FOX News to Present Exclusive Interview With 'Duck Dynasty' Stars Willie and Korie Robertson

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December 30th, 2013


FOX News Channel has secured an exclusive interview with Willie and Korie Robertson of A&E’s Duck Dynasty to air live during the network's All-American New Year (airing tomorrow from 9PM – 12:30AM/ET). This will be their first television appearance following A&E's reinstatement of Phil Robertson on Duck Dynasty. Willie and Korie will discuss the situation with anchors Bill Hemmer and Elisabeth Hasselbeck.

The couple will also reflect on 2013 and discuss the year ahead.

  • Richie

    What a happy old evening of hate that will be..

  • Stan T

    Here is the hypocritical part of the whole thing. Gays can say the most vile, hateful things about straight people and it’s fine with the left. Blacks like Al Sharpton can say the most vile, hateful, racist tings about white people that he wants, and it’s fine with the left. But let one conservative say what he believes and what he has witnessed, and they’re all up in arms about it. He didn’t say anything hateful, he quoted the bible, not 100% accurately, but pretty close. He saw what he observed of blacks that he worked in the fields with, as a “poor white-trash American”. And he was right to an extent. Blacks were happier and better off before the left started “helping them”. Then again, think carefully about who the racists are…who divides people up into racial groups? Not conservatives. It’s liberals who divide this country by race. It’s liberals who first see a person’s skin color before anything else. I’ve never watched Duck Dynasty, because I don’t watch reality shows, period. But regardless of who Phil Robertson is or what he thinks…in this country EVERYONE has the right to freedom of speech, not just liberals.

  • Leoben Conoy

    @ Stan T

    just wow.

    how ignorant are you?

  • cimmer

    @Stan, I think you need to go back and re read what you wrote. I don’t think (could be wrong) you said what you wanted to say. You gave two examples of groups being able to say the most ‘hateful’ things and then went on to say “‘but’ let one conservative say what they believe”, thereby implying that conservative beliefs are hateful too but they don’t get the free pass that you seem to think gay and black people get. I think you’re confused or have a very, very dry as well as poor sense of humor.

  • Brad

    I wish they would cancel the show. I’m sick of hearing about it. @stan liberals divide the nation? Are you kidding me? If any specific group divides this nation it’s conservatives who spread intolerance and hate and also attack people who don’t hold the same beliefs they hold. They work so hard preventing people such as the GLBT community from having their rights instead of working to bring this nation together. They force their beliefs on people just as much as other groups. If you don’t agree with them/are like them then they pretty much say screw you to you.

  • CJ

    As much as I would have probably stated it differently than Stan did, I strongly agree with the general sentiment. It is true that there are major double standards in terms of what people get upset about. Write now the gay agenda is very popular, and any bit of contrast is so shot down. What he said was not hateful, people just have such a messed up idea of what hate is. Saying you don’t agree with something isn’t saying you hate it. And I totally support him for this. But because it didn’t line up with what the media and a lot of influential people and groups believe, it was displayed as being horrible, and he suffered penalties for it. This however, is an infringement of freedom of speech. It’s not something you can just bring up to support something’s, it is needed in all situations. And even if you don’t support his beliefs, he is still allowed to express his opinion.

  • Aok98

    My first question would be why do you consider hate to be a family value?

  • cimmer

    @CJ what I truly don’t understand is how people can read that entire interview and not get why many LGBT members and African Americans would be offended by an highly educated man making those comments? He’s not a backwoods hick with no idea how his words might be perceived, he just plays one on TV. When one states that they do not agree with someone’s life choices (not that being gay is a choice but try and get that through some people’s heads) they are stating that they find that choice disagreeable. That is a judgment. What I find offensive is people making judgments (strictly prohibited by the phrase ‘thou shalt not judge’ there’s no wiggle room there) and then disingenuously insisting they are not judging anyone because that would be un-Christian and being Christian that means they aren’t doing it because it’s strictly prohibited. It’s a faulty circular argument. As for the comments about growing up working with black people in the field; if he’d just stopped there, that would have been a musing on his childhood but he then went on to judge again, that ‘they’ were happier pre-entitlement etc. He’s a highly educated man in the Deep South who grew up with segregated water fountains, the national guard having to run interference so kids could go to school, not to mention the KKK bombing churches. How dare he! (And yes that’s a judgment but I’m not ‘prohibited’ from making them.) He gave his opinion and lot of people were disgusted and said so, that’s their opinion. Frankly I would have had more respect for him and his apologists, if they would just admit they liked it better in the ‘old days’ when gays and people of color kept to their ‘place’, this ‘we love you even though we don’t like you or you make us queasy’ attitude is getting old and no one’s buying it anyway.

