Netflix Secures First Season Streaming for 'Better Call Saul'

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December 16th, 2013


Netflix and Breaking Bad producer Sony Pictures Television have inked a deal to bring the first season of spinoff Better Call Saul to the video streaming service after its season finale on AMC  in 2014.

  • Shepherd

    I really hope this show is decent. It seems like it could be really funny, or really bad! I don’t see much of a chance of it falling anywhere in between.

  • Miley the Queen

    First and last, this show will be canceled after 2 episodes.

  • Nick.

    @Miley the Queen

    Not gonna happen. AMC has never cancelled any show before letting it go full season, even the VERY low-rated ones.
    Say something positive or go away.

  • AllOfHerTw!st

    Is Saul gonna be a lawyer for the Cornhuskers?

  • JV

    Better CALL Saul, not caul. FYI :)

  • Miley the Queen

    You want something positive, so there it is:

    AMC will cancel it after one season.

    At least it is better than 2 episodes.

  • Carl

    I just don’t see how a show that has to be a comedy will work in the world of Breaking Bad. I’ll give it a chance since I loved BB and Bob Odenkirk, but I’m VERY skeptical that they can pull it off.

  • Marc

    I think it should be a very funny dramedy…. just the cases that will show up on his door.

    We already know he has connections to people who can make you have a new life…

    so they outrages cases he will take. Drug dealers, prostitues. And on more than one occasion people who are 100% guilty

  • Dan

    This show will last a few seasons likely. It wont be as big as Breaking Bad but it wont be a Low Winter Sun type flop.

  • Nevid

    I’m a big fan of Breaking Bad, but I’m not feeling this show.

  • Steve

    It can do well as a black comedy in the vein of Nurse Jackie. I have faith in the creators.

  • Mark3

    This is gonna be amazing! But who cares about netflix. Crap movies they have.

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