'Survivor' Renewed by CBS for Seasons 29 & 30

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December 12th, 2013

Survivor Kill or Be Killed

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2014-2015 SEASON


Jeff Probst Signs New Agreement to Return as Host/Executive Producer


After 27 Cycles, the Series Continues to Outlast the Competition, Consistently Winning Its Time Period in All Key Ratings Measures and Ranking as the

#2 Reality Series in Adults 18-49 on Broadcast Television

CBS has ordered two more editions of SURVIVOR to be broadcast during the 2014-2015 season.  These will mark the 29th and 30th editions of television's longest running hit reality competition series.


Five-time Emmy Award winner Jeff Probst has signed a new agreement to return as host and executive producer.  Probst has hosted SURVIVOR since its inception in May 2000.


After 27 seasons, 413 episodes and 406 castaways, SURVIVOR remains a gold standard of quality in television and a consistent ratings winner.


The most recent edition, SURVIVOR: BLOOD VS. WATER, delivered one of the most buzzed about installments in the history of the series as former players competed alongside their relatives for the title of Sole Survivor.  The finale of SURVIVOR: BLOOD VS. WATER airs Sunday Dec. 15 (8:00-10:00PM ET/PT), followed by the one-hour live reunion show hosted by Jeff Probst, (10:00-11:00PM ET/PT).


Currently in its third year, SURVIVOR wins its Wednesday (8:00-9:00 PM) time period in all key ratings measures, averaging 11.29 million viewers, 3.1/09 in adults 18-49 and 4.1/11 in adults 25-54. It ranks as the #2 reality series on broadcast television in adults 18-49.


SURVIVOR became an instant phenomenon following its debut in May 2000 with ratings for its finale that summer exceeded only by the Super Bowl.  The show's 10-year-run beginning in February 2001, helped ignite a rating renaissance for CBS on Thursday that eventually ended NBC's 20 years of ratings dominance on the night.


"We are thrilled to announce this landmark renewal for SURVIVOR, a groundbreaking show that changed the TV landscape and helped usher in a new era of ratings dominance for the Network," said Nina Tassler, President, CBS Entertainment.  "SURVIVOR continues to set the bar for outstanding production values, compelling storytelling while delivering fresh new adventures every season.  The show’s enduring success is a testament to the creativity and passion of Mark Burnett and Jeff Probst, and an amazing production team. We're proud to continue this incredible journey together."


"I am thrilled that our fans get to continue their love affair with SURVIVOR on CBS through 2015," said Executive Producer Mark Burnett. "This current season has become one of the most-loved seasons ever and I promise our fans to make season 29 and 30 even better... I LOVE SURVIVOR!!!"


"SURVIVOR has been blessed with incredibly loyal fans,” said Host and Executive Producer Jeff Probst.  "We make this show for them and I am thrilled that we get to do it again."

The groundbreaking reality series won an Emmy Award in 2001 in the category of "Outstanding Non-Fiction Program" (Special Class).  Jeff Probst is a four-time Emmy Award winner in the category of "Outstanding Host for a Reality or Reality Competition Series."

SURVIVOR is hosted by Emmy Award winner Jeff Probst and produced by SEG, Inc.  Mark Burnett and Jeff Probst are executive producers.


  • Kissan

    This show will never die!!!

  • AZBob

    Survivor continues to succeed because unlike all the signing competitions its particular niche is not over-saturated. CBS has nurtured Survivor & TAR well not over-exposing them, yet keeping it consistent. The biggest fear was when Survivor was switched from Thursday to Wednesday up against American Idol in the spring. I thought it would get one more cycle before it was gone.

    What do I know?

  • BrieK

    Again, I say, give the contestants more money! Up the pot to $2 million!

  • AO

    Worst thing about the show is Jeff Probst. He really needs to go, but it looks like it’s not happening yet.


    Who didn’t see this one coming?

  • ed walczykowski

    Can we stop calling it seasons. I hear 30 seasons and it sounds like it began around 1984. Never cared for it, but if others do, okay. Just knock off the seasons bit. How bout saying for its 15 year, or season.

  • iSayso

    Good deal! Survivor and The Great Race are staples that help hold the CBS family together. Big Brother is still an embarrassing sibling, lock it in the closet.

  • Survivor Fan

    Even this can’t make me happy tonight.

    I was just rejected by my #1 college choice. I really expected to get in.

  • Lisa

    I’d prefer to see another season with NO returning players very soon. Although I often like the returnees, enough is enough. (As for the complaint of an above poster about not using the word “seasons,” you are fighting a losing, and frankly pointless, battle. Why should anyone care if you get confused and think the show premiered in 1984?)

  • catsrule

    I hate Survivor. Without it hitting we wouldn’t be flooded with reality shows today.

  • AP076


    You are not really flooded with reality Tv, at least on the networks, in season, and especially not on CBS!!!!

  • psychic

    I wonder when they’ll start airing five seasons a year.

  • Ike

    @Kate, I VERY strongly agree. This is the only “reality” show I watch, and sometimes it’s surprisingly good. But they need to STOP recruiting actors and models from L.A. and just take applicants ONLY.

    Survivor continues to be exciting because it’s often unpredictable and unusual. It’s not just more scripted faux-reality junk about hicks or revolting suburban morons, and not just another !#!%ing singing show.

  • brutony!

    I wish theyd show them actually SURVIVING, not talking about friggin strategy every 2 minutes! And yes, they are the reason why reality shows have flooded EVERY cable station-theyre cheaper to produce, since you dont have to pay actors, writers, and apparently directors too-just editors and crappy reality idiots! Suffice it to say, Ive watched most seasons of it, cant get enough, lol!

  • hanp

    Here is how I think Survivor will finally end… Jeff will call it quits in a couple of years. With the ratings still strong, CBS then will attempt to replace him, just to keep the franchise going. Most likely choice: ex-Survivor Colby. That will be the beginning of the end. Colby will last for two seasons and alas, Survivor will sail off with him in the sunset.

  • Why Watch

    I’ve stopped watching this show years ago. There’s too much negativity and back-stabbing in real life, why should I subject myself to more of it on TV. People get a real life, there’s a whole world out there better than watching other people connive.

  • Refrain


    The Amazing Race is also guilty of doing this. I think recruited teams have a negative impact in general, certainly the ratings this season have been down a fair bit. They need to start getting more average Americans on the show. We seem to average at least 1 beauty queen per Amazing Race season now.

  • Tran

    Still hate it when CBS renews Survivor for more cycles. Will it EVER going to end? :-(

  • Azzman

    To be expected..Survivor and CSI is what brought CBS from being a joke (which NBC & ABC are now) to the titan that is now–they’ll both go for as long as is feasible; they OWE them that much!

  • Carl

    This is why I’m scared that AI will never die. If survivor can keep getting renewed then how old and tired must a reality show get for networks to give up on them?

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