Wednesday Final Ratings: 'The Middle' Adjusted Up

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December 12th, 2013

The Middle December 11 2013

The Middle was adjusted up a tenth among adults 18-49 versus the preliminary Wednesday broadcast ratings.

Final broadcast primetime ratings for Wednesday, December 11,  2013

Time Net Show 18-49 Rating/Sh Viewers (millions)
8:00 CBS Survivor 2.5/8 9.92
ABC The Middle 2.0/6 8.08
NBC The Sing-Off (8-10PM) 1.8/5 6.03
FOX The X Factor (8-10PM) 1.4/4 4.97
CW Arrow 1.1/3 3.02
8:30 ABC Back In the Game 1.5/4 6.14
9:00 ABC Modern Family (9-9:31PM) 3.5/10 10.61
CBS Criminal Minds 2.4/7 11.19
CW The Tomorrow People 0.5/1 1.44
9:30 ABC Super Fun Night 1.8/5 5.37
10:00 CBS CSI 1.8/5 10.18
NBC Kelly Clarkson's Cautionary Christmas Music Tale 1.4/4 5.31
ABC Nashville 1.4/4 5.18

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  • Steven

    Cmon Arrow

  • forg

    yay for The Middle! I want higher but at least it’s upfrom last week. And good rise for Modern Family after last week’s season low

  • Joe D

    Aside from The Middle being a good show and with a loyal fan base, along with Mod Family they have both aired in their same time slots since their premiere in 2009. It may sound old-fashioned what with DVRs and all capturing new episodes, still the consistency has paid off. The shows after each have been a merry-go-round for five seasons and even the return of Suburgatory won’t help.

  • Don

    Yay for The Middle.

  • Sophie

    The reason X factor is charting on iTunes this year is because this the first year songs are available on iTunes, they didn’t have that previous seasons.

  • Billiam

    Last night’s Arrow was just as awesome as part 1 but I think the holidays has everyone too busy to watch live with shopping, early parties and school activities.

    I hope to hell CW picks up The Flash after what happened last night at the end or I’ll truly be pissed. If they don’t, they’d better bring him back for at least one episode next season.

    I finally got caught up on TTP and it actually got better in recent weeks. I don’t like its odds on Monday, though… never a good idea to play music nights…. And, I’m a bit upset that they moved HOD to Fridays. I would have rather they sent BATB to Fridays. HOD is one of the few shows we can watch as a family and all like.

  • KJ Styles

    X Factor is gonna get cancelled. The writing is on the wall when it’s losing to The Sing Off…a formerly cancelled show that was un-cancelled.

  • forg

    @JohnD actually in Season 1, The Middle was on at 8:30 but when Hank got the axe, The Middle repeats aired at 8PM (although there were times , it was officially an 8PM show on its second season but i agree it and MF staying on the same slot has helped, too bad ABC failed to produce competent :30 comedies, Suburgatory was the closest

  • forg

    o it’s not really surprising that X Factor contestants can do well in iTunes because the show still has 4 million viewers anyway and the top digital songs sells around 250K-300K per week so it’s not out of reach despite the show’s low ratings

  • CookyMonzta

    Posted December 12, 2013 at 2:36 PM
    “X-Factor looks really bad getting beaten by The Sing-Off. X-Factor’s numbers should be increasing as it nears the finale. It is time to get rid of it.”

    @KJ Styles
    Posted December 12, 2013 at 5:45 PM
    “X Factor is gonna get cancelled. The writing is on the wall when it’s losing to The Sing Off…a formerly cancelled show that was un-cancelled.”

    You ain’t kiddin’ guys! Here we have a show that was written off at the end of the 2011-12 season, making a comeback and doing just as well, if not better than, its previous season, even if on a limited basis like its first season; and not only that, it is putting a talent show, created by an established figure, completely to shame.

    If the Sing-Off can come back and do this to Simon and his X-Factor, HEAD-TO-HEAD no less, then KJ is right; Simon has no hope of ever getting his U.S. version renewed for a 4th season. Worse yet, this really doesn’t bode well for Idol, if they don’t get their act together from day one of the 13th season.

  • tested

    I think X Factor only comes back for a lit less money and probably in the summer-early fall. Baseball has screwed this show up for all three seasons. The holidays don’t help either. The inconsistent roster of judges and hosts haven’t helped either. I like the show…but it needs a lot of help or just put it out of its misery.

  • Tony JJ

    X Factor has always had their songs available on iTunes. They are just charting this year. Alex and Sierra have had 2 #1’s on iTunes.

    Arrow is doing very well for the CW. Although originals arrow and tomorrow people have all dropped for their fall finales.

    ABC has done way too much shuffling with their comedy block. Suburb story should’ve stayed behind the middle where it surprised debuting at a 3.3 and was building out of the middle. Happy endings was doing the best out of modern family and should’ve stayed there another season to strengthen it. These try a new show after modern family hoping to retain 100% of the audience isn’t working.

  • tom roy

    i advise everyone to watch arrow it is a amazing series, every episode tops the previous. last episode was EPIC. so many great stuff happening at once, it is great a must watch series.

  • Billiam


    I think the miracle drug makes whoever survives insane. That would explain Slade’s hatred of Oliver.

    Oliver earlier told Sara he thought she was dead too and even saw her body too, so maybe Arrow is a like a soap and people come back to life LOL.

    What about Tommy? Will he become a super hero or an insane super villain too?

    I’d like to see more of Sara. She is good for Oliver but it is very clear how Felicity feels about him… will she really become corrupted as Slade says he’ll do?

  • Reprise


    I’m not so sure, certainly Roy was injected and seems to be fine. And Slade in the present day seems to be fine besides him disliking Oliver a great deal. But yeah, certainly all these people Oliver thought were ‘dead’ are walking around just fine lol

    Slades big speech pretty much came across as, Oliver took away what was important to me, so I’ll take away what is important to him, Shados ‘death’ surely can’t be finite can it?

    As fun as it is to speculate on this, I think maybe that this Slade present day plot will likely be the B story this season, and the A story will likely deal with Malcolm Merlyn/Sara Lance and the League of Assassins.

  • i dont buy it cowell

    There’s something fishy about the XFactor Itunes sales. Up until last week only Simons artists charted and Alex & Sierra had all their songs in the top 100. I wonder why none of their songs charted the weeks before and now all of a sudden every Alex and Sierra song is there?

    The strangest thing I noticed is that all their songs return to the top 100 after wednesday for the last 3 weeks. So theirfans buy their songs over and over each week? And how come acts like Carlito have never charted and he made it as far as he did? How did he get his votes?

    I’m not buying it Cowell! FOX are not going to fall for it.


    Amazing ratings for Arrow once again! It really is the best show on CW.

    I watched both The Sing Off and XFactor on DVR and I find the quality of the singers on The Sing Off a lot better. Both shows have a lot of cheesy filler though.

    The Voice > The Sing Off > Idol > AGT > X Factor > The Next

    ..is how I rate the singing shows.

  • AllOfHerTw!st

    Arrow is the only show I’ve ever watched on The CW. Though I’ve only watched one episode: the Ben Browder installment last season.

  • Gary A

    @ Joe D:

    Actually The Middle aired at 8:30 when it premiered 5 years ago. The Kelsey Grammer series Hank aired at 8:00 for about 4 weeks.

  • cra

    Yeah Middle. I agree one of most underrated shows around. Maybe with reruns in syndication it will attract more fans.

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