Soap Opera Ratings: 'General Hospital' & 'Young and the Restless' Down from Last Week in Women 18-49 & Total Viewers

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December 20th, 2013


via Soap Opera Network:

Ratings  for the Week of December 9-13, 2013


Numbers are based on Live+Same Day ratings

(Compared to Last Week/Compared to Last Year)


Total Viewers
1. Y&R 4,936,000 (-51,000/+564,000)
2. B&B 3,849,000 (+21,000/+591,000)
3. GH 3,057,000 (-248,000/+400,000)
4. DAYS 2,669,000 (-11,000/+300,000)

1. Y&R 3.5/11 (same/+.2)
2. B&B 2.7/8 (same/+.3)
3. GH 2.3/7 (-.2/+.3)
4. DAYS 1.9/6 (-.1/+.1)

Women 18-49 Viewers
1. GH 779,000 (-101,000/+169,000)
2. Y&R 761,000 (-70,000/-43,000)
3. B&B 617,000 (-60,000/-50,000)
4. DAYS 614,000 (-45,000/+65,000)

Women 18-49 Rating
1. Y&R 1.2/8 (-.1/-.1)
1. GH 1.2/8 (-.2/+.2)
3. DAYS 1.0/6 (same/+.1)
3. B&B 1.0/6 (-.1/same)


Source: Soap Opera Network


Y&R = The Young & The Restless, B&B = The Bold and The Beautiful, GH = General Hospital, DAYS = Days of Our Lives.

Nielsen TV Ratings Data: ©2013 The Nielsen Company. All Rights Reserved.

  • MBmomof3

    Bizzar, I think TSJ would be an awesome Adam recast (but I will miss MM). Can’t stand SB on YR and was so over his Jason when he left GH. Definitely need less Dylan on my screen.

  • Umanyways

    The main fan bases were holiday shopping l

  • diana

    Tristan Rogers as Robert Scorpio, was heavily featured on GH the week of 12/2-6, when ratings soared. only appeared for 2 minutes during the week of 12/9-13. Nuff said.

  • Rob

    Come on, everyone knows Mike and all of his aliases past and present are the authority about every rumor, fact, thought, opinion…he is always right. If you don’t know that, you don’t read these message boards often enough.

  • Mike


    Steve Burton has definitely worn out his welcome on Y&R. I actually liked him at first and thought it was a change of pace to see him as a new character. But then they just kept on building and building his part.

    I hate any character that gets over-exposed on any show. Plus I am so tired of the slew of characters suddenly related to some key person just to make them seem to fit. I do not like that they have made him Nikki’s son.

  • JayTN

    Mike/MBmomof3…I would agree that Trevor St. John would seem too “old” to play the role of Adam Newman, however, upon further review, St. John is just four years older than Michael Muhney. As with most soap characters, Adam Newman seems to have been aged. Adam was born on-screen in 1995, which would make the character just 18 years old. (The original Adam – Chris Engen – is four years younger than Muhney.) I don’t know if it has ever been explicitly stated how old Adam actually is right now, however, he would have to be younger than his half-siblings Nick and Victoria.

    What probably makes St. John seem so much older is the fact that he was introduced to audiences as Todd Manning ten years ago on OLTL and because Todd’s biological children (Starr, Jack and Danielle) are either young adults or teenagers. Compare that to Adam Newman, whose child is just a newborn.

    I know that there are things that an actor can do to appear younger, and St. John would have to look younger than either Joshua Morrow or Amelia Heinle who play his older half-siblings.

  • Bizzarr1000


  • Mike

    A lot of folks in the entertainment business get turned down all the time when they ask for a few days off.

    Billy Miller was in the same situation as Kate Jackson was on Charlie’s Angels.

    I don’t know what his project was but Kate Jackson wanted a few weeks off from Charlies Angels to do a movie. They said no so she quit.

    Billy Miller didn’t get what he wanted so he chose to quit too.

    Debbi Morgan had to choose between a movie role and Y&R when she was on the show. She chose Y&R and then a year later found herself fired.

    It’s the nature of the business and of contracts. When you sign that contract you are bound to the terms.

  • Dianne

    Re: Robert Kelker Kelly – he met his future wife when he was on DOOL. At the time, the actress was only 18 while he was much older. I don’t remember her name, but she played Sami’s best friend. I assume they are still together.

    As for Kate Jackson, Kramer vs. Kramer was the movie she wanted to do. Charlie’s Angels jumped the shark after her departure, since she was the 2nd original Angel to leave.

