'Duck Dynasty' Family Releases Statement Putting Show's Future in Doubt

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December 20th, 2013

duck dynasty

Duck Dynasty's Robertson family has released a statement saying that they cannot do the show without exiled cast member Phil Robertson, and revealing that they are currently negotiating with A&E about the future of the show. Here's the full statement:

We want to thank all of you for your prayers and support. The family has spent much time in prayer since learning of A&E’s decision.

We want you to know that first and foremost we are a family rooted in our faith in God and our belief that the Bible is His word. While some of Phil’s unfiltered comments to the reporter were coarse, his beliefs are grounded in the teachings of the Bible. Phil is a Godly man who follows what the Bible says are the greatest commandments: “Love the Lord your God with all your heart” and “Love your neighbor as yourself.” Phil would never incite or encourage hate.

We are disappointed that Phil has been placed on hiatus for expressing his faith, which is his constitutionally protected right.We have had a successful working relationship with A&E but, as a family, we cannot imagine the show going forward without our patriarch at the helm. We are in discussions with A&E to see what that means for the future of Duck Dynasty.

Again, thank you for your continued support of our family.

  • Joe

    I’m shocked! Shocked I tell you!!! That backwoods rednecks would still be racist and homophobic despite earning millions of dollars and becoming American icons! I mean, what the hell do people thing???

  • cimmer

    @Joe, I think some of the outrage is that a lot of people seemed to view that family as rather eccentric but cuddly, kind of like a homely puppy, and forgot that puppies grow up and can bite. Suddenly the family doesn’t seem so cutely ‘harmless’ and all these things about their lifestyle that should have seemed self evident suddenly are, if that makes sense.

  • robert


    I think this is in reference to the people who are defending Robertson by saying he’s just expressing his beliefs and justifying it because it’s in the bible, while conveniently not mentioning the parts of the interview where he says that blacks would be happier now if they stayed in the fields picking cotton.

  • robert


    Also, saying that he never saw the mistreatment of a black person in Louisiana in that time period is a downright lie and everyone knows that.

  • Melanie

    @cimmer A&E is not all that big, not all that popular. Duck Dynasty is, I believe, their biggest show — their one true ratings hit. Storage Wars is their other successful franchise – Lord knows they fill enough hours of their schedule with it. They’re trying to build their presence in scripted fare, yes, but their stuff is not that highly rated. (I love Longmire but if I’m remembering correctly, it only gets @ .7 for 1st run).

    @Ultima — I think you are correct, the Robertsons hold all the cards in the negotiations. And heck, if the ‘negotiations’ fall apart, FXX or somebody will snap it up in a heartbeat.

  • Carl

    @Mike, that’s fine. If he has that opinion of black people, that’s his opinion. But his family hiding behind the Bible to justify such a racist view, it offends me.

  • Carl

    If the Robinsons held all the cards there wouldn’t even be negotiations.

  • Mike

    What I don’t understand is why people get so up in arms over what someone thinks on an issue? Or what they say?

    Are we raising a generation of over-sensitive whiney people? It’s the same as suddenly everyone in America being worried about what the world thinks of us.

    People are going to think bad of you no matter what you do. You will never be able to make everyone accept you and like you. We all need to get on with our lives. Live our lives and quit worrying about what everyone thinks of us.

    Fight for your rights. Make sure you aren’t mistreated in a physical way. And forget about what someone says or thinks. As long as they are shooting you with a gun, physically beating you, etc. their thoughts can’t hurt you unless you let it.

    When I was a kid there was an old child saying that said Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.

    We need to adopt that philosophy.

    Most people would have never even known much about what Phil Robertson even said. It would have been some little blurp and faded away. Bloggers and stuff would have talked about it and it would have faded away.

    But no here someone got their panties in a wad and look what we have.

    It’s not like anyone with half a brain wouldn’t have known how he felt on the issue in the first place. He makes no bones ever about his strong belief in the Bible. Duh color me surprised that the man thinks it is a sin.

    In the same interview he went on to say that even with what they believe they never judge anyone on who is going to heaven or hell. Something of just preaching the truth and letting God sort it all out later.

    we can all fight for our rights and fight for the right to not be mistreated, but folks we can’t regulate people’s thoughts and opinions.

