Predict the Ratings for the Midseason Finales of 'Once Upon a Time' & 'Revenge'

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December 15th, 2013

Revenge Midseason Finale

It's been a rough season for Once Upon a Time and Revenge.  Ratings for both shows have declined significantly this season. Will they be able to change their fortunes with their midseason finales? Once Upon a Time features the denouement of the Peter Pan storyline, while Revenge reveals who shot Emily at the Red Sharpie Wedding. Last week Once Upon a Time scored a 2.1 adults 18-49 rating while Revenge earned a 1.6.  How do you think the shows will fare tonight?


  • gerry

    i’m hoping 1.8 for revenge. good episode last night.

  • BD

    Once had its best episode of the season…it has been on quite a high note the past 3 weeks as they built towards the finale. I bet the 2nd half of this season will be very good

  • Simon

    Once Upon A Time was down in the overnights according to Marc Berman, but, as usual, take his HH ratings with a grain of salt. As they can be down in the HH ratings but up in the demo as past episodes have showen.

  • Andrew21

    That episode of once was the best one of the hole series! reminded me so much of lost>>.. And revenge was also amazing last night. I hope Once: 2.4 Revenge 1.9

  • alwayshappy

    Once : 2.2
    Revenge : 1.7

  • Edward

    You were too optimistic for both shows!

  • Jon

    Survivor finale will put a dent in revenge numbers. I hope for 1.8 but a 1.5 is likely. Once upon is 2.0 maybe.

  • Jason

    OUAT 2.0/1.9
    Revenge 1.5/1.5

  • John A

    Lol Revenge dropped from last week. It was a good episode all the same but so campy.

  • Kailie

    Everyone was so optimistic over OUAT – the show is horrible and gets worse every episode. The writing is atrocious, the plots absurd and the romantic stuff and relationships are 1990’s level fare – it’s painful to watch. No wonder people are abandoning it. One good episode every now and then can’t paper over the cracks. The whole show is on the shoulders of lana parrilla and robert carlyle and now they’ve made her a good guy and he’s gone – great move! One more season for syndication, so ABC can make extra cash, and then they’ll can it. Such an epic waste – they are so lucky there are so many disney fans as an inbuilt audience to carry it, who will watch whatever rubbish is served up.

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