  • realchristianslovegays

    These republicans are acting like being anti-gay is like being against smoking or something. Saying I don’t agree with gay people is like saying I don’t agree with white people or I don’t agree with black people, etc.. It’s who they are and you are saying you are against who they are. That’s HATE.

    And this whole “free speech” crap is ridiculous. It’s “free speech” to bash someone who says something offensive. It’s free speech to say that you think someone who says something offensive should be taken off the air.

    If he said something anti-Christian the republicans would be all over it demanding A&E cancel the series, but when he says something offensive to gays it’s not okay for people who support gay rights to say the same thing?

    And you know what, if he said something anti-christian there wouldn’t be this group of hateful idiots demanding the series continue.

    FYI, I say this as a straight christian. The people supporting Phil’s comments make all christians look bad and put a black mark on the religion

  • abba

    @ Stan T

    It´s need to be said again and again. Being a gay isn´t a choice. The sexual orientation is fixed in your brain and no matter how much liberal hetero someone is he or she can never fall in love with another man/woman. They can have sex with the same sex, sure, but that´s it. Saying you don´t agree with someones orientation basically means you demand them to stay unhappy and in a loveless relationships just because the majority is not comfortable with their preferable partner.

    This is not something you can discuss or disagree with, it´s a science confirmed reality.

  • Jamie04

    …and…who cares? Can this show just go away?

  • Michael1

    @Stan T,

    Please provide an example of one hateful thing a gay person has said about straight people. What’s that? I’m sorry, I don’t speak cricket.

  • JOE

    I have never watched Duck Dynasty and to this day never cared to but all this negative publicity from LGBT/GLAAD and the media they pretty much control makes me a bit sympathetic with this man. If you read THE ENTIRE article instead of snips that the media has cut and paste onto their opinion pieces (truly lazy writers) you may see this man in a different light…even the writer of the GQ article makes comments on how he was moved by Robertson.

    I will watch this interview because all I read is the vile comments of people who haven’t read the entire article and are relying on the media to tell them the truth…news flash, the media lies and the news is just as guilty.

    Everything I’ve read on this man says he is very likable, even the parts where he mentions blacks and relates to them was not issued with insultive demeanor but rather he identified with them…GLAAD/LGBT is trying to insight blacks but its not working

    I cannot stand LGBT/GLAAD for their intolerance of peoples opinions…the very thing they preach “tolerance” is the very thing they won’t tolerate…HYPOCRITES!

    Now I’m not saying gays are like this…just that stupid machine of LGBT/GLAAD

  • Jagger Dagger

    The first question FOX news will ask is..
    “Do you want a job here?”

  • Coffee Steve


    I’m still alive, still overdrinking coffee and missing our comments board. If anyone thinks our post were bad, good grief the others on the net are plain NUTS!!!

  • Coffee Steve


    You still alive? Mom said she favored you more :lol:

  • Will

    GLAAD isn’t as influential as it used to be and you see that with the reversal of A&E’s decision. The scariest thing to happen for GLAAD is FOR people to actually support the LGBT Community, because then they don’t have anything to protest and will falter out of business. I submit that while there is still some issues left to tackle and make decisions on with regards to the LGBT Community, the discrepancies and atrocities that GLAAD and organizations like it continually propose are astronomically hate-filled, are in fact not as serious as they make it out to be. Each time they cry out and the court of public opinion doesn’t fully back that decision and starts to view them as being overly-PC, they lose credibility. They risk alienating potential supporters and pushing back the movement they fought so hard to move forward in the past. Sad state of affairs for an accomplished organization that did major work and provided a very loud voice in the 80’s and early 90’s that accelerated the LGBT movement at that time further than they would be today without it.

    And for the record, I am a Conservative, with some Libertarian views, who has many family members who are a part of the LGBT community and many friends who are as well.

  • Dreamer

    I just think it is funny that all the rubes just giving these millionaires more money. Now he is saying that you should marry a teenager, before they are corrupted. He is a scumbag.

    Happy New Year!

  • cimmer

    It’s fascinating to me that most people are focusing on GLAAD in the comments but ignoring the NAACP and their dismay at the GQ interview. It’s interesting.

    Unfortunately, DD is the poster boy for ‘real Christian America’ right now. They stand for good old fashioned family values and the right to speak your mind in the face of the PC government and liberal oppression that is destroying this once great nation of ours. They will remain that until their first scandal (there’s always a scandal)or the show dies, whichever comes first.

  • Dreamer

    @ cimmer
    I was raised Methodist and never once held the beliefs that he has.
    I never thought of religion as an end all do all of life.
    I also find it funny when people only pick and choose what parts of the bible fit their own warped view.

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