'Super Soul Sunday' Season Finale Features Celebrities Talking With Oprah About Their Spirituality This Sunday December 22

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December 18th, 2013

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Dr. Maya Angelou, Tina Turner, Kerry Washington, George Lucas, Nate Berkus, India.Arie, Brené Brown, and more Discuss Life’s Big Questions  




Los Angeles – Oprah sits down with today’s top thinkers, teachers, celebrities and spiritual leaders to discuss life’s big questions in the season finale of “Super Soul Sunday” this Sunday, December 22 at 11 a.m. ET/PT on OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network.


A regular feature on “Super Soul Sunday,” Oprah’s soul questionnaire poses thought-provoking questions such as “what is the difference between spirituality and religion?,” “what is the soul?,” and “what happens when we die?” It’s a soul-stirring celebration of the most provocative insights and fascinating viewpoints from guests including Dr. Maya Angelou, Nate Berkus, India.Arie, Brené Brown, Phil Jackson, and more.


Plus, exclusive never-before-seen footage and surprise guest appearances by rock and soul queen Tina Turner, “Scandal” star Kerry Washington, legendary filmmaker George Lucas, and Grammy award-winning artist John Legend. Then, the “Super Soul” community shares the places they feel most at peace.  From the shores of Ireland to the heartland of Indiana, viewers will take a look at breathtaking photos from “Super Soul” fans.

  • Mamie

    No, did I understand you to say finale?..Nooooo please say its not true! I live for Super Soul Sunday! Thank You Oprah for this show very inspiring! You are my hero!

  • Mamie

    The Haves and the Have Not..
    I relate this to our everyday life in general..We all are in search of something but we don’t know what it is…

    For the Haves we think it is obtaining millions of dollars and the most expensive things that the world has to offer hoarding and the fear that it will all be taken away from us, the world will not love or respect us as a human being..NOT HAPPY..

    For the Have Not the fear of rejection..If you don’t acquire the million dollars and the most expensive things in life you will be rejected, no one will respect you as a human being, no one will love you..NOT HAPPY!

    Both are living in fear! Fear is the catalyst in this scenario that binds us together on this downward spiral of destruction..FEAR IS A POWERFUL WORD!

    Fear serves its purpose as a child fear helps us to avoid trouble..But, as we grow and mature and become adults fear should be replaced with faith..Faith in ourselves, faith in others that we are not alone in this vast universe, that we are all spiritual beings here for a purpose..No one is more or less than the other..Faith is the catalyst in this scenario that binds us together..FAITH IS A POWERFUL WORD! It gives us PEACE,HOPE,HAPPINESS AND CONTENTMENT!


  • Mamie

    May we all conquer the enemy-fear through pray..The power of prayer..Prayer is powerful!

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