Friday Final Ratings: 'Hawaii Five-0' & 'Blue Bloods' Adjusted Up

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December 23rd, 2013

Hawaii Five-0 December 20

Hawaii Five-0 and Blue Bloods were each adjusted up a tenth among adults 18-49 versus Friday's preliminary ratings.

Want to know why adjustments occur to the preliminary ratings? Read this.

Final broadcast primetime ratings for Friday, December 20, 2013:

Time  Net Show 18-49 Rating/Sh Viewers (Millions)
8:00 CBS I Love Lucy Christmas Special 1.4/5 8.71
ABC Shark Tank - R 1.2/4 5.04
NBC It's a Wonderful Life - R (8-11PM) 1.1/4 5.47
FOX Bones - R 0.8/3 3.42
CW The Carrie Diaries 0.3/1 0.73
9:00 CBS Hawaii Five - 0 1.3/4 9.62
ABC Shark Tank - R (9-10:01PM) 1.3/4 5.04
FOX Happiness Is a Warm Blanket Charlie Brown - R 0.5/2 1.88
CW Nikita 0.2/1 0.69
10:00 CBS Blue Bloods 1.2/4 10.52
ABC 20/20 1.2/4 5.50

Nielsen TV Ratings: ©2013 The Nielsen Company. All Rights Reserved.

  • Percy


  • ntinos


  • Kissan

    I want TCD to hit a million viewers and a 0.4 before their season finale…

  • anna g

    Glad to see H50 adjusted up in demo and overall viewership :) Nice adjustment for Blue bloods as well. But Nikita ratings are big ouch!

  • eelna

    Kissan, me too.
    But a 0.3 isn’t bad for a show in its second season, on a Friday, without a lead-in or a good lead-out (love Nikita, but the numbers are bad), and with doing even better in online numbers to TTP’s 0.5. It’s also more expensive. I can see TCD getting renewed over TTP and BATB. But honestly, I expect it to be cancelled anyway, even it has improved the timeslot.
    And the fans of TCD, at the beginning, there are always a lot of people watching, but then it loses a lot of viewers.

  • Lyin

    As much as I love the enthusiasm of some of the h50 fans , I don’t see CBS celebrating the 1.3 demo much. It tied a ABC rerun. Ugh
    Hope TNT still wants the show or we can be in big trouble.

  • John A

    Where are the Nikita fans to watch the last few episodes? These ratings are a joke.

  • OriginalRandy

    Glad to see H50 adjusted up. I was actually hoping for a separation HIGHER than the ST repeat in demo but I will take what I can get.:-)

  • Mon

    H50 also got a 1.3 earlier this season and a few 1.4s. I don’t think you can really blame the holidays for H50 hitting lows.

  • rob60990

    Yay for Hawaii 5-0? It tied a rerun lmao.

  • Tony

    John A

    It’s a joke that you say about the fans, on supposition that you are also Nikita’s fan. It’s really sucks that the Americans don’t watch it..it deserves better ratings than these..it’s such a good show, the best ever made! I can’t really wait till Friday to see the BIGGEST FINAL in a history, it will be really awesome to see for last time TEAM like NIKITA and ALEX. GO GIRLS, go and kick ass stupid Amanda (Amanda Clarke <3)

  • FridayFan

    Woot H50!!!!!
    Best season yet! I would so love to see a season 5!

  • Alan

    At least TCD kept the .3

  • thesnowleopard

    I’d like world peace and a pony for Christmas, myself….

    @John A
    I don’t suppose there’s much to talk about at this point. Its ratings are so terrible that even its fans can see the writing on the wall, but not so terrible (0.1 or less) that they’re really that noteworthy. As it usually goes with such shows, it’s being forgotten even before it goes.

  • HalCapone

    Yay, Hawaii Five-Oh and Blue Bloods went from horrible to terrible by virtue of one tenth of one percent adjustment. Merry Christmas.

  • Shamrock317

    Justification for Hawaii Five-0! Came in at # 1 for its time slot finally! Great news for us happy fans. Merry Christmas.

  • JR35

    Lucy didn’t adjust up, but still ended up as tops for the night in the demo.

  • OriginalRandy

    @Gina S.
    Yay! Here you are again. Hating on someone and calling everyone that person.

    Seriously? You are so psychotic that we all are now enjoying your idiocy. You make us realize how obsessed fans can get.Thank God I don’t get that way. I want my shows to survive but not at the cost of my sanity. You need to find something in real life to obsess over.

  • GARebelman

    Nikita’s final episodes have been superb. What a shame nobody is watching.

  • C.S.Strowbridge

    How can anyone be happy with H50’s numbers? I can’t imagine it is a cheap show to produce. It and Blue Bloods should be canceled after this season.

    Also, the only way TCD isn’t canceled is if both midseason replacements bomb and the shows that replace it on Friday get even worse ratings. It is possible.

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