Thursday Final Ratings: 'The Vampire Diaries' Adjusted Up; 'The Big Bang Theory', 'The Sing-Off', 'Once Upon a Time in Wonderland', 'The Millers', 'The Crazy Ones', 'Two and a Half Men' & 'Elementary' Adjusted Down

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December 13th, 2013

The Big Bang Theory December 12 2013

The Vampire Diaries was adjusted up a single tenth while The Millers was adjusted down three tenths, The Big Bang Theory, The Crazy Ones and Two and a Half Men were each adjusted down two tenths and The Sing-Off , Once Upon A Time In Wonderland and Elementary were each adjusted down a single tenth among adults 18-49 versus the preliminary Thursday broadcast ratings.

Want to know why adjustments occur to the preliminary ratings? Read this.

Broadcast primetime final ratings for Thursday, December 12:

Time Net Show 18-49 Rating/Sh Viewers (Millions)
8:00 CBS The Big Bang Theory 5.1/16 17.68
NBC The Sing-Off 1.3/4 4.58
FOX The X Factor 1.2/4 4.90
CW The Vampire Diaries 1.1/3 2.44
ABC Once Upon a Time in Wonderland 0..8/3 3.30
8:30 CBS The Millers 2.6/8 10.93
9:00 ABC Grey's Anatomy 2.7/8 8.36
CBS The Crazy Ones 1.9/5 7.87
NBC Sean Saves the World 1.0/3 3.40
FOX Glee - R 0.7/2 2.47
CW Reign 0.6/2 1.86
9:30 CBS Two and a Half Men 1.9/6 8.54
NBC The Michael J. Fox Show 0.9/2 3.00
10:00 ABC Scandal 3.2/10 9.22
CBS Elementary 1.7/5 9.09
NBC Parenthood 1.2/4 3.93

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  • Networkman

    Congrats to Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal. I’m really impressed with a 10 year old show garnering a 2.7 after following a lead in that can only muster up a .8 demo And Scandal was really intense last night. Joe Morton delivered an Emmy winning performance. Once again, it is nice to see a broadcast drama pull in a 3.2 demo, especially in the 10pm timeslot.

  • k:Alex

    Crisis or Believe too Thursday NBC, ASAP!!

  • Dan S

    I’d say The Millers & Mom both have a much better chance of returning next season than Crazy or 2.5 Men. I’ll be interested to see how single cam Bad Teacher does whenever that premieres. I’m guessing it’ll get scheduled on Thur in the 9pm hour.

  • The 47th

    I also think Parenthood’s fate will depend on the failure or success of NBC’s midseason dramas.

    I’m eager to see what NBC’s midseason schedule.

  • RickyTVD

    I don´t know why people fight all the time about what TV show of the CW is better or which one is the most watched…TVD has been 5 years on the channel and arrow only 2 and still TVD ties with arrow in demo, only that arrow has a few more viewers but only because u could say that it´s more fresh than TVD cause TVD has been 5 years on the channel and still has good ratings…so it´s clear that 4 now TVD is still the best TV show of the CW when it comes 2 success.

  • Michael1


    You had me at “on cbs”. Both Lisa Kudrow and Matt Le Blanc have hit shows on CBS’s Showtime. And, I believe CBS owned Nickelodeon when David Schwimmer’s “Madagascar” came out, although I believe it was spun off by the time “Penguins of Madagascar” came out. Also, Schwimmer does not appear on “Penguins of Madagascar”. But, still, they’re 2 for 2.

  • Michael1


    “The Crazy Ones” is averaging above the CBS average. Perhaps they wanted to put their second strongest show up against ABC’s 9 pm powerhouse.

  • Jamie04

    “The Crazy Ones” would probably be good if Robin Williams wasn’t in it. He’s terrible.

    I don’t watch Scandal, I have tried, but I just can’t sit through the bad acting.

    Grey’s is done, stick a fork in it!

  • Rob R

    CBS below 2.0 after 9 pm. After beginning the night at 5.1? CBS is not going to find this acceptable. This may FINALLY be the end of the line for Two and a Half Men. Too expensive a show to pull a 1.9 when it airs only an hour after a show that pulls in a 5.1.

  • Duarte

    @Rob R

    The problem isn´t TAHM , is The Millers. The sow breaks all CBS night and just had that numbers because TBBT . Alone, it didn´t go above 1.5

  • My Name is Charlotte

    CBS sugestion

    The Amazing Race
    The Good Wife
    Hawaii Five-0

    2 Broke Girls
    Mike and Molly

    NCIS: Los Angels

    Criminal Minds
    Person of Interest

    The Big Bang Theory

    Undercover Boss
    The Crazy Ones
    Blue Bloonds

  • Samuel

    @Dave — Elementary will be renewed, no doubt about it. I do agree that it was a mistake to move The Mentalist to Sunday instead of Elementary though.

  • Ram510

    They need to cancel Elementary

  • diana

    to all you revenge haters scandal might be successful here but really revenge is more successful worldwide and has much more downloads then scandal. sometimes ratings don’t really determine the fanbase

  • HeadlessHorseman

    Ratings do determine what shows get renewed. The only reason Revenge has a chance is because of syndication.

  • JR35

    Odd that TBBT adjusted down- though maybe I missed a note about CBS numbers in the preliminary post. Other than TBBT and ampire Diaries (it’s the CW, and those numbers are strong for it), those are some pitiful numbers at 8 p.m.

  • diana

    i know that ratings determine whether which shows get renewed but it certainly doesn’t determine the fanbase of the show because ratings are based on a small group of people. at least revenge has a chance to get renewed for 1 more final season because it wasn’t meant to be long running show anyways, which is perfect for it creatively

  • Nathan

    “and has much more downloads then scandal.”

    Scandal is currently #1 on iTunes as I am typing this comment. Revenge is #35. Your point?

  • thesnowleopard


    Except no one’s ever found actual evidence the CW renews or cancels based on that younger demo. Sure, TVD is in no danger if cancellation, but come on. It’s no longer the unchallenged number one show on the CW. Live with it.

    @John A.

    Arrow got the same demo and almost sixty thousand more in audience. Arrow wins this week.

  • thesnowleopard


    So, if it’s no big deal, why do TVD fans flip out over SPN being four seasons older and tying with TVD?

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