E!'s New Special 'Buying for Billionaires' Premieres Thursday December 26th at 9PM

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December 19th, 2013


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Los Angeles, December 19, 2013 – In the all-new can’t-miss and fascinating E! Entertainment special, “Buying For Billionaires,” viewers get a rare inside look the extravagant and oh-so-good life as E! follows three luxury lifestyle experts as they attempt to search for rare and expensive items for their outrageously wealthy and extremely demanding clientele.  With the less-than-subtle pressure of their very powerful clients, the three industry titans go to extensive lengths to earn their commission searching for one-of-a-kind items, such as a bedazzled Berkin bag, vintage wine, and the elusive golden caviar.  The one-hour E! Entertainment special, “Buying For Billionaires,” premieres Thursday, December 26th @ 9:00pm ET/PT only on E!

Follow the extravagant, and at times ridiculous, lives of these three luxury buyers as they do whatever it takes to service the over-the-top requests of their fabulously wealthy clients.  The buyers include:

Nicole Pollard: “In this business, I don’t care what it is – money talks.  It’s about pleasing my clients at any cost.”

Personal shopper to the richest people on the planet.  Nicole frequently uses a $20k a day suite at the swanky Beverly Wilshire Hotel to meet her clients and boasts that she can deliver ANYTHING…for a price.  Nicole’s newest client, Taryn Rose – shoe designer, orthopedic surgeon, online boutique creator and entrepreneur – has tasked Nicole with nabbing the perfect I-have-arrived statement bag for the launch of her new website.  With more than a few hiccups along the way, Nicole attempts to pull out all the stops to create the most eye-catching, diamond adorned custom bag – just in time for the event.

Deborah Keane: “Watching them eat the caviar off their hands…and how satisfied they were…makes it all worth it for me.  That, and the money.”

Fine caviar dealer and self-proclaimed “Caviar Queen,” Deborah has clients who pay up to $2.5k an ounce.  Deborah is charged with providing golden caviar, the most exquisite caviar from a fish so rare it’s almost mythical, for the refined taste of her famous client’s teenage son.  In this case, Deborah’s celebrity client is FJ Husic, son of billionaire investor and television commentator, Frank Husic.  FJ is leaving for boarding school and his parents want only the best for his going away soiree. In pursuit of the impossible, Deborah finds herself in a number of strange encounters just to secure the caviar – including being waist-deep in slime-filled waters and performing biopsies on dangerous prehistoric sturgeon.

Melissa McAvoy“I’m going to find the wine that he wants and charge him double the commission.  Let’s call it a jerk tax.”

A luxury wine broker who is not afraid to use her sex appeal to close the perfect deal.  With a list of cliental that includes royalty, billionaires and celebrities, requests for the rarest of wines range from $250k to $500k per bottle.  Melissa’s current client, billionaire investor and self-titled “serial entrepreneur” Chris King, has a big bank account with an ego to match.  Chris is throwing an over-the-top birthday celebration for his equally rich and powerful friends, and needs the perfect wine to display his impeccable taste.  Sporting a $600k watch and a dozen Rolls Royces, it’s all about status and bragging rights for Chris.  With the added obstacle of Chris’s fickle ways and the competing pressure of his close relationship with other wine aficionados including the Mondavi family, Melissa knows she has her work cut out for her.  Yes, she perseveres on an elusive search for the wine fit for a King

Can Nicole find a one-of-a-kind, flashy purse that solidifies Taryn’s place on the social spectrum?  Will Deborah deliver the unicorn of all caviar or will her reputation be tarnished forever?  Can Melissa overlook Chris’ rude and obnoxious ways to deliver the ultimate, impactful wine collection he is so adamantly seeking?  Tune-in to find out when the E! Entertainment special, “Buying for Billionaires” airs Thursday, December 26th at 9:00pm ET/PT on E!

The E! Entertainment special, “Buying for Billionaires,” is executive produced by Brian Volk-Weiss and Amber Mazzola for New Wave Entertainment.

  • richin maryland

    Are you kidding me a spoiled brat wants golden caviar and a pompous ass says a $200K bottle of wine is pedestrian and ST JUDES is the sponser what a juxtaposition of values.

  • mary

    That boy going to boarding school puts a bad look on anyone who went or goes to boarding school! What a churlish little brat! I went to boarding school and I can assure you people who go to boarding school are not near as selfish as this kid. I am extremely appalled.

  • Shayna

    I love this show!!!!
    I love any show that makes rich people move to the bottom scum of the earth.
    What jerk offs these people are! Are you kidding!

    Love the show after the first Episode for sure!

  • jac

    Try using some of that money wasted on people fighting for their lives. Greed makes me sick.

  • Bob

    This show will be a HUGE hit if it remains on. The downside is it paints the rich as the worst humans to ever tread the planet. The rich have enormous egos so I doubt they will ever see themselves like the jackasses the rest of the human race will see them as.
    The purse lady was pretty cool. The purse was $125K and with the ‘bedazzled’ jewels added God only knows how much. Hey if you can afford that who am I to say what’s right and wrong.

