Will Ratings Rise for the Series Finale of 'Nikita'? (Poll)

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December 27th, 2013

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Tonight, the CW is airing the series finale of Nikita. As evidenced by the passionate statements of support for the show in our comments section, people who watch the show truly love it. However, the ratings for its final six episode season have been dismal. For the past two weeks, the show has garnered a 0.2 adults 18-49 rating. the same number that the season premiere garnered. The highest rated episode of the season, on December 6, only earned a 0.3. The Nikita finale, cheekily titled "Canceled" will benefit from a lack of competition. It has the distinction of being the only new scripted broadcast program of the entire week. Will it manage to go out with a bang rather than a whimper? Make your prediction!

  • Dave

    “One good thing about it ending the fans on here won’t have to read anymore of John A’s rather obsessive comments about how much he supposedly ‘hates’ the show!”


  • JJA

    We also won’t have to be called “Nikitards” anymore. LOL

    Nikita was one wild ride of a show, which NEVER disappointed — No “sophomore slump,” no “jumping the shark.”

  • dave

    Horrible that they air it during a holiday week what do they exspect with the low ratings?

  • John A

    @Dave Like i said its annoying fanboys i hate is all not the show. Even the fanboys have disappeared even they were too embarrased to defend 0.2s.

  • NJ Viewer

    The only people interested in seeing the finale will be those who have been watching it this season.

  • AllOfHerTw!st

    Hoping for a 0.4 [or better] just for the fans. I’ve never watched even a single episode the show.

  • iSayso


  • Tommy


  • iSayso

    So, when is the TCD death episode?

  • thesnowleopard

    Meh, I don’t see much of a bounce, if any. It hasn’t been showing any final season rise and it’s at 9pm after Christmas. Plus, while it may be the only original episode on this week, that may actually work against it, since the usual CW audience is probably watching other channels right now.

    Even the more rabid Nikita fans seem tired and ready for it to go. Either that, or they’ve switched over to Reign (rinse, wash, repeat on that one next spring or fall).

  • JJA

    Just saw the finale. It was exceptional.

  • Jon

    Fantastic Series finale a TRUE Series finale just like my favorite show Breaking Bad. Nikita ended on a high creatively and had a true Series finale. 73 episodes is not bad at all its even more than Breaking Bad episode count.

    This show never got stale like so many long running shows and like a certain CW show in its 9th season lol. How can you even watch that for repeat viewings with so many episodes it would take years lol. Nikita with its 73 episodes in the bag is perfect for repeat viewing when the whole show is out on blu ray.

    Nikitaverse can be very proud :-)

  • Truth

    “This show never got stale like so many long running shows and like a certain CW show in its 9th season lol.”

    This is why your lot aren’t liked on here. Can’t go without attacking another show to express how oh so superior yours is.

    Classy to the very end, “Nikitards.”

  • anti-bondoel

    LOL @ comparing breaking bad to nikita. what a insult to breaking bad!

  • Vj

    It was a wonderful episode… Haters will hate but nikita had a good run and nikita fans appreciate that they got an ending… Ratings dont matter at this point…

  • Mc

    I really liked the series, but that was one of the worst series finales I have ever seen. It didn’t even seem like the same show. If their enemies were so easy to defeat, this elite team should have been able to do it a season ago. This was nothing but a quick wrap up that made absolutely no sense. It was a complete insult.

  • tv_viewer

    I’ll go with 0.3. Nikita fans have been passionate about defending this show on this website. It is time to put up or shut up.

    Smallville’s ratings

    Friday May 6, 2011 0.8 (8 pm hour)

    Friday May 13, 2011 1.3 (2 hour series finale)

    Smallville fans showed up to send Smallville out on a high note. Nikita fans should do the same.

  • Brandon

    0.2 perhaps even a 0.1 – I’m not expecting any surge in viewership whatsoever and perhaps a drop given the time of year this is airing. BTW, I’ve watched Nikita from start to finish, so I’m not a hater – just being honest.

  • thesnowleopard


    If the only way to make your show look good is to bash a show on the same network that is twice its age and has a lot more audience (not to mention three-to-five times the demo), that’s a sign your show isn’t very good.

    We all know this game. As a show fades and its remaining fans become territorial and desperate, the usual process happens. You hear more and more from fewer and fewer people about how the show is the best thing on television, not because it is, but because the only people left are trying to hook in more viewers and have blinded themselves to why the show has no audience. Nobody buys it except those fans, who convince themselves it’s all some great conspiracy against their show. Sorry, guys, but the fault lies not in the stars but in your show.

  • Jon

    You really have no clue what you are saying :-) so you say because it didn’t have many viewers its a bad show. So that mean cult Classics like arrested development and firefly were bad shows as well. That must also mean Duck Dynasty is one of the Best shows ever since its ratings are through the roof so is The Voice or American Idol ratings. Is it that what you are saying that these shows with high ratings are good shows lol.

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