  • Michael1


    Please let me know when you will be challenging the validity of Phil’s statement, unless you can explain to me how the personal lives of people like Jim Parsons are the source of all that is wrong in the world.

  • Danny

    A & E will give in to the Robertsons. The show is too popular. They even have an album in the Top Ten. The gay community will just have to get over it. He has a right to his opinion and I support him for it. However, I am still not going to watch the show.

  • Carl

    Often words do hurt. It’s not just about thinking homosexuality is a sin. His words were crude and ugly, in a way that, for someone who is very well-known, respected, and politically involved, shocked me.

    He compared gays to terrorists and went on a tear about vaginas and anuses.

    That’s not even getting into his racist comments.

    It’s easy to say they’re just words, but when someone as powerful and influential as he is says these things, they have an impact.

  • cimmer

    @Melanie and @Daniel, have you been reading the articles at all? A&E doesn’t have to do anything, they have a whole new season that’s about to air with Phil. If fans boycott, then the show doesn’t get renewed. And yes A&E is in the top 25, in fact they were #5 last week in viewers. Is some of that due to DD? Sure the reruns were going, I guess, I dont watch the show but they were in the top 25 before DD too. They also have Bates Motel which did VERY well for them. More expensive to produce as it’s scripted? Probably but also I would guess after all this, less of a headache too. As I said, how many people who watch DD on AE crossover and watch their other shows?
    Don’t worry some fresh ‘outrage’ will come along any minute now and bump this off the front page.How about that rich white Texas kid who got away with murder using the ‘affluenza’ defense? Too rich and bad parenting means you’re not liable for murder apparently. Now THATs an outrage.

  • Mike

    The biggest thing A&E will lose is the merchandising thing. They only own one part of it…the Duck Dynasty brand. Duck Commander is fully the Robertson family. I’m sure A&E is making a lot of money off that as those shirts and all are big enough that even the maker wouldn’t side with A&E on this.



    Even if the words do hurt, all GLAAD and the public outrage did was give a louder voice to his words. Many who are hearing them now would have never done so without this battle.

    It’s the same as all the hoopla over Sarah Palin. If her views weren’t given a voice by those opposed, she would have been like so many before her…she would have quietly faded away after the election was over. So many others before her have. Many people can’t even remember the name of the Vice President much less those who ran as the VP nom. But she was turned into a martyr because of all the attacks.

    Words do hurt. But overreacting to them is giving another person power over you than what they should have.

    They are words and opinions — nothing we can do about them.

  • Jamie04

    Just get rid of the show, it’s terrible

  • anonymous

    I would just cancel this crap show and count my losses. Please cancel them A&E you are better off without them.

  • CookyMonzta

    @Carl: When some bozo demeans any segment of the population (and in some cases, repeatedly), he or she gets a slap on the wrist; but don’t dare say anything bad about a certified airhead or you will lose your show entirely (like Martin Bashir did). Where am I not seeing the double-standard here?

  • thatguy

    Here’s an idea, how about keeping your faith to yourself. I never get why these religious people think it’s ok to say whatever they want amd use GOD as a scapegoat. That goes for christians, muslims and jews. They’re all the same.

  • Carl

    These words would have come out at one point or another, because Phil Robertson has said them before. This is the first time I’ve heard of GLAAD saying anything. I think it’s because they were in a major publication. Even if GLAAD hadn’t said anything, the NAACP would have.

    I agree they made him a martyr, but people like Phil Robertson are very adept at being martyrs and victims. That’s how the hustle goes. That’s one of the reasons Sarah Palin is so close to them, most likely. She does the same thing.

    The choice is letting this popular, influential man, and his popular, influential family spread virulently anti-gay and racist views, or questioning them.

    Both ways, the Robertsons win, but at least people who are hurt by these words know they aren’t alone.

  • Joseph

    On the one hand, A&E cancelling “Duck Dynasty” would be well-received in some circles.

    But why that may not occur is that since it’s been on the air, the network’s total profits have at least doubled.

    Were “Duck” to be dumped, A&E might see a steep decline in viewers and profits.

  • Doug

    Wow, Ultima is a huge idiot, just like those swamp people.

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