    The wine guy was what Richie Rich would be if he grew up and became a complete d-bag. He was so obnoxious it was actually taxing to watch and within 3 nanoseconds it became apparent that no matter how much money he has, nothing can wash away his soulless, empty existence. His favorite trick was to make some horrible comment (really your wearing ‘that’ dress) and when rebuffed would cry like a little girl that he was getting picked on. If the passive-aggressive police were in the room he would be arrested just for his very existence.

    The golden caviar family is by far the best. I have to say this buyer really went to the extra length to find what she called a unicorn in a short amount of time. The highlight is when she drives a motorboat up to the yacht (because a family of such importance would never wait) to deliver the goods. In true form the family stands around the freshly delivered caviar with their little pig noses on slurping it from their golden trough or off the back of their cloven hooves.

    In the end the show exposes every single stereotype of rich you have ever had, the arrogance, self centered, cartoonish, boorish and abhorrent behavior one expects of ‘the elite’ and frankly it’s pretty amusing.

  • Andy Thomas

    When you look like FJ, your’e worth golden fish eggs.

  • Wolvey

    Just watched this show. Literally sick to my stomach. There are pictures of these people in the dictionary under “Ugly Americans.” Bob’s comments in this forum are spot-on. Absolutely disgusting show, but fairly entertaining. Can’t see Warren Buffett making a cameo appearance with the rest of these DB’s anytime soon. That FJ kid has a crippling social disease called “affluenza”. I actually thought the rich people on this show were actors, as they were so stereotypical of the rich 0.01%. You can tell they are all newly wealthy. Act like you’ve been there before.

  • The Chalk

    You guys don’t really believe the plot lines?? This is TV!! Dramatized and factionalized for RATINGS! Come on. It was fun to watch. The responses are exactly what they wanted. You will be back to see the over the top and appalling behavior. Just like E! planned it!!

  • Eric

    Loved it! My god you are all sucked into the Kardashian’s, it was awesome! Will look forward to seeing another episode or twelve! Caviar girl funny, wine girl has nerves of steel and the purse girl was fun. All very different, Charlies’s Angels of dealing with crazy rich people. Best line “I’m going to charge him a jerk tax” wow, what a jerk!

  • Elizabeth

    I was a boarding school brat 20 years ago. My howthings have changed but I did like the show. This show is why other countries want to attack us though.
    Wondered if it is a series though or one time thing? It says premieres so….

  • Steve

    That Chris guy is is rich you can’t even find him when you try and look up his business. He looks/acts like he has to pay to get women to like him.

  • Michael

    Buying for Billionaires is the most disgusting show I have ever had the displeasure of watching. ( All 60 seconds ) The fat a$$ “whine” Connoisseur and the spoiled brat are both in need of a serious slap down…

  • Jeanne

    I saw this show for the first time and actually got sick to my stomach (no kidding). This is by far the most over-the-top sick and disgusting display of evil, revolting narcissism that I’ve ever seen on television yet. A crocodile purse worth $120,000 is something I am just better off not knowing about. How many genius kids are out there that can’t afford to go to college? Who knows if one of them would invent a cure for cancer or solve the problem of world hunger? And how about slaying a fish that’s on the endangered species list just to get tan (not gold sorry) eggs from it? This program is shameful and I will never watch it again. E Network should be ashamed of itself for prompting such trash just for their ratings.

  • Jane

    Its great to have money, and I hope these people do more with it than what was shown on this TV show. Compared to this, Honey Boo Boo has a lot of class, and atleast they try to give back to their community!

  • Lori

    actually watching the show right now and I’m laughing I really hope this is all for TV and ratings…. because I doubt that those people are really like that because if they are, I would hate to be near them during a lightning storm! and a side note, they say money can buy you anything? the guy trying to buy the really expensive of wine I could care less if he was a triple billionaire he is just all kind of Ewwwwww!!! like I said I hope its just for ratings and these people are truly truly not like this.

  • Lori

    and 1 more comment…Wh Is E! such a promoter of rich obnoxious humans they can’t think of any other reality shows or any other type of entertainment to show us? they really need to second think their creative team….

  • Sherri

    This show is a disgrace to humans. I hate this show, why would anyone in their right mind want to make a show that this? Karma is a bitch you greedy little ****

  • christina

    I would walk around that purple shoed mans house being passive aggresive for hours days weeks …oh what fun that would be…too may laughs hahaha what an idiot!!!!!

  • Ron

    While watching this whatever you want to call it, I said something to my son about the way these “billionaires” were treating these buyers and he said that in the billionaires eyes these people and us that watch this are not on the same level and what we think would mean nothing to them. Unfortunately he is probable right. I told him if this is what money does to you than I would rather be poor (which I am) and at least treat people with some respect and decency. These could be words foreign to people of money and power. I would not have been employed very long by ANY of these folks and that and a dollar will get you a coke at Mc Donalds.

  • Era Wells

    Please call this buying for douches. It’s a shame they are more concerned with caviar and not bad manners. Unattractive traits of these children. Bad comb over. Greasy looking hair. bad dental care. All of these people had the worst teeth I have ever seen in the US.

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