Predict the Ratings for the Midseason Finales of 'Once Upon a Time' & 'Revenge'

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December 15th, 2013

Revenge Midseason Finale

It's been a rough season for Once Upon a Time and Revenge.  Ratings for both shows have declined significantly this season. Will they be able to change their fortunes with their midseason finales? Once Upon a Time features the denouement of the Peter Pan storyline, while Revenge reveals who shot Emily at the Red Sharpie Wedding. Last week Once Upon a Time scored a 2.1 adults 18-49 rating while Revenge earned a 1.6.  How do you think the shows will fare tonight?


  • Darkness

    Once Upon A Time : 2.4
    Revenge : 1.9

  • April

    OUAT 2.1
    Revenge 1.8

  • Anon

    OUAT: 2.3 – 2.4
    Revenge: 1.9 – 2.0

    KUDOS tvbythenumbers for finally doing a two in one ratings poll!! The biggest plot twist of the season.

  • Markitos

    OUAT: 2.2
    Revenge: 1.7

  • Shelby

    Hoping a 2.0 for Revenge, but expecting a 1.8-1.9.

    (loving the header picture by the way, Nolan walking Ems down the aisle should be fantastic)

  • The Watcher

    Tonight ratings:

    The Simpsons: 3.1
    Bob’s Burgers: 2.0
    Family Guy: 2.4
    American Dad: 1.9

    Once Upon a Time: 2.2
    Revenge: 1.7
    Betrayal: 0.9

    Survivor: 2.8

  • Valentin

    Hoping for a 1.9 or 2.0 for Revenge & a 2.4/2.5 for Once Upon a Time!

  • Gustavo

    REVENGE: 1.7

  • diana

    for once upon a time i would say a 2.3 and as for revenge i would say like a 1.7 to 1.8 but i’m hoping for a 2.0 which is unlikely

  • chloe

    Is the shooter revealed at the end of the revenge today or is it until the end of this season. Someone please answer because I am not going to watch it until next week so I can avoid going on here tomorrow.

  • diana

    it will be revealed today

  • cc

    As much as I love Revenge, I don’t see it getting more than a 2.0. I don’t watch OUAT.

  • NBC Fan

    Once Upon a Time-2.2

    Survivor Finale-2.7

    The Simpsons-3.1
    Bob’s Burger-2.1
    Family Guy-2.6
    American Dad!-2.0

  • chloe

    @diana thank you I need to avoid going here until March

  • Galinthebiz

    To be fair ONCE did a 2.15 last week and Revenge did a 1.58.
    You could round ONCE either way.
    Is it TVBTN policy that a .5 is rounded down?

    Hard to predict tonight.
    Excitement could bring out the faithful for both shows or the impending holidays could mitigate.
    On the surface revenge has an easy sell so that could help them.

    Also to be fair — to say they’ve both had rough seasons may be overstating things.
    Both are down 20-25% which is on par with most of the network. Minus the outlier scandal.
    Look at modern family and Grey’s and dancing.
    It appears ABC has a more systemic problem than these two shows who have held their own more or less against tough competition.

  • Owen W

    Survivor will crush the competition

  • Shepherd

    I’ve been having my worst year for predicting ratings to date but I’m still amazed there are people who actually believe that Revenge is still capable of pulling 2’s; not going to happen.

  • Lasko6

    Once Upon A Time- 2.2
    Revenge- 1.8

  • JR35

    The final Broadcast Top 25 had OUAT rounded up to 2.2- just sayin’. :)

    Hopefully it can get a 2.3.

  • Riley

    OUAT: 2.5
    Revenge: 1.9

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