Will Ratings Rise for the Series Finale of 'Nikita'? (Poll)

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December 27th, 2013

Nikita finale 2

Tonight, the CW is airing the series finale of Nikita. As evidenced by the passionate statements of support for the show in our comments section, people who watch the show truly love it. However, the ratings for its final six episode season have been dismal. For the past two weeks, the show has garnered a 0.2 adults 18-49 rating. the same number that the season premiere garnered. The highest rated episode of the season, on December 6, only earned a 0.3. The Nikita finale, cheekily titled "Canceled" will benefit from a lack of competition. It has the distinction of being the only new scripted broadcast program of the entire week. Will it manage to go out with a bang rather than a whimper? Make your prediction!

  • Eric McInnis

    Probably a 0.3.

  • Simon

    A small rise but nothing major 0.3. or 0.4

  • The Cool Max

    CW obviously wants this show gone with terrible ratings it delivers. If the network HAD fate in the show, the finale would have been in January.

  • The Cool Max


  • Dillan


  • Dan S

    I’m being optimistic & say 0.3. Farewell Nikita, Michael & Amanda

  • Adrian

    0.2 and nothing more. Even L+7 only puts it at 0.3

    Shame because the show was really good but it went off the rails in season 3.

  • John A

    0.1-0.2. It has Carrie Diaries repeat lead in and 2 days after xmas so no rise.

  • John A

    CW should have aired the finale as a 2 hr finale last week.

  • Brandy

    @coolMax,you realize CW had Whose Line,Masters of Illusion,Star-Crossed,The 100,Famous in 12 to get on too right? They needed to get it off to make room.That having a show airing original episodes when other networks aired reruns could’ve been a good thing?

  • Simon

    One good thing about it ending the fans on here won’t have to read anymore of John A’s rather obsessive comments about how much he supposedly ‘hates’ the show!

  • John A

    Nah i dont hate the show just its annoying fanboys that claim its emmy worthy acting and plot is great. Its an ok show but stupid at times reminds me of Alias at times.

  • John

    Last week’s episode was titled Bubble, this week titled Canceled.
    So, they read Bubble Watch and Renew-Cancel Index?

    Not anymore.


  • Matt M.

    0.4 and 1.0 million viewers.

  • Networkman

    I do feel it will reach 1 million viewers but I’m going to say .3 demo.

  • JJA

    I’m excited for the finale. The final season has been great.

    As far as ratings, .2 to .3, but no more than .3.

    @JohnA–nobody says Nikita (the show) is “emmy worthy”; it’s popcorn television pure and simple. Although, I will say Maggie Q’s acting can hold its own against Emmy winning performances.

  • Ryan Perry

    I really could care less what the ratings will be tonight. I just hope it’s going to be EPIC!!!

  • Simon

    @John A
    Ah! Sorry about that, just some of your comments come across that way sometimes. No offense intended.

  • david

    Im going to guess a .3 for the finally. I enjoyed the show the first two and a half seasons and i will miss it. Excited for the end. Im going to guess a .3 for the finally. The show was a good show that i enjoyed the first two seasons and some of the sason three. Excited to see how the show ends thow.

  • Joseph

    A glut of movies at the nation’s theatres could impact prime-time viewing, but “Nikita”‘s finale should equal or maybe surpass it’s average for the season.

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