'Person of Interest' Scores its Largest Live + 7 Day Lift Ever

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December 16th, 2013


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Adds +5.28 Million Viewers to Its Live Plus Same Day Average


            PERSON OF INTEREST delivered its largest-ever live plus 7-day playback lift and matched its best-ever adult 18-49 lift, according to Nielsen ratings for Week 10 of the season ending Dec. 1.


PERSON OF INTEREST's Nov. 28 live plus same day audience of 11.89 million viewers jumped a record +5.28 million viewers, an increase of +44% ,with 7-day playback to total 17.17 million viewers.


Among adults 18-49, PERSON OF INTEREST matched its best-ever live plus 7-day increase with a gain of +1.2 rating points to 3.4, a +55% gain over its same day average.


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  • Hardline_Pro

    This show is extremely underrated.

  • AllOfHerTw!st

    Best series on Broadcast TV! Go POI!

  • CBSviewer

    Carter’s death is maybe why the Show was so watched.

  • Ian9outof10

    Whatever the reasons, I’m glad the show is doing well. It started off as the most tedious nonsense, and has been allowed to find its feet and become a very enjoyable show.

    I hope they can take it to new places, but it sounds safe for next season.

  • João Paulo (@JPaulo645)

    POI is awesome.

  • BringBackCarter

    They can thank Taraji P Henson for that jump. Now wait for the huge decline when new episodes air without her.

  • RodfromCranston

    Best show on network TV. Such an interesting concept, and so well acted!

  • lll

    Agree about Taraji’s character’s death being the reason why the bump was high. We’re about to find out how the show does without her. If it remains high, it won’t be because of the female versions of reese and finch.

  • Lodak

    Taraji (Carter) will be missed. She was the show’s conscience.

  • Douglas from Brazil

    The Nov. 28 episode was not Carter’s death.Carter died in Nov. 21 episode.

  • Gabby

    The November 26th episode focused on the fallout of Carter’s murder, and people tuned in to see how Reese would avenge it. It was the “hunt for Carter’s murder” episode, so it still was focused on the character.

    In addition, Taraji. P. Henson promoted her exit by going onto Letterman and conducting other interviews encouraging people to watch the next episode to see how her murderer was handled. Joss Carter’s death was the most buzzed about storyline on Person of Interest in the show’s history.

  • rr.gery

    Best Drama on tv

  • Irrelevant

    Best show since 24! I hope it last at least as long as 24 did!!! eight years is a great run! We have to keep the ratings up though peeps cause CBS is fickle if we let the ratings go too low they drop the show without a second thought.

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