldbergs was adjusted down a tenth versus the preliminary Tuesday broadcast ratings.

Want to know why adjustments occur to the preliminary ratings? Read this.

Broadcast primetime final ratings for December 10,  2013:

Time Net Show 18-49 Rating/Sh Viewers (Millions)
8:00 CBS NCIS 2.9/8 19.30
ABC Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (8-9:01PM) 2.1/6 6.11
NBC The Biggest Loser 1.9/6 6.24
FOX American Country Awards (8-10PM) 1.4/4 5.14
CW  iHeartradio Album Release Party With Katy Perry -R 0.3/1 0.71
9:00 NBC The Voice (9-10:01PM) 3.1/9 11.52
CBS NCIS: Los Angeles 2.4/7 15.24
ABC The Goldbergs (9:01-9:30PM) 1.6/5 4.77
CW iHeartradio Album Release Party With Lady Gaga -R 0.2/0 0.43
9:30 ABC Trophy Wife 1.2/3 3.48
10:00 CBS The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 3.4/10 9.72
NBC Chicago Fire 2.2/6 9.32
ABC What Would you Do? 0.9/3 3.13


Nielsen TV Ratings Data: ©2013 The Nielsen Company. All Rights Reserved.

  • Jim

    How can people watch those moronic See-BS crime dramas? It’s the exact same thing every week.

  • Bored Now


    I was lurking around here long before I decided to start commenting myself, so I’ve had the displeasure of reading far too many of rob60990’s inane comments over the years, and one thing he rarely ever does is reply to anyone who responds to his taunts. He seems to just decide that he’s going to annoy a certain show’s fanbase for an entire season and relentlessly runs with it. His life must be so full of joy, huh?

    It wouldn’t be so bad but given the low standard of his personal taste in television, commenting on the viewing habits of anyone else just seems even more ridiculous.

  • Ann

    I knew that VS fashion show would probably win the night, but I’m very impressed with Chicago Fire. They did very well for their fall finale.

  • Billiam

    @Bored Now,

    I think Rob’s kind of show is ‘the power puff girls’… anything more grownup and he gets confused…

  • AllOfHerTw!st

    So, with that in mind, I don’t have much faith in the Nielson system… because what my 11-year-old watches is not what us adults under 50 necessarily would watch (even if we let her).

    An 11-year-old would count in overall viewers but not the 18-49 demo.

  • grey

    Regarding the low numbers near Christmas – this is why I’m glad ABC decided not to air “Castle” during Dec. this year. Every year (that I recall) “Castle’s” ratings take a nose dive in December. Last season they’re lowest rated episode of the entire season was the Christmas episode airing on 12/03/12. Castle and Beckett’s first Christmas together and only a 1.70 demo and 8.5 mil viewers. The way fans “ship” that show those low numbers are crazy! But low numbers happened the year before in 2011 with the episode airing on 12/05/11. And it’s not just “Castle.” It happens with other shows too.

    I think it’s sort of a vicious circle – does low ratings happen because the networks pull most new programming *or* because the networks pull most new programming people don’t tune in?

    Whether consciously or subconsciously people assume since it’s the holidays (December) their favorite shows aren’t airing new episodes so they don’t even bother to check the TV listings or their DVR for new recordings. Meanwhile the network execs and programmers figure people are busy celebrating, preparing, or traveling for the holidays and aren’t viewing much TV or, at the very least, not following their regular viewing habits (even with DVR and streaming, etc. available) so they put most shows on a winter hiatus in December. The end result is that, either way, a show airing a new episode in December doesn’t get the usual viewership – Neilson member or not.

    I consider myself a loyal “POI” fan and I didn’t realize there would be a new episode on the 17th until I read it here! Like most people I assumed the trilogy was the “winter finale” and the show would return in January like all the others. CBS really should just hold that episode until then. Stupid move on their part.

  • rob60990

    “Surely you wouldn’t trash such a well rated show like Sleepy Hollow unless you saw it mentioned somewhere.”

    Well rated? hahaha funny.

  • joe

    @Bored Now

    Do you ever get tired of making excuses for a show? It was down because no one knew it was a new episode? Seriously. The show was down because people didn’t want to watch the show. Enough with the pathetic excuses. It just never ends. Even the abc comedies were up that aired right after that show. It got a bump after the Thor episode and then it came back to earth again. It was at a 2.2 a few episodes ago. No surprise it’s at a 2.1. Not to mention that the show is beyond awful. It’s a horrible kids show. By spring it will be around a 1.7.

  • Steven

    Agents of shield or anybody else needs a chance away from NCIS

  • Bored Now


    I think the point Billiam was making was that that would only matter if the people giving the information filled it all out accurately. If the information given states that the adult parents were also watching what the 11 year old was watching, then that’s two people more in the 18-49 group than is actually true. Therefore the system is based upon the Nielsen families all being truthful and accurate about what they watch. If they aren’t then the numbers are meaningless.

    To the best of my knowledge there is no way that Nielsen can actually know for certain that any of the information they receive is truly accurate, so it has to be considered that at least a small percentage is entirely made up.

  • joe

    I like SH but it’s definitely only a small hit. It’s lucky it’s having a short season or it would be down to 1.6 by the end of the season. SHIELD is beyond bad and it will keep dropping. That is at best a small hit too. There’s only one big hit this season. That’s Blacklist.

  • AllOfHerTw!st

    Rob, what live-action show currently on FOX rates higher than Sleepy Hollow?

  • joe


    That doesn’t make SH a big hit just because Fox has nothing. They only show four dramas on their schedule.

  • Bored Now


    I don’t make excuses. Frankly I don’t feel the need. I’m not even particularly much of a fan of S.H.I.E.L.D. myself and have yet to watch this week’s episode or the one before. It’s okay but nothing special. As such, why would I make excuses?

    What I do is offer possibilities that may have played a factor in what is a considerable drop in numbers for AoS. A much larger drop than would be expected to happen due to regular viewer attrition. Playing devil’s advocate, if you will.

    See, some people in this world have the ability to be totally neutral when it comes to television and neither rave about the shows they watch nor troll and bash the ones they don’t. Sometimes it’s just an opinion offered, rather than an excuse. Sometimes people are just saying what they think because they think it, rather than to further a fanboy agenda. Crazy, huh?

  • grey

    I like your style “Bored Now.” :-) I hope you continue to comment on this board.

  • Bored Now


    “I consider myself a loyal “POI” fan and I didn’t realize there would be a new episode on the 17th until I read it here! Like most people I assumed the trilogy was the “winter finale” and the show would return in January like all the others. CBS really should just hold that episode until then. Stupid move on their part.”

    Totally agreed and thanks for helping to make my point. At least now you won’t be one of the ones who miss it. :)

  • Fred

    I predicted a 2.1 for MAOS. I usually guess wrong.
    Too bad Goldbergs was adjusted down. Really needs to be moved.

  • joe

    @Bored NOw
    Possibilities are the same thing as excuses. It didn’t drop a considerable amount. It was at a 2.2 and then it went up because of the Thor episode. That gave it a bump. It came back to earth again. It’s really only down a tenth. I don’t see it as a big drop at all

    And, can you please stop with how incredible you are, because you’re neutral. I’m plenty neutral. It’s a tv show. I’ll live whether the show does great or horrible. My opinion is you’re making excuses. So that’s my opinion. I guess you’re the only one that can have an opinion.

  • grey

    [Eye Roll]

  • LisaM

    I watched SHIELD, then watched Thor on FX. I like how they mention the Avengers periodically, just a nice tie in to the flms. SO yes, Thor was regarded as myth, but then he got his own movie :-)

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