'Real World Ex-Plosion' Premiere Moves to January 8

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December 12th, 2013

Rea World Ex-Plosion

via press release:

The “REAL WORLD: EX-PLOSION” is now premiering on Wednesday, January 8 at 10pm ET/PT.  Previously it was scheduled to air on January 15.

The series starts off when seven single strangers, who all have complicated relationships with their exes, move into the “Real World” house to embark on this journey to embrace their freedom.  In a first for the franchise, things take a dramatic turn several weeks in when the exes of the original seven roommates surprisingly take the house by storm and move right in. This new living arrangement throws a wrench in the roommates love lives as jealousy, scandal, fights, hookups, breakups and makeups take over the house and everyone has to learn to live with one another.



  • John

    Big Brother already did this during season 4.

  • An Aggressive Attorney

    Ah, the last desperate gasps of a show long past its prime. MTV should have let it die gracefully at a point in time when TV critics would have praised MTV. Now the critics just laugh and shake their head.

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