  • cab

    Somewhat good news for Days. I think GH is doing extremely well now because of the support it has been getting from ABC. My initial reaction to Peter Reckell going to GH was he was a traitor and liked being on a low rated show. Days was doing better than GH at the time, that has now changed and GH is riding high.
    Soap fans love the actors on their soap and when they leave it is like a family member leaving to go to another family, and we get upset. So much is going on at Days right now that has me hooked. I know one dark day Nick Fallon with resurface to create great troubles for Salem. I have not seen the new Will yet, so I can not comment on him. Maggie and Victor are at odds. Brady sinking into past addictions is sad to watch but understandable considering his situation. Father Eric is suffering so much for something he had no control of. His ministry should have shown him more compassion than what he is getting. Nicole back as a news reporter is perfect for her character. JJ and Daniel’s secret can only bring him and Jennifer back together, if only he would tell Jennifer what he did for JJ.
    So much drama, so exciting. Thanks Days, keep it up.

  • PatF

    I don’t think Miller was asking for just a few days off.

    He admitted in his exit interview that he was given a big incentive to stay. So for him money wasn’t the main issue. He wanted more time away from the show than they could do given his front burner status.

    His decision to go. I completely understand and he’ll do well.

    But not the show’s fault in this case.

    If anyone doubts this, just read the article in SOD.

  • Mike

    Miller has consistently each contract wanted more time off to do other projects. He has made it clear that he does not want to do soap operas. He was basically using it as a pay check until something new comes along.

    There is nothing wrong with that but often you could tell it in his performances that he was just working for the paycheck.

    As to Muhney the biggest reason I can’t get too upset about his firing is his Tweets often that were so giddy and happy when some of his fellow cast mates would get fired.

    I think at times he often thought he was too good for Y&R and I think his cast mates knew it. They even made a video to tell Miller good bye but they didn’t Muhney. Sharon Case did a personal one but the cast did not.

    The other thing that I find very telling is that there is the rumor that is getting posted on several sites and pretty well out there now about him sexually harrassing the 19 year old co-star. There hasn’t been a word of denial from him at all. Yet he and his co-hort/friend tried to make it sound like Braedan had sexually harrassed Maura West. Maura West sure put an end to that one.

    Funny the backstage stuff has been more interesting than Y&R has been for awhile. LOL

  • Mike

    Also Braedan put an end to it too when he threatened legal action with libel. The so-called report suddenly changed his stance on Twitter.

  • jonboy

    I get that we are all curious about MM, but its really none of our business. As far as sexual harassment I have seen second hand on my own job misuse of the anti-harassment act.

  • Mike

    I agree with you on that one jonboy — it is none of our business. I have just been shocked at people attacking other cast members over it. Some said that even some of his fans threatened Dan Kroll at Soap Central over it. And I saw the things they were saying to Eric Braedan and Melody Thomas Scott.

    There have been so many actors who have been fired through the years. He is not the first and he definitely won’t be the last.

    As far as harrassment — yes the law can be misused at times, but if he actually fondled the girls chest as the story is told that goes well beyond just harrassment. A 38 year old married man has no business doing that to any woman other than his wife. I don’t care who he is.

    As I said earlier I doubt we will ever find out unless one of the reporters just keeps pushing it, but the ones who know the truth are keeping silent.

  • PatF

    People hate Phelps so much (I’m somewhere in that camp), that anything negative that happens now will be blamed on her.

    She has created such negative “publicity” for YR, that it’s natural I guess.

    I don’t it will happen, but she needs to lay low in 2014 or she’ll be gone. (Crossing fingers.)

  • Mike

    If the ratings keep increasing I highly doubt she will be gone. Unless she does all of Sony’s dirty work for them and then they sacrifice her.

    Phelps is the best patsy. She has such a bad rep that even stuff that Frons or ABC wanted at GH like Anna Lee being put on recurring got blamed on Phelps. Frons and ABC are the ones that ordered Anna Lee be put on recurring. Phelps just did what they wanted.

    I have a feeling that Sony has wanted a lot of this stuff. Sony is very hands on with their shows just like with Days. Thus why they are constantly battling Ken Corday for control. At Y&R with MAB’s firing they proved they are in control even over the Bells now at Y&R. With Phelps they have a yes man in place. As long as she keeps doing their will and taking all the blame for it Phelps will be there. Just my opinion on that.

    If I had a dirty job to do, Phelps is the person I would want to carry it out. She’s already hated by fans anyway so guess who is going to get the blame.

  • Kia

    Just read on soapcentral blog that John C McGinley is being cast on Y & R. Not confirmed but rumor is it is a Victor recast. Anyone know about this?

  • Marco

    The Y&R camp can’t be happy with losing the key demo back to back to General Hospital.

  • PatF

    Marco, I agree.

    CBS and Sony are very proud of that #1 Daytime drama staying in that spot. If the demos suffer at all (and they really haven’t yet under Phelps…GH is just up more) they’ll justify replacing her. I’ll pop a cork when that happens.

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