Michael Muhney Let Go From 'The Young and the Restless'

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December 17th, 2013


Actor Michael Muhney, who has played Adam Newman for almost  six years, has been let go from The Young and the Restless according to TV Line. His final episode will air  January 30th. The actor confirmed the news via Twitter.



  • Stephen Judson

    What the ****?!?!?!!? First Billy Miller and now this. This is just tragic.

  • Mosaintsfan

    He and Billy Miller were the only reasons I watched this train wreck. On a positive note it will free up more time for Days of Our Lives on my viewing schedule- and B & B which is a much better show. I feel bad for Melody Scott Thomas and Eric Braden to remain on what used to be a classy vibrant soap.

  • reine

    Complain to cbs.com/feedback or tweet @saveMuhney for CBS to rehire him. Phelps is destroying this show by firing one of the best. I want Chadam & no recast will do.

  • j

    Micheal is one the better actors on Y&R.Dumb move to let him go.

  • Max

    Who is the dumb @$$ that made this decision? The same person who destroyed ABC daytime?

  • robert

    What the hell. Very upset. I want an explanation.

  • Andy

    This stinks!!!! He is the second actor to play this role, but he is Adam!!! He is a suburb actor and yes, JFP should be held accountable. Some one should fire her!!!!

  • JayTN

    The writers had painted Michael Muhney’s character (Adam) into a corner and would have a hard time redeeming someone responsible for the hit-and-run death of a child. It really strained credibility that Adam could be walking around a free man given his past sins anyway. Keeping him out of jail after his latest offense was just a bridge too far.

  • Mike

    This is something I have been wanting for a long time, but I think it comes at a bad time. I have never liked Muhney in the role but I think the show needs stability so not sure this is a good thing for this time.

    Wonder what happened and why

  • xdrew

    People wake up this is THE most overrated show on television. If u haven’t yet check out General Hospital if your looking 4 real day OR nighttime Entertainment.

  • Edward

    This is b.s. This guy is a great actor! I’m sorry not a fan of GH. I could make a argument he might’ve been the best after Eric Braeden….I will make a call.

  • IowaMan

    @Mosaintsfan: you said it well. This is just utterly insane. With both Miller and Muhney gone, the show has lost its strongest male actors, leaving it ever weaker. At this rate Y&R will down to the low level of GH – but then that seems to be what the ratings say viewers want, so maybe that’s their plan.

  • sofaspud

    Well, this frees up a lot more time and money for Steve Burton. SMH

  • Larry Garrison

    Guess this will be the demise of Y&R. Did they forget he was just nominated for an Emmy? His young blood was just what the show needed. How lousy three days before Christmas with no notice. They have changed up the writers and producers too much and have lost their best talent. Sad day in Hollywood, but now Muhney can do what he does best-Features and Series.

    Larry Garrison
    SilverCreek Entertainment

  • Belinda

    This is not right!! Michael is great as Adam! I don’t know what’s going on at Y&R but someone has lost their minds BILLY NOW ADAM!! Everyday I watch and really enjoy watching Michael He’s so Beautiful! I love watching his body motions with his shoulders and mouth when he’s upset he plays this role like no other can! Y&R you guys are killing the soaps!! Get it together. Michael you are a great actor I’d love to see you on the big screen one day soon! Y&R this is your loss!

  • ethel

    I really like Adam is a wonderful actor,this sucks!!

  • James

    Shocked this even made the news on this site. I watch Y&R and like Adam on the show. He is one of the better actors. Um…I’ve said this elsewhere online, but B&B or GH may be #1 in 2014 in Daytime now…esp if moves like this keep up.

  • Billy Vick

    I recently wrote him that he had gone from a replacement for another actor to almost the STAR OF THE SHOW! I try to support all the soaps, but I am a DAYS OF OUR LIVES fan. I started watching Y&R because of actors like Michael Muhney. I don’t understand people like Jill Farren Phelps being hired as Executive Producer, then TAKING OVER THE ENTIRE show and first replacing most actors with her friends from other shows and then FIRING everyone she didn’t like from HER PAST. Then it has been a constant BLOOD BATH of her deciding the fate of each & every actor on the show based on HER WHIMS, to HELL with their longevity, POPULARITY, or how the fans feel about her decisions. THIS isn’t the role of the Executive Producer to have her personal freinds and favorites on the show! WHEN WILL THE CBS BRASS WAKE UP TO THIS INSANITY? I was just beginning to like the show once more now that the characters of ADAM & CHELSEA were getting back together again!

  • Billy Vick

    JayTN: IF IN FACT there is a witness to the accident THEY WOULD TRUTHFULLY HAVE TO TESTIFY what we, the viewers saw! ADAM thought he might have HIT THE DOG. HE DID STOP and get out and search around the vehicle. He discovered that the dog was not in fact hit and was OK. He couldn’t get the dog to come to him, it ran away. THEN HE GOT back in his SUV and left the scene of the event. SO HE DID NOT WILLINGLY LEAVE A HIT AND RUN INCIDENT. He never dreamed he hit a child. He DID STOP and he DID search the area for the DOG who he thought was involved. So IF a witness is found who tells the truth, it would VINDICATE ADAM, NOT make him GUILTY of a hit and run. Sure, he should turn himself in, but he knows he will be judged as GUILTY when he in fact is NOT. So ADAM does not need to be redeemed of anything because he didn’t know he did anything wrong.

  • Brown

    This is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard!!! Adam makes this show I live to see him everyday!!! Will if I was a director he would have not been fired…this is so stupid!!!

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